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Witches, lovelies and a Cupid Bee. What could possibly go wrong?


*crowd boos*
I know. I skipped 4 SaTzu Days. It's been a long time. :')

I remember rewatching Little Witch Academia back in July and couldn't get the Bee Commotion episode out of my head. So I made a SaTzu AU based on it. Originally, it was supposed to be a one-shot, but I wrote this for days and it's over 10K words. Oops?

I planned to post the entire thing in my one-shot collection, but this is my favourite work by far so I thought it deserved to be a standalone work. I genuinely don't know if people still even read or remember SaTzu Dumps but if you're reading this, I'd love to know what you think!

Happy SaTzu Day! (pretend I posted on time lol)

Thank you for reading! Let me know what you think. :)

You can also sometimes (rarely) see me do fan art on twitter (@yujeongsoul). Until next time! ❤️


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Chapter 1: Ang cute naman ng mga lovelies
Chapter 2: This was very very lovely UwU~
Thank you for this author-nim :))))))
Kiiarrah #3
Chapter 2: I was smiling while reading yours story.. Once again it was a very good story..
Chapter 2: I thought it will be a long series but I saw that it's already completed so I'm gonna read this because I always love your stories stay safe author nim hwaiting
Now, I feel so giddy inside XD thank you for writing an awesome SaTzu story author! Looking forward for your future works as well <3
lola222 #6
Chapter 2: Satzu is cute
Thank you author
Chapter 2: BRILLIANT. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!! Best way for me to end the year! Such a beautiful story <3. Thank you for this author-nim! Happy new year :))
effw_xyz #8
Chapter 2: GEM! Literal gem!! Thank you so much for writing this you MVP! And welcome back. You don't know how much I have missed youuuu! Hope the year had been kind on you. Happy new year in advanced ~ take care 😘
chonganna #9
Chapter 2: This is really cute :))
Chapter 1: Cuteeeeee