Joohyun has spent most of her life racing forward, blinkers on the sides of her eyes preventing her from losing focus and covered. Seungwan has always been free to choose her own path, but is still wandering aimlessly, looking for a dream to chase. Not even combining all of their knowledge on statistics and applied physics could they have predicted the magnitude in which their meeting would alter the course of their lives.


Hello, my fellow reveluvs, and happy wenrene day! You can call me P. I fell in love with Red Velvet during Peek-a-Boo era, and I've been unconsciously thinking about plot lines for possible stories between these two for years, but hadn't gotten around to write anything. These days I haven't had much to do since my semester ended last week, so I've been doing a lot more thinking than usual aaaand… I spent an entire 24 hours typing an outline for this story, while doing some research at the same time. It's been a fun process.

I'm not planning to write angst (Hell, I don't even read angst on purpose. When I have, it’s because I’ve been TRICKED by authors who didn't tag ahead of time. Goddamnit I don’t like crying) but I am a sad person, so maybe it's bound to happen? Just kidding haha :))


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Sounds interesting. Can't wait to read the first chapter.