A Christmas Confession
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Christmas is probably Jongwoon’s favourite time of the year, apart from his birthday and the day of super junior debut, these three dates are what Jongwoon finds the most precious. He’s a winter child, and he radiates in the joy of the season, thrives upon seeing the little lights shining all around the town, in drinking the hot cozy drinks, travelling and visiting new cafes and the magic that seems to fill the air all around. Even as a grown-up, he can’t help but find Christmas is a little bit magical. 


On the eve of the 24th, all the members met to celebrate the day with the members before tomorrow is going to be spent together with their families.

Everyone had made it for their dinner, some late but still present because regardless of what the public says we aren't a show window group and every member is always there for each other.


Soon all the members go on drinking, Kyuhyun being the little drinker and prankster he is, keeps making Donghae drink the wine, and Donghae keeps asking Leeteuk for help. The site is a little cute with him clinging to Teukie for help every time, it literally seems Leeteuk is the mother bird always ready to save Donghae for any kind of trouble the man puts himself in.


I turn my attention to the other side where Hyukjae is mumbling no idea and he’s literally runk. He looks at me and starts imitating hueh hueh hueh.


Can I please smack him? I thought.

I roll my eyes and talk to Heechul Hyung and Ryeowook instead but unaware of the Jongwoon there’s eyes on him 



Jongwoon talks with Heechullie about stuff and he tells him his worries, I am not really much of a fond drinker but I can handle liquor but Heechul hyung was already wasted and Ryeowook was singing his song Drunk on Love.


Kyuhyun was still sober and drinking and Siwon was doing his entire best not to sleep just there and then. On the other hand, I think Leeteuk was wondering why he even came here in the first place. He looked at me and asked from his eyes for help, I nodded and went out to call the managers to taxis, but before I could go out, Ryeowook was clinging to me tightly.


Now how do I get him to leave me? I thought but Donghae came and took Ryeowook hands of him, I mouthed thankyou and went out.


After half an hour, Yongsun had arrived and pulled Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk out from the room and led them into the van, slowly everyone had left and it was me Leeteuk and Donghae.

Leeteuk and Donghae would go together so I was going out now, I was already sober during the wait.

I said goodbye to Leeteuk and Donghae and went out and was planning to walk home, luckily the members chose a restaurant which was 15 minutes walk away from home and I needed to burn some calories off.

I put handphones in my ears and was ready to walk when a hand pulled me back, I glanced back to find Donghae holding my arm.


“What is it, Hae-ya?”



I could sense donghae was having some issues so when i was about to press him forward for an answer. 


I got a call, it was from my brother. I picked his call up



“Are you his brother?” a voice said which clearly didn't belong to my brother



“Your brother is currently drunk right now”



If only i could curse out aloud to a stranger, but patiently i asked




The voice belonged to the bar owner and I thanked him and told him I was coming.

There goes my walk, I am going to kill Jongjin later.




“Sorry Donghae, i need to go right now.”


“Oh okay.” i could see his shoulders slumping


“I will visit you tomorrow and then we'll talk about what's bothering you, okay? But right now I need to go. bye ”


I called a taxi and went to fetch my brother, when I arrived to the desired place, I took a moment to see him drunk like that, having an evil thought running in my mind, I smiled and shot some pictures -need something to blackmail him for-


Before taking him and leading to the taxi, we arrived home and I practically shoved him to the bed but still covered him up and then I went to my room to sleep.

When the clock struck 12 and it was Christmas Day finally, but there was no message in the suju group chat, of course there won’t be, they were drunk like it was their last day or something.

But before I could sleep, I heard my phone vibrate, I looked to see who it was and it was a Donghae message, the message made me smile.

// Happy Christmas Day Hyung!!! 


You too Hae-ya!!///


The next morning


Jongwoon wakes up uncharacteristically early and takes his car right to Donghae’s place 

It’s not even eight in the morning when he rings the bell to Donghae’s apartment. When Donghae let him in.

Donghae stands here in his living room in his pajamas, wearing only one sock, looking way too sleepy to register what am I even here. He blinks once, twice, and says, “Hyung, for God’s sake, what time is it?”

“It’s time for Christmas! Now come on you, get dressed, we have a lot to do to get the party ready,” Jongwoon says, pushing Donghae back to his room. “Pick the coziest, warmer, most festive outfit you have, and let’s head out. I have a list that mom gave me, and we need to run many errands for her, so hurry up.”

“Can you at least ask if I’m interested?” Donghae grunts, opening his closet. 

“I don’t really care if you are interested or not,” Jongwoon scoffs, leaning against the door frame. “You’re going with me whether you like it or not.”

“I hate Christmas,” Donghae whines, slamming the door right on Jongwoon’s face so he can get dressed.

He’s uninterested but still doing what I asked him

“I know you do, but again: I don’t care. You owe me this.”

Donghae opens the door again, a sweater halfway on, stuck on his head comically. “Enlighten me on why because, as I recall, I don’t owe you anything.”

“You owe me because you don’t pay me for the demo I recorded for you.remember,” Jongwoon states, one finger up pointing at Donghae.

“I hate you,” Donghae says, closing the door again and then emerging fully dressed.

“You don’t.”

“No, I do. I really, truly hate you.” 

“Sure, grumpy. Lets go”


Jongwoon buys Donghae breakfast at his own cafe Haru and One Day. The place is all decorated with Santa Claus everywhere, Gene Autry’s Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer is playing on the jukebox. 

“Hey, you better stop being grumpy if I forced you out to come today with me, or else Santa Claus won’t leave you any presents,” Jongwoon threatens after dodging the flying egg. “

“Santa Claus is an invention created to force kids to stop being a pain in everybody’s asses and to feed capitalism.”

“You’re no fun. I was going to have a word with Santa to include you in the nice boys’ list, but now I’m not so sure.” 

“Hyung, how many times I have to tell you: I don’t care about Christmas. I never have, I never will.”

“That is because you have never spent it with me,” Jongwoon shoots. “I’m sure I can make you fall in love with Christmas before the church bells hit midnight.”

“Is that a challenge?”

“I’m just saying. Besides, my mom makes the best turkey in the world, and there’s no way you won’t like that,” Jongwoon defends himself. “Speaking of which, here’s the list we need to go through so my mom won’t murder me.” Jongwoon takes the piece of paper she wrote out of his pocket and reads it to Donghae, listing the tasks they need to get done.

They head out into the freezing cold, walking in and out of shops, trying to navigate the sea of people.


“I think I should rather spend time with your family than you right now” Donghae says after they are done with the list and sitting in the car.

“Do you miss my mother’s cooking that much??” he looks fakingly offended

Donghae doesn't say anything but looks outside

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