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  Now stargazing...
A New World Awaits
A New World Awaits
which gate will you choose?
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01. Must be 18+ OOC, underage muses are not accepted. One muse per person, AFF account must be six months old at the least. we hold the right to deny any applications.

02. Gateway is a closed, sns centric roleplay, meaning no outsiders or freelancers should be added, and all posts require sns handles/tags. face-to-face interactions are also encouraged! No on feed or timeline.

03. Please keep IC and OOC separated at all times, an OOC group is readily available for use if needed.

04. All ualities are welcome! there is a two week dating ban upon joining. No MPREG. moving couples are welcome, just state  so in  application.

05. Show of activity on feed and timeline is required every four days. Failing to do so will lead to removal from the directory. Dp changes and threads in PM do not count towards activity.

06. Hiatuses last up to two weeks max with three week intervals.

07. TCC’s are allowed up to three days with a two week interval in between each one, a rest period of one month required with three consecutive TCC’s. CC’s are allowed in a three week interval. pw: what is your ideal getaway? Please do not abuse this system! TCC’s and CC’s are only allowed after two weeks of joining the roleplay.

08. No facechasing, god-modding, breaking of the fourth wall or bubble roleplaying.

09. When leaving the roleplay, please notify the admins before doing so. Failing to do so will be an automatic blacklist. Re-applying is only allowed after four days from the day of leaving or removal for inactivity.

10. You will get one warning upon breaking any rules or causing issues in the roleplay. If another problem arises again after the warning, you will be removed and possibly blacklisted from the directory.
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How To Join
01. Please subscribe. Upvotes are greatly appreciated!

02. Please read through all rules carefully.

03. Check the Master List and Banned Face Claim List to make sure that the desired face claim isn’t taken or banned (no married idols allowed). Asian idols, actors and models (However, we will not be accepting ig models) that are active in or have relevance to S. Korea are all welcome! Please apply following the format below:
Muse :
Muse's age :
Group/occupation : 
MUN'S timezone :
Password :
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Taken ✶ Reserved00TCC
A.C.E. : Byeongkwan
Astro : Eunwoo
Ateez : San Seonghwa
Big Bang : GDragon
Blackpink : Jisoo Jennie Rose Lisa
BTS : Jimin Jungkook Jin Namjoon Taehyung
Dreamcatcher : Yoohyeon
Enhyphen : Jay
EXO : Suho Kai
Fromis_9 : Saerom
Got7 : Jinyoung JayB Jackson

Itzy : Yeji
IZ*ONE : Hyewon
Loona : Heejin
Mamamoo : Hwasa Moonbyul
NCT : Johnny Jaehyun Taeyong Hendery Ten Doyoung Winwin21
Oh My Girl : Yooa
Omega X : Jinwoo
Red Velvet : Irene Joy Seulgi Wendy Yeri
SHINee : Key Onew Minho Taemin
SNSD : Taeyeon
Stray Kids : Hyunjin Felix
SVT : Minghao S.Coups Wonwoo Junhui Jeonghan Mingyu Dino Hoshi Woozi Joshua DK Vernon Seungkwan
T-Ara : Jiyeon
TeenTop : Ricky
The Boyz : Sangyeon
Twice : Dahyun Momo Mina Jihyo Chaeyoung Sana21
TXT : Yeonjun
Uniq : Yibo

Soloist : Suzy Wonho Woodz ParkJihoon JessicaJung
Actor/Actress : KrystalJung SongKang HanSohee
Model : LeeHarin
Jonghyun (SHINee), Sulli (F(x)), GooHara, Seungri, JungJoonyoung, ChoiJonghoon, Leejonghyun, YongJunghyung, IU, Luna (F(x)), Kiji, BaekSumin, Jimin (AOA), Chen, Changmin, Taeyang (Big Bang), Kris Wu, April, Hanbin, Ilhoon, Lucas
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Granted ✶ 
Jisoo: Bibi, Jessi, Sunmi, Jaewon, Dabin, Bewhy, Dean, Lisa, Taeyeon
Eunwoo: ASTRO, Weki Meki (Esp. Yoojung & Doyeon), Joy, Mingyu, Seungwoo, ATEEZ, Monsta X, Doyoung, Yugyeom, Bambam
Hwasa: Day6, Mamamoo
Seojoon: Kim Jisoo (Actor)
Jimin: BTS, Hoshi, Sunmi, Cute girls I can adopt as my daughters
Byeongkwan: A.C.E., ATEEZ, Kim Kwon
Momo: Twice, GOT7, Day6, 2PM
Yoohyeon: Dreamcatcher, ONEUS, D1CE
Minghao: Dreamcatcher, SVT, Sunmi

Jinyoung: Doyoung, Wonpil
Irene: Red Velvet
Johnny: NCT (esp Ten, Taeyong, Doyoung, Yuta)
Wonho: Monsta X
Saerom: my fromis_9 kids, aespa, iz*one, whole svt (for more chaos), nct jungwoo and haechan, yeo jingoo
Moonbyul: RBW family, BTOB
Yooa: Oh My Girl
Hyewon: VIXX's Leo and Hakyeon, Soloist Hongbin, Ateez' Hongjoong and Mingi, Monsta X, my iz*one girlies
Harin: 2NE1 especially CL, Big Bang, Lee Hayi, Kim Hanbin, Ikon, Jay Park, Gray and Loco, H1gher Music, Winner, F(x), SHINee, Super Junior, Infinite, SF9
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Special Events
#18. A Twisted Wonderland (09/20 - 09/26) : Uh-oh, looks like there’s trouble in Wonderland. Something feels awfully off here, what could have happened? Where is Alice? Will you enter the rabbit hole, stargazer?
#17. Color Me Rainbow (08/8 - 08/14) : What do these colours mean to you, stargazers? Join the fun and paint our galaxy a beautiful array of colours!
#16. Gateway's Banner Design Contest 2.0 (07/12 - 07/18) : It's time for a change after one full year together, share your creations with us to bring in a new fresh colour to our AFF! CONGRATULATIONS to our winner, Saerom!
#15. One Year with Our Stargazers (07/06 - 07/12) : Today's a special day, do you know why? It's Gateway's birthday! It's been one whole year since our grand opening, but most importantly it's been an entire year with our lovely stargazers! Let's take it back with a stamp card! 
#14. The Hunger Games (06/21 - 06/27) : It’s time for our annual entertainment for the Capitol: the Hunger Games! Stargazers, are you ready for our next big event? Do you have what it takes to survive seven days in a blood bath tournament?
#13. May Spirit Week: Transitioning into Summer (05/10 - 05/16) : Summer's just around the corner, so let's ramp it up and bring in some relaxing, summer cheer! Get ready for a week long of fun prompts, and activities!
#12. Stargazers and the Galactic Tournament (04/12 - 04/18) : All aboard the Hogwarts Express! Don't forget your personal belongings, pets, and most especially your wand when you board. We'll see you all at Hogwarts!
#11. Gateway's Time Capsule (03/15 - 03/20) : Let's take a week to look back on the past, appreciate the present, and strive for a better tomorrow.
#10. Gateway Awards (02/27) : Our first ever award ceremony after 8 months together. It's a milestone for us and to everyone who's been with us through this journey!
#9. Heart Festival (02/07 - 02/14) : Gather around cupid's plaza for our valentine special: heart festival! set up a booth with your friends and spread the love and joy to your loved ones!
#8. New Years Stamp Card (01/07 - 01/31) : Twenty-one prompts for the year of 2021, what better way than to start the year off by reflecting on yourself, make new goals, and new friends along the way?
#7. Fieldtrip to Santa's Workshop FT. Animal Crossing (12/20 - 12/25) : Santa has fallen sick and won’t be able to deliver presents this Christmas, and Jingle’s here to enlist your help! Will you step up and save Christmas with us, stargazers? + Secret santa
#6. Halloween Spirit Week (10/25 - 10/31) : Halloween is just around the corner and we got a week full of spoopy fun! From halloween costumes to movie marathons. We can't forget the tradition of trick or treating either!
#5. Glitch in the Galaxy (10/05 - 10/10) : Starting off October with a bang! A glitch has been found within our galaxy and people are disappearing one by one! Can you find the imposters and save your friends or will you let the glitch overrun everything?
#4. Hello, Friend! (08/18 - 08/23) : The summer festival is here! Gather your friends and hang out at the food stalls or chill by the bonfire at the beach! It's time for a little friend bingo!
#3. Camp Gateway FT. Animal Crossing (08/03 - 08/10) : Beat the heat and bore with us at Camp Gateway! The animal villagers need your help to find the hidden treasure. Congratulations team SUS!
#2. Gateway Banner Design Contest (07/20 - 07/27) : Bring out your inner artist and design a banner fit for our home. It's time to bring some colour and shine into our galaxy! CONGRATULATIONS to our winner, Eunwoo!
#1. Watermelon Smash Stamp Card (07/07 - 07/14) : Our first event to break the ice and to beat the summer heat with our favourite fruit! Grab a card and get stamping! First nine to complete the stamp card are featured on aff!
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Established: July 02, 2020
Grand Opening: July 06, 2020
Non-AU RP: Open & Accepting
Population: 76 Stargazers
RP Theme inspired by ASTRO
Bored and need an escape from reality? Open the gates to Gateway Roleplay where it'll take you to a parallel world free from real life stress. Are you ready to set sail with us? 






✶ delirium 
09/14: Are you ready to jump into the rabbit hole with us as we explore the mysteries that shroud wonderland?
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