The Big Wheel


Kim Seonho was getting tired of his tedious life. Day by day, he had the same boring classes, the same stern teachers, the same annoying classmates. He finds his escape in the form of Im Yoona, the most popular girl in school. One fateful encounter leads to Seonho discovering things about Yoona and the true nature of his feelings for her.


Greetings and salutations! This story was inspired by Seonho and Yoona's performance at the MBC Music Festival. It's supposed to be a one-shot but I got carried away and made it a two-shot. 😅 Enjoy!


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Chapter 2: So, after the incident they didn't see each other again 😔.

What a good way to practice hahaha 🤣🤣

PS: Is the story really over?
Chapter 1: What a difficult time for Yoona. I understand that Seon-ho wanted to help but that wasn't the best time to do it 😔.
I was just wondering if there were any ff of them, and I found this one haha ☆.
Chapter 2: aww!this one is sooo lovely! <3
overact #5
Chapter 2: Wow, this is well written. Love it~
YoonHaeChoding #6
Chapter 2: Love this! <3 thank you for writing such a beautiful story about our Bambi couple