Seungwan is an up and coming indie musician, but her life is in disarray. In the midst of this frenzy, she tries to gain some semblance of order by redecorating. Though originally seeking to find more typical decor in a regular furniture store, she sees signs pointing to a garage sale. There, she finds an ornate vase, one that definitely wouldn't fit in with her current interior design scheme. But she feels a strange pull towards it...


Genie AU!! This one is going to be a long one, and I'll be updating whenever I can, more or less weekly. 

This fic will be centered mainly on Wenrene, but there will also be Joygi and Yeri. I'll be exploring all of the girls' dynamics because OT5!!

As an aside, this is crossposted from Ao3! I'll be updating on both platforms from here on out. I'm kind of new to AFF, so I hope you don't fault me too much for it.

I have kind of a long message for announcements concerning this story, but these author's thoughts are awfully restrictive in length. Please check out the comment section instead! I'll post the announcements there : )
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