Our Last Snow Together [ IZ*ONE ]
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The first snow of 2020, there wasn’t any differences compared to the first snow like previous years. The snowflakes were still white in colour somehow. Chaewon’s hair was again, long, like back then in 2018 except that it was just extension that she named Michelle instead.

Chaewon went out from the broadcasting building wearing her padding that wiz*ones never knew if it was hers or Yena’s. It was snowing, it was cold, it was familiar but somehow different.

Chaewon didn’t want to admit, Chaewon didn’t want to witness it, Chaewon wanted to lie to herself, Chaewon wanted someone to hug her and say,


“it’s not our last snow together”

Chaewon stopped walking, she stood still, she waited, she didn’t say a word, she let snow fall on her hair and she had both her hands in her pocket. Freezing.

Chaewon had her mind ready, she had her heart broken by herself, she wrote her own angst story in her mind.

Her manager who was standing next to her asked,


“don’t you want to go into the our van now?”


Chaewon didn’t even turn to face her manager, she bite her own lips, her head titled down, long. But she gained courage to lift her face again,


“please, leave me alone”


Her manager left her, all alone, in front of the broadcasting building and Chaewon waited, she waited for it. She wanted to replay all the love she received in the span of two years.



Kwon Eunbi was the first one who walked out from the entrance. It was only the first person, Chaewon broke down too quick.

Her Eunbi unnie used to look so selfless with long black silky hair, she didn’t smile that often if Chaewon remembered it correctly. Dusty white scarf tied around her neck, she used to have cute cheeks. Chaewon remembered it correctly.  

Eunbi is bold and stronger now somehow. Her blonde short hair matched her jawline. Chaewon didn’t think that Eunbi unnie changed much, but for sure, stronger.

Because if she didn't, the whole IZ*ONE would definitely collapsed. 



Miyawaki Sakura was the second soul walked out from the door. Somehow, reality hits Chaewon. Chaewon remember Sakura unnie used to laugh and smile a lot.

Although things were still awkward between them as they were recently debuted together, Chaewon remember how Sakura unnie brushed it off, laughed at everything and smiled at everything. She remember how Sakura unnie was all about fighting with Yena everyday.

But on that day, the first snow of 2020, Chaewon realized, that Sakura unnie, was just, cold. She had beautiful pink hair. She didn’t say much anymore like she used to, she did smile but not that bright anymore. She might be tired of everything, no one knew anyways.

Chaewon’s mind started to blame everything around her but she put most of her disappointments on her own agency, for hiding the beauty and the potential of Miyawaki Sakura.



Kang Hyewon, the third soul. Chaewon thought it was funny that in her eyes, Hyewon didn’t seem to changes much but Chaewon knew so well it was not Hyewon’s fault.

Even the older’s hairstyle didn’t change, it was still not too long, and not too short, it was still straight, not even wavy, let alone curly. The lack of effort they put on Kang Hyewon was killing Chaewon, slowly.

The only thing that so obvious, was, how wiser Hyewon became in the span of two years. In the span of two years, Hyewon didn’t get much lines in their songs but Hyewon wrote her own lines.

Hyewon was the pillar of IZ*ONE, she said words that could save eleven souls,


"Stop getting upset so easily, the world out there is harsh" 



Choi Yena walked out from the door after Hyewon. Chaewon laughed a bit when she saw Yena walking to her.

Yena was a mood, she walked out from that door with such a face, sulky ? or maybe she just hates winter. Yes, Chaewon agreed with her thoughts that Yena hates winter.

Still remember what Yena said during IZ*ONE’s first guerrilla concert.


"it’s very cold isn’t it? I’m sorry"


Yena used to be a VERY happy virus, the one who smiled at everything but now she would only smiles when it’s necessary and somehow Yena’s definition of necessary is IZ*ONE and WIZ*ONES.

Yena saw Chaewon standing all alone by herself, so Yena ran to her and Yena held Chaewon’s hand.


“what are you doing?”

“watching everyone, replaying everything”


Yena went silence, long. Yena tighten her grip on Chaewon’s hand and she smiled, soft.


“I’ll watch it with you”



Lee Chaeyeon was next. The girl was fixing her face mask while walking out of the building. Yena didn’t reall

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reigngrey #1
Chapter 1: Awww. . . This kind of bittersweet. But I like the sotry