-a term created by Kounin to describe the teacher's awareness of what is going on in all parts of the classroom at all times.

-commonly refers as "having eyes in the back of the head."

-notice the behavior and respond quickly to unexpected events.


In which Bang Chan is a professor of a group of college students who are either sleeping and drolling on their desks or awake and drolling over him.



The following chapters of this fiction is somewhat like a series with the same setting of Chapter 1 and has all the same concept as the title.


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Chapter 3: Seungminho is my favourite ship at the moment. It's just so sweet that Minho fell for Seungmin-school's nerd. I'm happy that they got together. And thankfull that Bangchan helped them to get together. He seems to know his students very well. Abd how they are XD. But his methods are helping students to learn something at least.
Waiting for next chapter!