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Mere Exposure Effect
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A/N: Ummm, so apparently Just a Little Less than Ideal has, like, over 100 upvotes? Hit and Bust is almost there? All Best Friends Fall In Love has over 1000 subs? People liked Cupidity a lot more than I thought everyone would? Even though I never asked for such overwhelming support? Why are you guys so awesome? Why do you even like my error-ridden, hastily-planned works? I’ll never know. But I am eternally grateful that people love my fics so much even though it’s just me using a GG I like to write ideas that I was too lazy to create original characters for for my own writing practice, so here’s the epilogue that everyone requested as I once again procrastinate on HSS: Yeri’s Guide and continue drafting A-team (I put a little something up for that to prep you for the technical stuff). But as always, feel free to check out my other works until I crank those out. And now onto the meeting we’ve all been waiting for…


            If there was something Joohyun hated about dating a celebrity, it was that they could never take proper pictures together outside, because it was only safe enough for Seulgi to remove all her face coverings when they were at her house or it was too dark enough that even an owl couldn’t recognize its mother’s face. There was also the fact that Seulgi had taken up a new hobby in producing music, and Joohyun was panicking over the impending thesis topic she’d have to think up for when she started senior year, so any dates they had were late at night, after Joohyun finished her shift on the weekdays, or early in the morning on weekends, before Seulgi had to attend her composition lessons at eight in the morning. This meant that Seulgi usually just hung out with Joohyun during her shift, silently stressing over the fact that her face was disappearing from the packages. Joohyun had to reassure her several times that visible manifestations of one’s work ethic did not necessarily account accurately for a person’s worth. Seulgi was learning something new and improving herself by letting herself experience another world, and Joohyun hoped that someday she would be totally free of the small anxieties that still hit her once in a while.

            Donghae seemed to notice who Seulgi was, but he never commented, never asked for a picture or autograph. Maybe he wasn’t a fan. Maybe he was being polite. But either way, Joohyun no longer held a grudge against him for never coming in a few minutes early to allow a smooth transition from her shift to his. He even warded off a few customers who asked about Seulgi, telling them that she was Joohyun’s younger cousin.

            And as always, Joohyun was dealing with a drunk customer in the last ten minutes of her shift when someone moved forward to help her deal with the person. Thinking that it would be Seulgi, as was always the case, Joohyun stepped back to give her a smile, when she noticed that it was not her girlfriend grabbing the drunk woman but rather the one and only Son Seungwan. The older girl shrieked and jerked back, where she hit a warm body. There was Kang Seulgi.

            “Unnie? What…”

Seungwan glanced at the drunk customer before peering at the hooded figure with an arm wrapped around Joohyun’s waist. She looked conflicted, as if she didn’t know whether to get rid of the drunkard first or ask the questions burning at the tip of her tongue. She went with the former.

            “Miss, this isn’t a bar. If you aren’t going to get something, get out.”

            Oof. She was a lot more aggressive than Seulgi was. Although Joohyun expected the bluntness, given Seungwan’s rather realistic perspective on life. Speaking of which, the younger girl had taken out her phone to threaten the drunk woman, and proudly displayed on her phone case was a limited edition caricature sticker of Kim Yerim. That’s right. Seungwan had moved on.

            Joohyun felt a gentle huff of air where her ear met her neck, followed by Seulgi burying her face into Joohyun’s shoulder. Her arm was still wrapped around the older girl’s waist and it tightened as she placed her other arm around Joohyun. She normally wasn’t this touchy. Unless she was nervous. Oh no, she probably saw the sticker.

            Seungwan came back after handling the woman and went off to grab something, momentarily forgetting about the odd presence behind the counter. She placed a bag of chips, one of the few still with Kang Seulgi’s face on it, onto the counter before looking at the woman silently clinging onto Joohyun and making a face of remembrance.

            “Oh yeah. Unnie.” She narrowed her eyes. “Why the hell do you have a koala on your back? Are you even allowed to be carrying out dates during your shift? Unprofessional much?”

            Joohyun cleared , shifting her eyes to the bag of chips. “None of your business, Son Seungwan. Is that all you’re gonna buy?”

            Seungwan stared wistfully at the bag. “I may have moved on from Kang Seulgi, but the least I can do is rewatch her fancams while waiting for Kim Yerim’s new works and buy the few products that still use her face. A shame she had to die out.”

            Joohyun shifted uncomfortably, smoothly moving a hand to rub over Seulgi’s arm. “Hmmm.”

            “Oh, but didn’t you say that you met a Kang Seulgi lookalike? I’m so sure that person clinging onto you must be her. You are dating her, aren’t you?”

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