They've been separated for a long time now, but Irene will continue to wait for him, just as he did for her. A sign of their perennial love.


A Surene fanfic


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andykat3003 #1
Chapter 1: Me encanto pero, me quede con ganas de saber que paso con EXO?
Chapter 1: A-MA-ZING, it has such a potential, I was literally screaming from joy while reading this !!!!!
KeemNoona #3
Chapter 1: This story for me is both complete and not enough. Lol. Would have loved to read a longer version, but this is great as it is.
Definitely going to write this down on my list of short stories that I'll always remember. It was short but really beautiful and it needs some mad writing skills to do that. Hope to see more from you.
Chapter 1: I really like it I hope you continue this story . The plot seem very interesting. Can't wait for what's next 😁
Crazy_Reader #6
Chapter 1: <span class='smalltext text--lighter'>Comment on <a href='/story/view/1464093/1'>1/1</a></span>
I really liked this one shot.