I Want You

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Follow, Nov 2020 Edition 1 of 4, page 1
Yoo Kihyun, Heartless CEO of Yoo Corporation
Written By: Star
     Cold. Heartless. Ruthless. These words may come to your mind once you hear the name Yoo Kihyun. The successful young businessman owned the name, most qualified bachelor for the past 2 years though he is known to the majority, no more than these three words. His name holds such power that one is controlled at the mention of it.
     You may wonder, if he is merciless, why was he still voted as the most qualified bachelor? As much negativity he holds, as much positivity radiates from him. His perfect features, handsomeness and qualifications do not go unnoticed. His capabilities warm the people’s heart. His success is one to be praised. Talents of Yoo Kihyun is something that cannot be ignored. He captures the soul of his consumers.
     Mr. Yoo is the only member in the Yoo Family who failed to appear in front of the public, let alone dismissed himself at his own inauguration. From then, he earned a character of disrespect. Rumors spread shortly that he terminates his employees with no investigation. None of his employees ever seen his smile nor received a greeting. He treats everyone as he likes and pleases. However, many females speak of Mr. Yoo fondly, sparking interest of what his relationship is with the opposite gender. Many had claimed to be in ‘special’ relationship with him.
     Yoo Kihyun, a name that serves a great gossip interest, one too intrigue to miss out. Stay tune as more details may follow.


     “Her name is Jeon Chohee. She’s a freelance writer that goes by the pen name, Star. That was the last article she wrote for Follow. Currently, no one knows her whereabout.”
     “I don’t care how you’ll find her. It’s. Her. Or consider this conversation never happened.” As usual, the dismissiveness in his voice allowed no room for discussion.
     “Most certainly, Mr. Yoo. We’ll try our best to extend our invitation to Ms. Jeon.” Mr. Kim hoped he executed his voice with confidence as his hands were the opposite. He had to use pressure from his right hand to hold his left to prevent them from trembling.
     As always, Mr. Yoo only knew how to be dissatisfied with everyone’s work. If only he knew what Mr. Kim had suffered to find who was the bold author. Follow executes strict privacy with their freelance writers. He went through numerous employees to find one that was willing to leak information at a great cost. At last, he obtained useful material that could save his job, but that effort was nothing in the eyes of Yoo Kihyun.
     He was even betrayed by his own team. As the project manager, he wasn’t granted with many options, his family depended on his performance. His team acted like cowards lowering their heads and avoided his eye contact. No one spoke in accordance with their premeeting. Once Mr. Yoo spoke, they all became a mute. But to his disbelief, just as Mr. Yoo waved his hand midair, they all took the cue and filed out. Mr. Kim gave a look of disgust as they were quick to notice, quick to escape.
     As Mr. Kim exited, a gentleman a foot taller wearing a fitted ash gray suit approached him with a blinding smile. He was always like water, flowing and adapting whenever Mr. Kim sees him. How he wished this young man was his boss rather than the dark cloud that never knew sunshine.
     “Greeting, Mr. Lee,” Mr. Kim bowed with respect to the man, who bear Kihyun for many years of his life, yet he was still shining brightly, youthful in every way. Unlike him who had visible strands of gray hair within his first month.
     Lee Minhyuk sympathized with Kihyun’s employees. Just by the look of the attendees that exited the room, he knew how the meeting concluded. He placed a hand on Mr. Kim’s shoulder giving a light squeeze, a comfort for a look he seen too often.
     “Greetings to you too, Mr. Kim.” Mr. Kim tugged a smile at Minhyuk before he closed the door and in a large breath of clean air. The room was fogged by the clouded man and he hoped the sunshine would clear some of the clouds. Mr. Kim paid the two friends no further attention as he was ready to give his team a piece of his mind.
     A grin painted on Minhyuk when he spied the gossip magazine sprawl opened on the glass table. It was impossible to hide the overflowing smile. Someone heard his prayer, his silence prayer that someone would cause this man some chaos. Someone dared fight with the devil. His excitement elevated with a laugh when the picture of his cold-blooded friend on the top half and the article on the second half became clear to his eyes.
     “Since when did this friend of mine pay these gossip any attention?” he picked up the magazine and read the title, “Yoo Kihyun, Heartless CEO of Yoo Corporation. Written by Star.” And a burst of rough laughter escaped him.
     “Do you not have anything better to do?” Kihyun snatched the magazine from his friend and slammed it closed on the table.
     “Calm down,” Minhyuk put his hands up in the air and leaned to sit on the table. “I’ve came to give good news.” He waited for a response. But as expected, Kihyun’s face remained collected.
     “For gods’ sake you should do something about that unpleasant look and smile more. People are saying you’re the devil’s son. I feel bad for your parents,” Kihyun’s eyes remained firm on his friend.
     “Ok. Ok. I won’t try again,” Minhyuk received the warning. He doesn’t even spare a friend. “There’s no way she’ll will refuse the invitation.”
     Kihyun kept his straight face and Minhyuk took the cue to get to the point. Something he hated Kihyun for. He couldn’t bluff. He couldn’t huff. He couldn’t puff. He always had to be direct, which he hates. Getting his way with his parents was way easier than with Yoo Kihyun.
     “I found Ms. Jeon Chohee and a way for her to accept your invitation.”
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