That morning Haseul seemed brighter than usual on the backseat of Sooyoung's car but it wasn't like the other two girls were matching her mood, after their little confession not much seemed to have changed between them other than the fact that Haseul seemed to be kissing one of them every ten minutes, of course nobody was going to complain about it. Jinsoul held Sooyoung's hand when she extended it towards her without taking her eyes from the road, it was the first time they would walk into college as a couple, Jinsoul didn't think it was logical to call them "a couple" since they were three but lacking on vocabulary and after making sure her two girlfriends didn't have any ideas she decided to let that be for a while. 

Haseul still felt like laughing when she thought about it, for example that exact same morning when she woke up with Jinsoul almost over her with her leg between hers and her arm holding her close from the waist only to walk into her breakfast already prepared and a good morning kiss from Sooyoung a few minutes after, it still felt surreal for her. 

-I bet Jiwoo is going to scream-Sooyoung started with a soft smile- Jinsoul will buy us dinner if i win. 

-That's dumb, Jiwoo screams every ten minutes unprovoked- Jinsoul pointed making Haseul laugh behind them as she leaned forward to peak her head between the two front seats of the car. 
-She's going to be happy for us-Haseul said sure about it lifting her shoulders. 

-Sooyoung is going to lose some fans, that’s for sure- Jinsoul teased turning to meet at the driver who simply chuckled at her words- And they don't have to fight one but two, you really over did yourself this time huh. 

-Well if somebody was going to managed having you and the Jo Haseul that was going to be me and only me- The soccer player said with a cocky expression feeling how Haseul's lips kissed her jaw for a quick second as the car made its way into the campus. 

Being completely honest neither Sooyoung nor Jinsoul really expected their sudden confession to work, especially after the bad few days they made the shorter go through when they decided to give her some space without her asking for it, so even when Haseul looked at them acting so natural and calm both of the taller girls actually had the same ticklish feeling on their chests. That was something new for the three of them and neither of them seemed interested on wasting any part of it, it wasn't a lie when Sooyoung said she was quite proud of herself but making both of them to like her so when she felt Haseul's hand reach hers the second she was out of her car Sooyoung couldn't help but smile. 

To be Haseul's first real relationship she was quite surprised how good it was turning to be, the fact that they were such close friends before they decided to take it to the next level might had working on saving them the awkward parts of dating someone for the first time. Walking between the students when her hand intertwined with Sooyoung's and her shoulders covered by Jinsoul's arm Haseul felt nothing but happy, a laugh left her lips when she spotted Jiwoo waving at them like it was the first time in months they see each other as she stood beside the classroom door. 

-Good morning Jiwoo- Jinsoul greeted with a smile when they were closer enough to. 

-Hi Unnie! - Jiwoo said hugging her for a quick second before doing the same with the other two. 

-Why are you so happy today? - Haseul chuckled noticing how her friend seemed to be more energetic than the usual and speaking about Jiwoo that was quite a thing. 

-Do you remember when i told you about that cute girl on our English class?- Jiwoo said with a wide smile narrowing her eyes a little before looking around like she was scared of the girl being near, Haseul nodded with a laugh.- I finally got her number!- Jiwoo jumped on her site making the three girls laugh. 

Kim Jungeun was probably the only person on the whole university that could make Jiwoo honestly shy so Haseul was more than happy about the news as well, moving her eyes from the girl's excited face to look at the professor walking into the classroom Sooyoung almost felt bad for interrupting their chatting. 

-Your class is about to start- Sooyoung said lifting her finger to point at the amount of students rushing towards the door after the professor.- Have a good day baby- The soccer player leaned almost automatically to peck Haseul's lips for a second. 

-Good luck on your exam today. - Jinsoul wished mirroring Sooyoung's actions and leaving Haseul blushed to the very tip of her ears as she stood between them. 

-Bye Jiwoo! - Sooyoung said with a laugh as she walked away first closely followed by Jinsoul. 

Haseul looked at them until they disappeared between the crowd only to meet Jiwoo's astonish face looking back at her with wide eyes and open, the shorter chuckled taking Jiwoo's wrist to technically drag her inside the classroom before the door was closed behind them. 

-What was that? - Jiwoo screamed in a whisper as she leaned over Haseul's side making the girl laugh at her. 

-We're dating Jiwoo- Haseul dropped simply as she took her notebook out of her backpack- I do have two tall girlfriends now. 

-Finally!-Jiwoo said loud and clear. 

When Haseul looked up from her desk she found all the eyes on them including the professor's who looked at Jiwoo with a curious gaze and one of his eyebrows lifted almost making a question without words, Haseul lowered herself on her chair because no matter how many times it happened on a semester it still made her feel a little ashamed, luckily Jiwoo wasn't disturbed at all by the sudden attention. 

-I'm sorry Minster Park, please go on!- Jiwoo insisted with a bright smile making the whole class laugh, even the professor's lips curved into a light smile at the sight. 

Of course nobody could be angry at Jiwoo, that morning when the professor started talking in front of his class Haseul was smiling despite feeling a little bored at the words. 

Haseul couldn't be any happier. 


-Ha Sooyoung! - Jinsoul screamed loudly as she leaned over one of her drawers, her arms moving the papers inside with a frown on her face. 

After Sooyoung insisted on organizing the living room by her own instead of waiting for Jinsoul and Haseul to get home there was a thing that was bothering Jinsoul from the bottom of her chest, her English essay was missing. Haseul was looking for it as well closely followed by Sooyoung with a clear worried expression written all over her face, she didn't think she threw that essay to the trash but considering the ridiculous amount of paper she picked from the table it was a possibility to have in mind. 

-Did you find it? - Sooyoung wondered standing on the doorstep of Jinsoul's bedroom.

-Of course i didn't, you're supposed to be the one to know where is it- Jinsoul said sharply, suddenly even Sooyoung's presence in front of her made her feel irritated.

-I know I put it somewhere Jinsoul, don't do a drama over nothing- Sooyoung hissed without daring to walk into the room- If you were more organized with...

-Don't you ing try putting this on me- Jinsoul interrupted, her voice a tone louder and her words faster than usual, Sooyoung met her eyes as the science mayor pointed directly at her. 

Haseul's head lifted immediately after overhearing the words from her place at the living room, the silence that floated between the two girls standing on the hallway told the shorter more than what their words could. It had been a while since the last time they fought but that afternoon they surely looked more than ready to break that mark, as she walked towards Sooyoung whose eyes were still over the girl inside the room Haseul could hear Jinsoul's heavy sigh. 

-She's being overdramatic- Sooyoung said with a frown as she turned to look at Haseul once she was close enough. 

-Sooyoung you better shut the up- Jinsoul spitted pressing the bridge of her nose between her thumb and her index finger. 

-Hey, let's calm down a little, the three of us- Haseul tried caressing Sooyoung's arm for a moment before walking to meet Jinsoul inside the room. 

Haseul almost chuckle with she noticed how fast Jinsoul could change, compared to how she was looking at Sooyoung only a second ago then when her eyes were focused on the shorter girl her gaze became immediately softer. Haseul's hands ran down Jinsoul's arms as the taller took a deep breath trying to organize her own ideas, she surely loved Sooyoung but on moments like those Jinsoul sworn there was nobody capable to irritate her more than the girl still standing on her doorstep. Lifting her gaze from Haseul only a second to meet Sooyoung's deep eyes on her Jinsoul huffed turning to show her back at her making Haseul turn with her so they could be standing face to face, fingers reached her bangs to push it to the sides softly dragging the short hairs behind her ears, luckily for Haseul the high ponytail holding Jinsoul's hair back allowed her to see the pout forming on her lips. 

-I'm really pissed off-Jinsoul informed with her eyebrows furrowed, her voice was almost a whisper preventing Sooyoung from hearing- I told her not to touch my papers- On other scenario where she wasn't the reason behind it Sooyoung would find the way Jinsoul was clinging her fist to the sides actually adorable.

-I know that love, but let's try taking it a little easier- Haseul said softly as her hands reached Jinsoul's tight fists to caress her knuckles softly with her thumb, Jinsoul hummed with a frown as she looked down- Do you need a moment by yourself? - Jinsoul felt almost all her anger wash away when she looked how Haseul had to tip toe to reach her forehead with her lips. 

-Tell her to go and find those papers- Jinsoul said quietly again as she wrapped her arms around Haseul's waist to pull her closer to her body, her back arched to let her head rest against Haseul's shoulders- And remember her she has to close the door. 

-This is how you're going to deal with this? No talking to me?- Sooyoung chuckled at the childish solution Jinsoul was taking, if Haseul didn't know better she would have thought the soccer player didn't really took into consideration Jinsoul's feelings. 

-Let her be Sooyoung- Haseul sighed as her fingers reached Jinsoul's scalp to massage it with her nails softly feeling the hold around her waist tightening for a second. 

The door was shut close behind Jinsoul making the girl jump a little at the sudden noise, Haseul knew Sooyoung was just as angry at Jinsoul maybe even more after that but there was only one of her and she couldn't just leave one behind to go chase the other. It was the first time Haseul really felt like she should stand in the middle of them and being completely honestly she didn't like how it was making her feel, every time they fought in the pass Haseul didn't feel like she had to choose a side but that afternoon she felt almost pushed to and that somehow was creating a guilt feeling inside her chest. 

Loosing those papers wasn't something Sooyoung had done on purpose and the fact that Jinsoul seemed not to care about it made her angry as well, of course she knew the girl was on her right to be pissed but there was no need to push it to that level, also there was the fact that Haseul didn't even move a single muscle to try and calm her when it was clear she was just as pissed as the girl she was probably holding behind that door. That afternoon Sooyoung did feel jealous of Jinsoul, yet no matter how angry she was she knew she had a mission ahead so only five minutes after she was already back into looking for the missing papers. 

When it was time for dinner Haseul found herself standing between the two bedrooms with their door close one in front of the other, after she left Jinsoul only a couple of hours back the girl hadn't given an step out of her room and Sooyoung seemed to be into the exact same plan. It wasn't usually how their little fights were, in other scenarios she's seen Sooyoung back into being all over Jinsoul after an hour or two but knowing how angry the long-haired girl got Sooyoung solved it was better to give her space, too bad for her Haseul didn't like distancing. 

-May I come in? - Haseul wondered softly after a few knocks on the door, her head showing from the side. 

-You don't even have to ask dummy- Sooyoung chuckled turning around on her desk chair, her short haired half up and a pair of glasses on her face.- Do you need anything?- The athlete hummed looking how her shorter girlfriend sat on the edge of her bed. 

-No, i just came to check if you were hungry so i knew how much i have to cook-Haseul said with a soft smile as she leaned back a little over the mattress to lift herself with her elbows- What are you up to? 

-I found the stupid essay- Sooyoung groaned turning for a second to lift a pair of papers from her desk, Haseul gasped when she noticed the state they were in, even a few of the sheets were stained by what it seemed to be coffee.- Don't tell her, I’m thinking about a way to fix it. 

-You should talk to her, you know?- Haseul tried as she stood up to walk towards Sooyoung, her hands reaching one of her shoulders as the other pushed a few hairs behind her ear, the girl under her frowned.

-Seul baby i love you but when you walked in you say it was to check on me, not for talking about Jinsoul- Sooyoung said clearly annoyed yet she still held Haseul's hand only to kiss her palm a few times- I'm not hungry by the way, cook for you two.

Haseul felt out a sigh when Sooyoung turned around to face her desk again no wasting time before going back to reading the thick textbook she had in front of her, she barely moved enough to allow the girl to kiss her cheek for a second before leaving the room. That definitely didn't go as Haseul originally had planned it to be, yet she still had a few moves under her sleeve when she walked into Jinsoul's room with smile on her face only to find the other girl on her own desk, her face almost buried on the laptop in front of her. 

-Baby- Haseul called breaking the calm aura that Jinsoul's piano playlist was creating on the room. 

-I didn't hear you walking in-Jinsoul said lifting her head from the laptop with wide eyes for a second in clear amaze making Haseul giggle. - Is everything okay? 

-Why do you always assume something has to happen for me to come to your room?- Haseul hummed walking closer to the girl, it was time to play a little heavier because she was not going to eat by her own when the other two were under the same roof. 

-Well you're usually in yours, you mostly come when i call you- Jinsoul smiled pushing the chair back, Haseul almost laughs out when she noticed the opportunity, Jinsoul's smile became wider as she received the shorter on her lap- What are you planning, huh?

Jinsoul giggled with her eyes narrowed as she leaned to kiss Haseul's covered shoulder tenderly, the taller was awfully intuitive and that made everything a little harder for Haseul to trick her into thinking her visit was just casual. Haseul took the next soft spot she found and became to caress Jinsoul's hair softly making the girl under her hum at the attention, the science mayor was quite independent when it came to other people but seating there under the familiar weight Jinsoul felt like she was making the greatest decision by clinging onto Haseul. 

-Are you hungry?- Haseul said softly, her eyes focused on Jinsoul's face now that her eyes were closed, the girl shook her head softly- That's weird coming from you, are you feeling sick again? 

-No Angel, I'm stressed that's all- Jinsoul explained opening her eyes with a soft smile to look back at Haseul- Give me a kiss.-The taller requested pocking her lips and making Haseul laugh at her before pecking her lips with a smile still over hers- What? No, a longer one. 

-I'll give you many more if you go talk to Sooyoung- Haseul tried looking how Jinsoul's face dropped immediately at the words- Come on soul, don't go so hard on her. 

-So that's what you were planning- Jinsoul hummed with her eyebrows furrowed, her hands dropping from Haseul's waist telling her without words she needed to move- I'm busy, I'll talk to her tomorrow but you can stay here if you want to. 

-If you don't talk to her I won't talk to you neither- Haseul said and immediately after she almost regret it looking how Jinsoul's lips curved into a pout as she lowered her head, on moments like those Haseul’s sworn her heart could explode only by seeing Jinsoul- Will you talk to her? 

-I won't-Jinsoul said simply looking up at Haseul with her eyebrows lifted on a gesture she knew neither of her girlfriends couldn't resist- But i really would like if you stayed with me. - the taller said softly resting her cheek against Haseul's shoulders, if she didn't leave that room on that moment she knew she would allow Jinsoul to keep her silent treat for a little longer than what she wanted. 

Haseul left her lap without further doing before leaving the room just like she left Sooyoung's a minute ago, living with two people with that level of stubbornness was a challenge for sure. The shorter had her dinner alone in front of the television on the sofa waiting that maybe one of them could change their minds and walk out of their rooms like adults but it didn't happen, or at least it wasn't something that Haseul noticed before she walked into her own bedroom. The thick raindrops were crashing against the glass of her window as Haseul changed into her new favorite pajamas, one of the multiple hoodies on Jinsoul's collections.

When the girls behaved that way with each other Haseul couldn't help but wonder how it would be when she made both of them mad about something, because being honest she surely knew how to get into her nerves if she wanted to. The silent treat wasn't something Haseul was used to but it wasn't like she really felt comfortable with it anyway, if they wanted their relationship to last long then she needed to convince her girlfriends that communication was the key even when they were mad at each other. A heavy sigh passed through Haseul's lips as she rested her head on the pillow, at least she could keep trying fixing it tomorrow. 

A Thunder broke out the calm of the night making Sooyoung jump out of her sleep with her eyes wide open, seating in the middle of her bed she saw in horror the darkness around her, the power was gone. Sooyoung groaned in annoyance as she dropped herself back into the mattress, her eyes looking up at the ceiling with a frown, there was a major problem for her that night compared to others and that was that she didn't have the guts to go with Jinsoul even when she knew it was what she needed to do. 

"Probably Haseul is already there" was the first thing that crossed Sooyoung's mind as she tried to create an excuse to avoid Jinsoul for a little longer, "But what if she's not?" it was good to keep all the possibilities in mind. Jinsoul hated the darkness, she really did and even after the whole incident earlier Sooyoung decided she didn't have to heart to left her by her own on a power off, after around twenty minutes she finally stood up from her bed guiding her steps with the light of her phone as she quietly walked towards Jinsoul's bedroom with her eyes barely open. Sooyoung was awfully tired from studying yet she felt her sleep shake a little when she opened Jinsoul's door to find her seating in the middle of the bed, her blanket still over her lap as she held a pillow tightly to her chest, Sooyoung hummed in understanding.

-Do you want me here? - Sooyoung wondered first as she pointed the light towards Jinsoul only to see her nod softly. - Okay then. 

Jinsoul saw how the phone was placed over her desk without rush before Sooyoung walked directly to her window opening it to let the night's cold air break in with the smell of the rain, no matter how cold Sooyoung seemed to be she was one of the most caring persons Jinsoul had even known. Even when she refused to talk to her earlier Jinsoul didn't last long before holding the girl close by placing her face against Sooyoung's chest as they lay on their sides. 

-Are you okay babygirl? - Sooyoung whispered, her hand reaching Jinsoul's hair to caress it softly.

-I thought you wouldn't come- Jinsoul admitted closing her eyes as she heard Sooyoung's heart. - I'm sorry about earlier. 

-I'm sorry about that too- Sooyoung left about pushing Jinsoul's chin carefully to make her look at her. - I didn't mean what i said, okay?- Jinsoul hummed under her when she felt the full lips kiss the space between her eyebrows tenderly.- Would you have cried if anybody came to check on you?- Sooyoung wondered out of pure curiosity with a cheeky grin on her face, Jinsoul looked at her with her eyes barely open.

-Most probably, yes- Jinsoul admitted making Sooyoung chuckle- But you're here so it's okay.

-I love you- Sooyoung left out with all the honesty possible as she leaned to capture Jinsoul's lips tenderly, if they weren't so tried Sooyoung was more than sure that it would have turned into more than a single kiss.- Let's get some rest so you can function tomorrow. 

Jinsoul didn't have to say it for Sooyoung to know she loved her back, after years of friendship they knew each other perfectly after all they've been living together for two years already and sharing the roof under their heads made them even closer than before. They knew the relationship between each other was different from what they had with Haseul, it wasn't like they treasured one more than other they just had little differences here and there. Sooyoung and Jinsoul didn't consider they were dating each other for real, of course they kissed and maybe even a little more from time to time but it wasn't something rare for them since it's been happening since they first moved in together. 

With Haseul was different, Haseul was a new person they were still learning how to treat her and the shorter was of course learning about them as well. Sooyoung knew neither her nor Jinsoul were easy to deal with, so they were sure it could be a little harder for Haseul than for them to deal with their relationship, after all she was the one who was still learning about them and Sooyoung and Jinsoul only had to put their energies into Haseul trying their best not to make her feel trapped in the middle. 

It probably was an hour or two after she arrived that Sooyoung was waken up again by the sound of Jinsoul's door opening behind her, with her eyes barely opened the soccer player turned to meet no other than Haseul walking in quietly with a tender smile on her face clearly pleased by Sooyoung's presence on the room. Haseul left the candle she was holding on the desk beside Sooyoung's phone before walking towards the bed trapping a deep asleep Jinsoul between her and Sooyoung. 

-I knew you wouldn't leave her alone- Haseul whispered with happiness clear on her tone, Sooyoung hummed resting her head again on the pillow and her nose against Jinsoul's hair.

-I didn't want her to be sad- Sooyoung mumbled with her eyes closed, she was probably more asleep than awake that moment. 

-Be quiet-Jinsoul whispered against Sooyoung's front making the girls around her chuckle. 

Even when it was challenging, none of the three girls would want to change a single thing on their relationship. 

The perfection between the imperfections. 



The semester was finally over and neither of them couldn't be happier about having a little time to rest after all the hardworking they did during finals week. Haseul had to leave to her parent's the next afternoon and trying to spent the last night they'll have given her on a month of course Jinsoul and Sooyoung prepared something for them, so standing in front of the meeting point they promised Haseul looked for her girlfriends between the people passing by on the street, her hands constantly touching her hair and the light blue dress on her body to make sure everything was as perfect as when she left earlier from Jiwoo's place. 

It didn't matter if they've been together for the last three months already Haseul still got a little nervous when they asked her out for things like those, the good thing out of living with them was that she knew they felt the same kind of mixture between excitement and nervousness before going out with her as well. With the exams the three of them kept her heads on the textbooks trying to memorize an almost ridiculous amount of information and it definitely made Haseul even more excited about that night, it was the first time they would go on a date on the last month. The shorter girl jumped on the spot when a hand reached her shoulder making her turn around with wide eyes to meet the person behind her with her hand against her chest clearly surprised. 

-It's just me Haseul- Sooyoung chuckled looking at the shorter with a wide smile. 

-And me! - Jinsoul added lifting one of her hands to her shoulder making Haseul chuckle at the pair, they really couldn't be more different. 

Haseul took a quick moment to look at them with a smile knowing they were doing the same to her, Jinsoul looked more than attractive with her black turtleneck under a navy blazer she knew Haseul adored matched with a simple pair of jeans, standing next to her despite it seemed simple the shorter knew Sooyoung took her time choosing her clothes as well when she noticed the black pants hugging her tiny waist leaving a thin line of exposed skin between the pants and a light white top, Haseul was surely did feel like the luckiest. 

-Is that a new dress?- Sooyoung teased holding Haseul's hand lifting it for a moment to make the shorter spin in front of them.- You're showing off, that's great- The shorter chuckled at the words feeling Sooyoung's lips reach hers on a light peck. 

-You look beautiful Angel- Jinsoul gave a step forward as well to kiss Haseul's temple the second she moved away from Sooyoung. - Lets go inside, I'm already starving. 

-You always are- Sooyoung pointed making Jinsoul narrow her eyes at her yet she didn't move when the girl leaned to kiss her lips as well.

Haseul loved the way it still felt as comfortable as going out with her friends but with the benefits only a girlfriend had, like getting one of those kisses that made her heart jump on her chest no matter how long it was. At first the art student thought it could get a little hard to handle if they couldn't reach the same spot on their relationship but both of the women seating in front of her across the table always made sure Haseul was comfortable with every step they were giving and in what direction they were trying to move forwards, there were nights where even when they knew Haseul wouldn't refused they still asked if it was a good night to sleep with her and that type of treatment, so delicate and caring made her fall everyday a little harder for them. 

Never on a million years had Haseul really thought she would end up on that kind of relationship mostly because she didn't trust it could work out as well as she expected her relationships to but her housemates were surely doing her best to proof her wrong. Even Sooyoung confessed neither of them expected Haseul to accept both of them instead of choosing just one or even worse, that she would get out of the apartment running away for them but that was only the worst case scenario. Jinsoul knew that if Haseul had picked only one she wanted to date most probably they wouldn't have done anything with her, because it would have been unfair to make one look how the other went out and built a relationship knowing the girl they were kissed was the target of her friend as well, being fully honest Jinsoul was sure she couldn't have done anything similar if it wasn't with Sooyoung by her side. 

-Where are we going? - Haseul wondered as they left the restaurant with pleased smiles on their faces. 

-It's a surprise- Jinsoul said taking Haseul's hand on hers to intertwine their fingers. 

-You'll like it, trust us- Sooyoung appeared besides her fixing the jacket over her shoulders with a smile. 

Like Haseul didn't fully trust them already, walking down the busy streets of the city the shorter felt more than safe with Jinsoul's hand on hers and Sooyoung's arm protectively thrown over her shoulder. After a few blocks their destination wasn't a secret for the shorter girl any longer once she spotted the river at the end of the street, she felt her stomach tickle with excitement noticing they did remember when she told them about the place. The first night into summer there were always fireworks over the river, it was quite an event and Haseul used to love going to see them since she was a child, she never really expected Jinsoul nor Sooyoung to remember when she told them a few stories about her moments there during the years so it made everything even more special. Haseul couldn't find a better way to spend their night than watching the fireworks light the night sky over the millions of skyscrapers on the horizon. 

But no everything was perfect, there was still the fact that Haseul hated crowds and that it was hundreds if not thousands of people waiting for the show to start. Walking pass them trying to get into the front so they wouldn't miss a thing the shorter couldn't help but feel a little overwhelmed because of the situation. 

-Are you okay with this baby?- Sooyoung was the first one to ask when they stopped moving, her hands pushing a few of the then blonde locks behind Haseul's ear tenderly. 

-Yeah, It's just...- Haseul breathed trying her best not to ruin their plans. 

-We're here with you Angel, we won't move- Jinsoul added leaning to kiss Haseul's lips softly for a second- If you feel like you don't want to do this anymore, then you just need to say and we'll leave right after, okay? - Jinsoul's knuckles caressed her cheek tenderly as she looked directly to her eyes, the taller girl giggled when Haseul leaned to kiss her again. 

-I'm okay; let's go see those fireworks- Haseul smiled with excitement again. 

There was nothing to be scared when she was between them, trapped between Sooyoung's arms as Jinsoul held her hand firmly Haseul knew the crowd wasn't something she had to be worried about, that moment it was just her and the two girls holding her with happy smiles hanging on their faces. The fireworks lighted the sky in front of them making sounds of amaze leave her lips as Haseul looked up yet when she felt a light kiss placed under her ear coming from Sooyoung's neck the art student moved her eyes from the sky to look between them, It didn't matter how amazing the sky looked the two pair of eyes were looking directly at her with adoration written all over them. 

-We wanted to thank you for keeping up with us- Sooyoung started softly as she lifted her hand form Haseul's waist to her face to caress her cheek tenderly with a smile- We're still learning about how all this works but I know you're the best person we could have ever asked for to be in this relationship. 

-All of sudden?- Haseul tried to joke despite feeling how her heart was racing inside her chest, she was glad when Sooyoung simply chuckled to kiss her lips for a few seconds before she turned to look at Jinsoul. 

-We just want to say that we'll be right here when you get back of your family time- Jinsoul said with a cheeky smile coming closer to Haseul was well, her hands cupping the girl's cheeks- I mean it's not like we're better than a ten bedroom mansion and a week on Aspen but we surely make a try- Haseul laughed loudly at that listening close how Sooyoung did as well. 

Jinsoul captured her lips slowly as her thumbs caressed her cheekbones lightly and Haseul didn't care about the fireworks anymore, it took her a long way to train herself not to jump on surprise every time she was kissing one of them and the other decided to join as well for example that moment when Sooyoung's lips reached behind her ear to drop light kisses on the sensitive skin. 

-We love you Baby. - Sooyoung whispered against her ear, her voice low and calming making Haseul feel weak on the knees. 

Haseul felt her chest warm at the sudden loving, it still amaze her how appreciated they could make her feel with simple words, the fact that every time she thought they couldn't make her feel even more loved they did. Haseul loved them back, deeply and honestly the most pure type on feeling that she's even felt and that was what made her know neither of them had plans to stop any time soon. 

The shorter looked at them as they happily talked with each other inside the elevator on their building, Haseul guesses they could be just a little happier so she didn't waste no time before dropping the news as soon as they walked inside their apartment. 

-You're invited to Aspen- Haseul announced making the two girls on the living room stop their movements for a moment to look at her in disbelief- The whole week. 

Jinsoul was the first one to left out a loud sound of excitement as she wrapped her arms around Haseul to hold her tightly hearing how Sooyoung laughed loudly only steps away from her. 

That was the best summer Haseul ever had. 



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