Halcyon Blue


Changmin and Victoria struggle to come to terms with Yunho's death.


copied from ao3:


unbetaed, we die like men

this was originally meant to be a conversation between changtoria, no resentment involved, but alas it did not turn out like that

i wrote this because i wanted some changtoria... of course my dumb had to go and twist it up lmao

while writing this i had sekai no owari x epik high - sleeping beauty on loop, though sos probably fits better; please check out sno i love them

also, i promised a longer tvxq fic (ft other sm ppl) sometime during august. rest assured, it is coming. this piece was written to celebrate my finishing camp nano (35290 words yayyyy) and also because i wanted to experiment somewhat. notice my previous lack of periods vs my sudden use of them lmao


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