Saturday Rituals

Lazy Saturday
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A/N: Some fluffy domestic Syeonsha as I like to imagine how they’d be in a domestic situation together, enjoy. 



A hand reached over to touch the cheek of her sleeping girlfriend, who looked so pretty while she rested, that there was no way she should even attempt to touch her right now, since on the one hand she didn’t want for her girlfriend to wake up. But on the other hand, she also couldn’t help the fact that she also wanted to kiss her, badly. The moment a pair of soft lips were on her forehead, it nearly woke Kim Sihyeon up then and there. The next thing Sihyeon feels is two hands onto her cheeks, and then another kiss, but this time on her lips.


“Hm, Yoorim…” She whispers with eyes closed. 


Yoorim says nothing, instead she kisses her lips again. This time, a pair of bright brown eyes open to focus on the dark-haired woman in front of her, and her soft lips that are covering hers. It takes no time for Sihyeon to wake up fully out of her sleep and return the kiss from her girlfriend. They were originally supposed to both be asleep, but a few kisses won’t hurt. Sihyeon certainly won’t say no to a few kisses from her girlfriend, who kisses her always with this passion that shows Sihyeon that Yoorim is only into her. Not that she needed kisses to prove how much her girlfriend is into her.


“Hey…” Sihyeon frowns then, when Yoorim suddenly stops kissing her, just as she was getting into those kisses. Yoorim smiles softly and takes a hold of her chin again.


“Sorry, I just couldn’t resist kissing you.”


“You can never resist kissing me.” The brown-haired girl teases a bit, but moves to be closer to Yoorim, who places her arms around her waist to tighten her hold. This is a typical Saturday for them, one where they can be lazy, laying in bed, and not doing anything but enjoying one another’s company in whatever way that means. Whether it’s by laying in bed doing nothing for hours, cuddled up and watching a bunch of movies since Yoorim is a big fan of romance films, or Sihyeon eagerly waiting for her girlfriend to make food, since Yoorim is an amazing cook. Speaking of which….


“Hey, when are you making me those pancakes you promised me.”


The question is so random that it makes Yoorim laugh out before leaving a kiss on Sihyeon's forehead. 


“I don’t remember there being any talk of pancakes.”


(Of course there was talk of pancakes)


Sihyeon gives this too cute pout anyway. She was absolutely promised pancakes on this lazy Saturday and she will see to it that she gets pancakes.


“Yoorim, you’d let me starve, is that it?”


The dark-haired girl looks suddenly serious. “Let my Syeon starve, I don’t think so. Come on, to the kitchen, you can be my sous-chef.”


“Alright,” Sihyeon laughs and takes Yoorim’s offered hand. The way the taller girl’s slightly larger hand feels on her own makes her heart feel like it’s doing somersaults sometimes. Because of the warm feelings she gets by the simple action of holding hands with her girlfriend. Plus Yoorim has a thing with making sure their fingers are always intertwined. It always makes her feel wanted, loved, reassured by that simple but profound gesture of Yoorim closing any space and making their fingers interlock.


“Yoorimie, I know you like holding my hand. I like holding your hand too, but if we stand here like this, we’ll never have pancakes.”


The taller girl nods and still doesn’t let go of her hand not until they’re in the kitchen and Yoorim has to reluctantly let go, since she can’t exactly cook while holding Sihyeon’s hand, though if she could do so without burning something, Yoorim would definitely have found a way to do so by now.


“Okay, Syeon. First thing’s first before we do anything.”


“Wash our hands?”


“Yes, but not yet.”


The brunette blinks curiously, shouldn’t washing hands be the most important thing?


“Grab all the ingredients out of the refrigerator?”


“Yes!” Yoorim agrees, and Sihyeon is about to get the ingredients. “But also not yet.”


“Huh?” Sihyeon laughs. Now she is confused about what is the first thing to do. If it’s not washing hands or grabbing all the ingredients they need, then what is it. Yoorim smiles before showing her two cute purple aprons and hands one over to Sihyeon.


“We have to be in proper cooking attire first.”


“Of course.” Sihyeon would expect nothing less from her fashionista girlfriend. “These are cute, I don’t remember you buying them.”


“I bought them because I knew eventually we’d need them, they’re cute too. But it looks much cuter on you, Syeon.”

As usual, Yoorim always compliments her. Her girlfriend never fails to send her a compliment, whether it’s how beautiful she finds Sihyeon to be, or how cute she is doing the most random of things, there’s never not a compliment paid to her.


“You look cute too, Yoorim.” Because for Sihyeon her girlfriend is always cute. Though, at first glance she can come off intense and somewhat intimidating since she is taller than most. Yoorim in reality is sweet, adorable, cute, and exudes this baby energy often that it contradicts with her unreal outward appearance, since Sihyeon herself didn’t find her intimidating as much as she found the taller girl to be gorgeous. 


“Kiss the cook.” Sihyeon reads out loud what the apron says only to realize that it’s not very long before Yoorim is kissing her, no surprise.


“I’m not even wearing the kiss the cook apron.” The shorter girl laughs and catches her cheeks in her hands to stop Yoorim from kissing her again, just to mess with her girlfriend a bit.


“You are too, look.”


And for the first time since actually putting on the apron. Sihyeon realizes she is also wearing the same exact apron with “kiss the cook” on it. She blames not realizing it sooner on the fact that she was happy to see her favorite color purple. Not that she minded how Yoorim would occasionally sneak kisses here and there while mixing up the ingredients for the pancakes.


“You’re more interested in kissing me than cooking, Yoorim.” 


“Yep.” The taller girl nods with a smile. She only sneaks one more kiss to her girlfriend’s lips before seriously focusing on what she’s about to do. Sihyeon does really assist, and not much else. She is nowhere near the level of cook her girlfriend is, though Yoorim has tried to teach her on more than one occasion. There are times, Sihyeon is content just watching her cook, because Yoorim genuinely enjoys cooking. 


“Want me to put bananas in yours?” Yoorim asks with this small almost playful smile. Sihyeon looks at her with a small frown because she has a good idea on why Yoorim randomly mentioned bananas, and it’s not all because her girlfriend knows she loves bananas.


“Why, are you finally going to tell me where you hid my bananas?”


Yoorim laughs out in an almost shy manner that really puts a smile on her face. For someone who is so straightforward, flirty, and confident. Yoorim is also the most adorable person to her, and it adds an extra layer to her charm.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Syeon.”


“Oh, you don’t, really?”


“Really, now do you want banana pancakes or…”


“Regular pancakes, but…”


“You want bananas too, I know.” Yoorim nods softly. She does sometimes feel bad for the fact she did hide Sihyeon’s bananas. Her po

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