Seating on the empty barstool between her two flatmates like every other lazy Sunday morning Haseul looked at Jinsoul on her right for a second making the girl lift her eyes from the large pages of her book simply to smile at her softly, on her left Sooyoung leaned to kiss her cheek as a good morning before going back to the game on her phone. Even after months living under the same roof as the two taller students Haseul couldn’t help but wonder how they managed to get along with such different personalities, of course not everything was perfect and despite they both fought at least once pre month, neither of them dared to bother Haseul ever since she moved in five months ago.
-Do you want more milk?- Jinsoul wondered, her wide eyes looking at her kindly behind the round glasses on her face.- Did you sleep well?- her hand created slow circles on Haseul’s back as the girl filled with a generous amount of cereals.
-Yah! What are you doing?- Sooyoung pushed the hand on Haseul’s back making the shorter turn to meet her, still full with food- No touching, remember?
-Shut up, you weren’t complaining when I did the same to you- Jinsoul pointed with a frown as she looked at the brunette- You literally kissed her when she sat down!
-Well, What about it? Do you want one too?- Sooyoung teased with a grin making Haseul laugh loudly at both of them when Jinsoul made a disgusted face before standing from the kitchen island with her book on hand.
That wasn’t a rare scenario for any of the girls involved and even when she wasn’t willing to admit it just yet; Haseul might be enjoying it a little bit more every time it happened. It was not a secret than both of her flatmates were quite popular between the other students, especially when it came to female students for Sooyoung so having both of them fighting for her attention almost daily was making Haseul’s semester at least a little bit happier that year. Regardless her initial doubts about moving in with them, the shorter had not even a single regret about it then, if something she was glad Jiwoo pushed her to take the decision before somebody else did. Having two of the probably most attractive students on the whole college as flatmates was quite tempting after all.
Once the initial shyness vanished on time, it didn’t took Haseul too long to realize the extra care the girls seemed to have with her or anything that had to be her on one way or another, the fact that they had their own different way to prove it was what made the whole thing even better. Jinsoul was usually softer than Sooyoung, the science mayor made her moves slowly but surely always making sure she was inside Haseul’s comfortable zone on every step she took, the type of girl that took close care of her when she was sick or who carried her backpack for her even when they were only a hallway away from her next class, Jinsoul was what Haseul liked to call a parent’s dream girl. On the other hand, Sooyoung was a bit more difficult to solve, especially since she was rarely verbal towards any of them with what was going on inside her mind other than jokes and maybe some occasional worries about her grades. Jinsoul loved the second on particular since it gave her an excuse to stay with her even if it meant explaining biology lessons the whole night.
Haseul had to admit she was quite intimidated by the taller brunette when she first moved in despite Sooyoung was never other than kind towards her, she had quite a reputation between the girls on campus especially after taking her place as the captain of the soccer team but Haseul had to spent only a few weeks with her to know most of the rumors were fake.
-I’ll head to the gym- Sooyoung informed suddenly jumping from the barstool next to Haseul who was by then finishing her breakfast- Do you want me to bring you something?- her hand reached a brown lock of hair to push it softly behind Haseul’s ear.
-You’re not being fair Sooyoung! - Jinsoul nagged from the couch throwing a coffin towards the girl, Sooyoung caught it without much problem sending a bright smile back as a mock.
-Can you buy some more salty snacks?- Haseul wondered as she looked at the girl beside her who wasted no time to give her attention fully to her again- I have an exam tomorrow and chewing something helps me to stay awake while studying.
-Count on it then- Sooyoung promised before walking to pick her backpack from the floor beside the couch were Jinsoul was laying, she softly slapped one of her tights to gain her attention.- Behave while I’m gone you whiny nerd.
Jinsoul pushed her away by the shoulder softly when Sooyoung simply leaned to kiss her cheek for a second as well, they couldn’t exactly point the moment where they started to become more physical with each other on the past year but somehow despite the faked disgust it turned into a habit between them. The sound of the door closing behind Sooyoung’s back was quickly followed by the television replacing the silence that floated on the living room only for a moment, Haseul looked how Jinsoul covered her body with a thick blanket before placing her head against on the of coffins, the shorter was glad the other girl on the room was so interested on her show that her stupidly wide smile could pass by ignored as he finished the dishes from their breakfast.
-Do you have plans for today Soul? - Haseul wondered softly as she dried her hands with her shorts.
- I should probably start my essay later but other than that I’m free. - Jinsoul answered slowly barely moving her eyes from the screen in front of her. – What about you?
-How about I stay here with you?- Haseul said softly as she walked towards the couch with a shy smile, that caught Jinsoul’s attention fully this time as the girl turned to her with a wide smile.
Haseul and Sooyoung started asking her if they could or not stay with her after Jinsoul admitted that sometimes the way people was always around her made her a little overwhelmed, they definitely started respecting their individual times much more after sudden confession, but that morning was different. Jinsoul smiled back at her like a little kid on Christmas as she made room on the couch for Haseul to fit in as well, the shorter giggled when she felt her arm waste no time before wrapping around her waist to hold her tightly against Jinsoul’s front.
-You don’t mind watching documentaries, right?-Jinsoul wondered softly as she looked at Haseul now between her arms carefully, she always looked extremely soft on the morning. - We can watch other things if you don’t like it, I know they get a little bo…
-I don’t mind- Haseul said simply lifting her shoulders as she buried herself even more against Jinsoul, the taller was warm compared with the cold living room and smelled like a mix of fabric softener and mint.
-Thank you. - Jinsoul said honestly before leaning to kiss the girl’s cheek a few times before turning her attention once again to the screen.
Maybe it was the deep voice coming from the screen or the way Jinsoul’s fingers were softly and constantly caressing her hair since the moment the show started but Haseul didn’t last long before feeling her eyes getting heavy again.
-I didn’t know that- Jinsoul said with her eyebrows lifted before turning to look at the shorter laying against her chest.
Haseul simply mumbled something that seemed far to be a real language as an answer with her eyes close and her hand loosely holding a grip of Jinsoul’s light blue shirt like she was afraid of the taller moving away from her embrace while she was asleep, little did she know the power she had over Jinsoul. The taller lifted her hand to trace the shape of her eyebrow slowly with her fingertip before going down the bridge on the bridge of her nose, Jinsoul smiled when Haseul left out a quiet hum at her touch, there was always something about her shorter friend that made Jinsoul feel her heart like it was about to explode on her chest and that morning it somehow turned too overwhelming to be kept hidden.
-Haseul...- Jinsoul called softly tracing the shell of her ear with her fingertip, Haseul hummed against her chest again barely opening her eyes only to find the bright smile inches from her- I love you.
It was almost childish how the blush rushed on their faces right after making Haseul's ears turn red at the sudden confession, she heard Jinsoul giggle maybe because of how red she was or maybe because she was embarrassed of the silence that floated between them for a moment. A lazy smile curved Haseul's lips as she leaned to kiss the tip of Jinsoul's nose.
-I love you too- Haseul admitted without rush making the girl beneath her giggle again.
When Sooyoung walked inside the apartment with her arms filled with grocery bags the first idea that crossed her mind was that there was nobody on the apartment other than her, she could hear the screen playing but didn't turn around to check if there was actually somebody there, it wouldn't be the first time Jinsoul rushed out without turning the television on. It wasn't until she placed the bags on the counter and threw her backpack to one of the barstool that she noticed the bodies almost hidden under a mint green blanket on the couch, slow quiet steps drove Sooyoung until she was standing right in front of them.
Haseul was softly breathing against Jinsoul's long neck as the science mayor held her to her side with both of her arm, her delicate hand resting against Haseul's ear like she was scared of any sound that could wake her from her sleep. Sooyoung was sure that if it wasn't Jinsoul the one holding her she must had probably kick out however dared to sleep with Haseul like that in front of them, taking her phone out of the back pocket of her jeans she captured the moment on a couple of pictures for later, Sooyoung wished there was any place for her to rest with them as well.
Maybe it was time to buy a bigger couch.
It was around seven P.M when Sooyoung from her place on a barstool saw Jinsoul rushing towards the door with her backpack handing on her shoulder, the girl turned her steps reaching the kitchen to quickly pick a boxed juice from the fridge and a pack of chocolate cookies from the cabinets before meeting her friend's curious stare on her.
-Are you going somewhere? - Sooyoung wondered lifting one of her eyebrows, since it was Sunday they were supposed to have dinner together like the past few months.
-Seunghwa said that if I rushed to the library he would help me with the chemistry assignment- Jinsoul explained throwing the juice and the cookies inside the dark blue backpack, her eyes met Sooyoung again this time with a worried look. - You don't mind, right? I know we're supposed to go out tonight and...
-It's okay, more food for us- Sooyoung smiled softly as she looked at Jinsoul chuckle hanging her backpack once again over her shoulder.
-Take Haseul somewhere nice- Jinsoul remained before leaning to kiss Sooyoung's cheek for a moment- I have money on my desk, take it and be safe please.
Sooyoung wasn't too comfortable with the idea of Jinsoul spending time of her night with Seunghwa; actually she wasn't too comfortable with the idea of them spending time together on any scenario. Jinsoul could be quite dense when it came to people's feelings towards her and that was keeping her from noticing how much the tall boy liked her, Sooyoung on the other hand could read him as a book, the way he always offered to do anything that involved her flatmate on it and how he tried to bring her home every time neither Haseul or her where around talked more than clear for the soccer player.
There was always something odd about the idea of seeing each other date, some cases were of course more challenging than others like the time Sooyoung decided it was a good idea to go out with a girl Jinsoul couldn't even hear talking but even when it made them feel out of place neither Sooyoung nor Jinsoul really thought about dating each other. A new person on their lives romantically always meant a change on their dynamics and it left them lost and barely knowing what was proper and what was not between them when one had a relationship, of course Sooyoung's girls were pleased when the athlete looked more delighted by Jinsoul's or Haseul's attention over than theirs.
-I'm ready!- Haseul announced walking out of her room with a smile and her phone on hand making Sooyoung turn around to meet her with a wide smile as well- Did Jinsoul leave? I thought we would go out.
-We're going out- Sooyoung confirmed with a nod as she jumped softly from the barstool- But Jinsoul had to meet Seunghwa on the library- Sooyoung laughed when she spotted the frown growing on Haseul's face just like she did at the mention of the boy- I know, right?
-Why didn't he call earlier?- Haseul wondered taking Sooyoung's hand that was stretched towards her, Sooyoung's eyes danced over her face for a second before her fingers reached a straw of the brown short hair softly pushing it behind her ear.
-It's an old trick, calling somebody to study at night allows you to take them to dinner on a break- Sooyoung explained with a hum making Haseul's mouth open for a second creating a small "o" shape with her lips. - But it doesn't matter, you still have me and it's a beautiful night so let's go get fried shrimps because I’ve been thinking about it the whole day.
Haseul held to Sooyoung's arm from the second they reached the crowed night market, people rushed on every direction as their voices mixed with the sounds of the traffic and the food being cooked right in front of them. Haseul was never a fan front he crowed places but there was always some sense of safety when she had Sooyoung around, usually Jinsoul would be walking on her other side but there was nothing they could do about it that night. Sooyoung chuckled quietly knowing that if their flatmate found out she made the shorter walk in the middle of the night market she would most probably get scolded, they might were way too used to spoiling Haseul with better places than a market.
-Are you okay? - Sooyoung wondered softly looking at the girl on her side.
-Yeah, don't worry-Haseul smiled back as she squeezed the bicep between her hands for a second- what do you want to eat?
-What about Sushi? We could take Jinsoul some for when she comes back- Sooyoung suggested, she already had a place on mind since earlier that day but it wouldn't be too bad if Haseul wanted something else. - And don't worry about it, I won't make you eat out here- Haseul nodded softly at that feeling the heat go from her face to her ears right after.
Sooyoung left out a laugh before freeing her arm from the girl's tight hold only to place it tenderly over her shoulders a second after, five months were quite enough to learn things about a person if you put enough attention into them and Haseul knew that it was the case on both of her flatmates. They knew what she loved and what she hated, the places where she liked to go and the others that made her want to run, like the night market for example, being aware of that Sooyoung didn't let go of her for a second as they walked between the crowd softly talking to her as they did.
-We're here- Sooyoung smiled clearly excited as she pointed at the red neon letters a few steps from there.
Wooden stairs leaded down on a side of the sidewalk; over them the name of the restaurant lighted on bright red neon as Sooyoung opened the door for them. Haseul almost felt guilty for thinking the taller was able to forget her hate for the market as they walked inside; it was barely occupied for a place with such a nice setting. The tables stood over the dark wooden floor matching the chairs and the dark bar placed on the end of the large room, they could hear music playing lowly inside as they took a seat on one of the booths. Judging by Sooyoung's smile Haseul knew she was more than pleased with her choice for that night.
-It's nice, Isn't it?- Sooyoung hummed knowingly making Haseul laugh, of course she knew she would like it- We have to take pictures so the nerds regrets leaving us behind.
-I think even if we ate somewhere else she'll say she must had come- Haseul laughed softly, Jinsoul was rarely the one between the three of them to break their plans and everybody knew she felt guilty about it only a few hours after. - I saw you helping her with her Legos this morning, maybe it's time for you to quit and admit you're quite a nerd as well.- The shorter teased making Sooyoung gasp loudly only to make her laugh.
-She acts like a kicked puppy when you don't help her!- Sooyoung excused herself making Haseul nod between her laughs.- You really think I’ll do anything because you two are all pouty about it, I'll teach you a lesson you'll see.
-Soo... You literally do everything we ask for if we make a cry out of it- Haseul pointed with a chuckle making Sooyoung narrow her eyes at her for a moment.
It was not a secret that Sooyoung liked to please them on as much as she could but looking at it from the other side the girls did quite the same for her as well, maybe that was the reason behind the harmony on their apartment. They were each other's safety red and they surely did their best to keep it that way for the longest time possible, Haseul was delighted by the food as soon as it reached their table but once again she wasn't expecting less from Sooyoung, she wasn't willing to admit that she quite spoiled for a grown up but it wasn't like she was going to complain neither.
-Try this one- Sooyoung hummed taking a piece of her own plate to offer it to Haseul who took it without hesitation.- Haseul...- The shorter looked at her eyes at the call noticing the tender smile glowing on her face making her cheeks look even softer than what it already did- You're really beautiful.
It wasn't rare between them but Haseul still couldn't help the growing blush every time they decided to throw something like that out of nowhere for her, it made her stomach tickle and her heart race on her chest while they kept going with the conversation like nothing happened. Sooyoung did it more regularly than Jinsoul on much days but still it took Haseul by surprise when she did, it didn't matter if there was people around and she had to whisper her compliments to keep it only between them Sooyoung really enjoying making Haseul's heart jump from excitement.
By the time they reach their home Jinsoul was already waiting from them inside, her unmatched pajamas already on her body as she welcomed both of them home from the couch.
-How was your date? - Sooyoung teased handing her a package with a sushi roll inside, she leaned to kiss the girl's head for a second as she did.
-it was not a date- Jinsoul groaned pocking Sooyoung's side making a whine escape from her lips- Thank you for the food.
-We thought you'd like it- Haseul smiled walking towards them with a glass of water between her hands, Jinsoul nodded as she took a piece of sushi between her fingers to feed herself- I'll go to bed, remember we all have morning classes tomorrow and I don't want to kick you out of bed.
-Can I sleep with you?- Jinsoul wondered suddenly stopping her chewing and gaining Haseul attention as she did, the dark round eyes looked directly at her from below. Sooyoung was right, it was almost impossible to deny something to Jinsoul.
-No you can't because...- Sooyoung started pointing at Jinsoul on the process making the girl narrow her eyes at her.
-Sure- Haseul interrupted with a smile making Jinsoul left out a pleased noise before jumping from the couch quickly like Haseul had any plans on changing her decision; the taller held her hand tightly once she stood beside her.
-Good night Sooyoung! - Jinsoul mocked as she dragged the shorter to the hallway.
Haseul couldn't help but giggle when the raven haired girl practically dragged her across the hallway directly to the last door on it, she knew her room mas messier compared to Jinsoul's yet she was also sure the taller couldn't really mind less noticing how immediately after walking in she threw herself over the mattress with a cheeky grin. Jinsoul's eyes followed the shorter around the room walking directly towards her closet without rush, a soft smile placed over her lips.
-Are we going to torture her a little or we're really leaving her out there? - Jinsoul wondered with a hum.
-You should be the one out there after dishing us for Seunghwa- Haseul pointed taking a pair of shorts an oversized shirt.
-It was not like that- Jinsoul groaned seating up at the edge of the bed that faced Haseul's back.- I really wanted to go with you but I really needed his help with my assignment- leaning forward with her hand stretched she reached the edge of Haseul's blouse to pull her closer softly.
-And why didn't you ask him earlier, hum? It's a little weird he waited until it was dinner time to suddenly offer his help- Haseul said with her eyebrow lifted, without realizing she was already standing between Jinsoul's legs after a few soft pulls on her blouse.- But it's okay, Sooyoung found an amazing restaurant, maybe you could go some other day.- Jinsoul was looking up at her with a pout as her hands reached Haseul's hips, her thumbs making slow lazy circles on her hipbones.- Maybe you can ask Seunghwa to take you there on your next study date.
-It was not a date!-Jinsoul whined with a frown making Haseul giggle as she moved a few locks of Jinsoul's bang a side only to place her lips against the free spot.
-I'll go shower, go get Sooyoung before she gets sad. - Haseul suggested with a smile.
It wasn't like Sooyoung felt fully jealous when things like that happened yet she could feel a bitter feeling growing on her chest as she placed Jinsoul's food inside the fridge. It made her feel out of place between the two girls she could hear talking behind Haseul's door, different from what others imagined they didn't really sleep together as often as people thought they did. Sooyoung was more than used to sleeping with Jinsoul at that point yet with Haseul was still something new, it was almost childish how she felt her stomach tickle the second she had the shorter between her arms and she knew Jinsoul felt the exact same way.
Closing the door behind her Sooyoung took of her shirt throwing it to the laundry basket beside her desk followed right after by her jeans, she might was being a little overdramatic but after planning their night and being thrown a side for a guy she knew was chasing Jinsoul, Sooyoung was not too happy as she placed a sweater over her torso. Leaning forward into her closet as she looked for a pair of jogging pants she heard the door open slowly behind her, Sooyoung didn't even mind to turn around.
-That's a welcoming view- Jinsoul teased behind her before her hand softly spanked Sooyoung making her frown.
-Did you forget something? - Sooyoung wondered with a serious expression as she stood straight in front of Jinsoul.
-Yes, You- Jinsoul simply said lifting her shoulders as she smiled at the Brunette, despite loving her long hair Jinsoul had to admit Sooyoung's new hair cut Definitely did things to her.- Lucky for you Haseul wants to sleep with the two of us.
-That's a little greedy, isn't it?- Sooyoung hummed looking how a smile reached Jinsoul's lips- Why are you looking at me like that?- The athlete groaned pushing Jinsoul's head by pressing her finger against her forehead.
-Sooyoung you're such a baby- Jinsoul laughed as her hand wrapped around the thin wrist, Sooyoung huffed as she turned to look at the wall beside them. - You're mad because I didn't go with you, aren't you?- Jinsoul hummed giving an step closer, her arm wrapping around Sooyoung's waist to pull her against her front- You had your night with Seul and Seunghwa looked kind of handsome today.
Sooyoung's head turned immediately at the words looking at Jinsoul with a frown, they both stood there in silence for a second until Jinsoul's laugh sounded loudly on the room.
-I'm playing with you Sooyoung- Jinsoul laughed pointing at the then pissed expression on her friend's face, Sooyoung pushed her softly trying to free herself from the hold Jinsoul's arms had around her waist- Stop being such a brat, huh. I know you want to sleep with me and Haseul just as much as I want to- Jinsoul hummed holding her tighter making Sooyoung look at her, their eyes meeting for a second.
-Don't play like that- Sooyoung groaned making Jinsoul smile at her, then something that didn't happen for a long time made Jinsoul freeze on the spot. Sooyoung's lips softly kissing hers on a series of slow pecks before suddenly stopping- Let's go nerd; we still have a girl to cuddle a door away.
Sooyoung laughed when Jinsoul looked at her with wide eyes as she walked towards the door leaving the confused girl behind standing right where she left her.
-Okay then, I'll sleep with Haseul by my own- Sooyoung teased waving her hand as she walked through the door of her own bedroom, only a second after she heard Jinsoul's rushed steps following her from behind closely.
Haseul was already on her bed by the moment they reached her room; the shorter student looked at them with a wide smile as she threw her stuffed animals aside to make room for both of the girls that night. Different from their usual positions Jinsoul allowed Sooyoung to lay in the middle, only a second after she was curled over her side with her leg between Sooyoung's, Haseul stood up with a giggle as she moved to turn off the lights of the room, Always making sure to keep her small desk lamp lighted for Jinsoul and her fear of the darkness.
-Good night girls- Sooyoung hummed quietly closing her eyes as she felt Haseul head rest over her shoulder just like Jinsoul was on the other side, she felt Haseul's warm hand sneak under her sweater only to create small circles over her abdomen.
-I love you- Haseul whispered before kissing Sooyoung's shoulder softly- and you Soul.
-I love you too- Jinsoul said immediately after kissing Sooyoung's cheek to make sure she knew her words were for her as well- But I do love Seul more.
Hearing Haseul laugh right beside her after she pinched Jinsoul's bare thigh, Sooyoung smiled to herself on the darkness.
Sooyoung couldn't be happier than that.
-Does everybody have their keys? - Sooyoung wondered loudly while turning to meet her housemates standing in the middle of the corridor.
-Yes!- Jinsoul assured touching the pocket of her jacket to be more than sure about it, Haseul making almost the same by checking the side pocket of her backpack.
-Let's go then; I can't be late again for history- Sooyoung rushed closing the door of the apartment before jogging to her friends.
The campus was fairly away from their building and having only one car to share it was a blessing the three of them studied on the same college, Haseul took the passenger seat leaving Jinsoul behind with a generous amount of paper laying over her legs, there for sure was a hell of an exam waiting for Jinsoul that morning. They might have slept a little more than what the three of them had planned last night but neither was too surprised to find it hard to leave the comfort of the bed, for Sooyoung it was hard already on a regular day so waking up between both girls tenderly holding her definitely did things a hundred times more challenging than usual.
-You have psychology first, right? - Sooyoung wondered as she took a hand from the steering wheel to place it over Haseul's thigh softly squeezing it to gain her attention.
-Yes, Minster Lee will drop the grades of our last essays today- Haseul informed with a smile turning to meet the driver- I hope i passed, Kahei and i worked really hard on those.
-I helped too!-Jinsoul pointed suddenly seating forward to peak her head between the two front seats.
-You did not Jinsoul- Sooyoung laughed without taking her eyes from the road- You sat there and handed them sweets and stuff, that's not part of an essay.
-I won't punch you just because you're driving-Jinsoul informed narrowing her eyes at the girl beside her making Sooyoung chuckle- And drive faster by the way because i have physics at nine.
There were mornings when Haseul still fell she was imagining the girls beside her and that suddenly came one of them, the shorter looked between them with a warm feeling growing inside her chest slowly. Starting college away from her family and her childhood friends was something Haseul was always scared to face, even then after her first year there were things that still made her feel anxious and uncomfortable, walking between the other students used to be one of those things yet it was a completely different story right after she moved into the apartment. Jinsoul and Sooyoung made her feel she was a part of something, an extremely exclusive and closed team that only had them inside despite Sooyoung's popularity and Jinsoul's friends when they walked in together it was just them.
It was safe to say Haseul was not the most social person and she was sure that wasn't going to change as quickly as she would like it to happen, yet she clearly managed to make people like her without much effort, Kim Jiwoo was one of those people. Haseul had to admit that at first Jiwoo's energy was a little overwhelming for her but then she wouldn't picture a morning without the girl's loud voice greeting her before their classes.
-There you are! I thought you'd be late- Jiwoo smiled widely at them jumping to hug Haseul almost pushing Jinsoul a side since she was holding the shorter's hand.- And you brought your two beautiful girlfriends with you.- Jiwoo added hugging Jinsoul only a second after leaving Haseul- I don't know how you managed to get two girlfriends and I’m still single!
-She's prettier- Sooyoung teased making Haseul chuckle as Jiwoo looked up to meet the taller brunette.
-She's also quieter-Jinsoul added up with a laugh making Jiwoo narrow her eyes at her.
-And we're also not dating- Haseul finished with a laugh letting go of Jinsoul's hand to fix the strand of her backpack over her shoulder.- Good luck on your exam soul- the shorter hummed before kissing Jinsoul's cheek for a second- And you, don't overwork yourself on practice.
-I won't promise anything-Sooyoung hummed receiving Haseul between her arms for a quick hug- Call me when you're free so i can drive you home, okay?
With a final goodbye Haseul saw both of the girls walk pass her and got lost between the amount of students waiting on the large corridor, when she turned around the first thing she met was Jiwoo's fun smile directed towards her as the girl leaning forward to delete erase all the distance between Haseul and her, like a little kid who's about to drop an important secret. Haseul giggled.
-So... Who do you better? Is it Jinsoul? I think she's dirty under the well-behaved kid act but Soo...-Jiwoo started without any shame on a whispered tone making Haseul's face turn furiously red as she covered Jiwoo's mouth with her hand quickly.
-We're not like that! - Haseul almost yelled making Jiwoo laugh against the palm of her hand.
But it was not like Haseul hadn't thought of it maybe more than a few times.
-Lets go, we'll run out of seats- Haseul insisted as she dragged Jiwoo inside the classroom, smiling to her Haseul knew she got away with her secrets once again.
Some classes were faster than others and some were heavier than a few despite the short time but most of the students were already more than used to spend the major part of their days between the tall walls of the university's classrooms and corridors. For Sooyoung the day was passing dramatically slow as she jogged around on the field during her practice, after that she could go back home and relax for a good couple of hours before forcing herself to study for the rest of the night. It was already pass midday and she was sure Jinsoul was probably on her way home already if she wasn't caught on a sudden study session with her friends, Haseul was a bit more unpredictable since Jiwoo could make plans out of the blue for them after class and it wasn't like Haseul had the heart to deny going with her.
-Come here team!-The couch called from the center of the field.
Sooyoung ran towards her without much rush as the her teammates who quickly gathered around the older woman, Soccer was a part of Sooyoung's life since she was a child and if it wasn't because she felt her heart jump every time she walked home to find Haseul and Jinsoul, practices were probably the best part of her day.
-Let's practice quickly because this weather, i don't want you to get sick before our next match! - The couch informed quickly, calling the girl's names to form two different teams.
It wasn't like Sooyoung liked to brat but she was for sure proud of her ability on the sport, she was faster than must of the people on her team and she for sure knew how to score as many points as possible, but those strengths also gave her a weakness, Sooyoung was too confident. Rushing between the other girls she could feel her opponent following closely, everybody seemed to know it wasn't a good idea to get in the middle between Sooyoung's and Yoohyeon's issues.
Yoohyeon was the faster runner before Sooyoung, the only one of the team who could pass her and not feel like their chest were about to explode from exhaustion. It was easy to say they didn't like each other nevertheless, they both wanted to have their place on the top and that meant they had to constantly beat the other in order to stay as the best on their team.
- off Kim- Sooyoung spitted loudly as she heard the girl behind her chuckle.
-Scared much Ha? - Yoohyeon teased immediately after- You talk too much and play too little.
The ball ran free a second after when Sooyoung fell to the floor with a loud whine, curling over herself she reached for her clave only a few inches away from her burning ankle. During her last attempt to get the ball away from her Yoohyeon made Sooyoung stumble and her ankle was then paying the consequences of it, the brunette could feel the tears sting on her eyes, it felt like somebody was deepening needles on her skin harshly and without giving her time to breath between the hurtful stitches. Sooyoung knew that was going to be her last practice in a while.
Jinsoul was shaking as she quickly walked towards the apartment door, her hair dripping as she tried to take the keys from the inside of her equally soaked backpack, it was a bad day it leave your umbrella home. After a ridiculously long physics exam, two more classes and almost three hours trying to figure out her last math assignment the last thing Jinsoul expected was to get caught under the rain pouring furiously over the city. Sooyoung was nowhere to be found when she called maybe twelve times on a row before deciding to walk to blocks that kept her away from her home. Jinsoul threw her backpack carelessly to the floor as soon as she stood inside the warm apartment, quickly after she soaked jacket fell over the backpack and her shoes. Jinsoul felt like crying when she noticed even her socks were completely soaked in rain.
-Hey, you're back finally!- Sooyoung called from her place on the couch, the smile on her face dropping when she met Jinsoul- Oh my god Jinsoul- Sooyoung had to fight the urge to jump from her seat and instead stand up slowly without pushing too much weight on her hurt ankle.- Are you okay boo?
-Why didn't you pick up?- Jinsoul almost sobbed pulling her shirt away from her torso, she felt a shiver run down her body because of the cold- I called a million times and you ignored me.
-Yoohyeon kicked my ankle today and i had to go to the nursing-Sooyoung explained with a concerned look as she walked closer to Jinsoul- Let's run you a warm bath, you can't get sick. - Jinsoul hummed when Sooyoung held her hand softly leading both of them to the bathroom.
At least they could still wait for Haseul to bright their horrible day.
When Haseul finally crossed the door it was already dark outside, she hanged her coat beside the door as her eyes fell to Jinsoul's wet backpack still lying on the corner like it was thrown there to be forgotten. The apartment smelled like food and she could hear Sooyoung's game on the screen as she walked inside with a smile, on the couch Sooyoung was seating with one of her feet over the coffee table right in front of her making Haseul almost gasp when she noticed the white bandages around her ankle, it wasn't until she spotted Jinsoul curled beside the girl laying her head covered with a dark blue beanie over Sooyoung's lap that Haseul's smile dropped completely.
-What happened? - Haseul wondered with a frown placing the keys on the kitchen counter and gaining her friends attention immediately, Sooyoung stopped the game and Jinsoul sat straight beside her.
-A kicked me on practice-Sooyoung informed pointing at her ankle.
-I forgot my umbrella-Jinsoul said sniffing; she could feel her body slowly falling into a building flue.
-Did you drink something warm at least? - Haseul wondered looking at Jinsoul in concern as the girl wrapped the thick blanket over her shoulders even tighter, the girl nodded softly before resting her head against Sooyoung’s shoulder.
-We were waiting for you to eat unless you already had dinner because if you did then we just sat here like idiots-Sooyoung informed taking Jinsoul’s hand between hers after placing the remote a side, both girls could easily tell she wasn’t in the greatest mood that night.
There was something odd with Haseul that night, each of the girls on the couch could tell. The way she anxiously pulled the edges of her shirt like nobody could notice, the fact that ever since she walked in she hadn’t moved an step closer towards them also set an alert on their heads as they looked at Haseul place their dinners in front of them. Sooyoung had to fight the urge of asking when Haseul didn’t took her usual spot right between them on the couch, seating on the far edge instead, looking at them from the side as Jinsoul tried her best not to spill anything over her blanket.
-So… Did anything interesting happen today? - Sooyoung wondered taking a bite of her food before leaning back on the couch, her hand reaching Jinsoul’s nape to scratch it slowly.
-I think I did really well on my exam, Minster Kang said that I’d keep my place as his top student if I passed this one- Jinsoul informed with pride despite her voice sounded raspy and her still running nose.- What about you Seul?
Haseul lifted her eyes from the food on her lap to meet the two pairs of eyes looking directly at her, silently waiting an answer, on moments like those Haseul hated to be so easy to read for both of them. Placing her plate a side the shorter looked at her housemates carefully almost scared to let them know, it wasn’t like she did something wrong yet she felt a little trace of guilt inside her.
-Do you remember Kahei, right? The girl in my psychology class- Haseul started softly looking how both of them nodded at her, Sooyoung took a deep breath already picturing how the story would end. - I… Well I mean, Jiwoo and I went to eat with her today- she continued, Jinsoul was looking at her closely but Sooyoung seemed to be more interested on Jinsoul’s bangs than on her as her fingers pushed the thin locks to the sides. – She, Kahei I mean, well she…
-It’s okay Haseul, speak- Sooyoung rushed turning to meet the shorter girl looking back at them, she felt her heart drop when Haseul avoided her gaze and instead looked at the plate beside her.
-Well she asked me out… Like on a date and all that- Haseul finished without daring to look up.
Silence. Nothing sounded on the leaving room but the show still running in front of them, Jinsoul looked at Sooyoung quietly feeling her heart squeeze on her chest for a moment as she placed her fork down, Sooyoung didn’t look pleased by the news neither.
-What did you tell her?- Jinsoul wondered trying her best to hide her disappointment as she looked for Sooyoung’s hand, her thumb caressing the athlete’s knuckles as they waited for Haseul to speak.
-I haven’t told her anything yet- Haseul informed with her eyebrows furrowed- I wanted to know what you thought about it first.
-She’s nice; you should give her a try- Sooyoung spoke with a hum, her eyes looking directly at her hand being held by Jinsoul who was surprised by her answer to say the least.
They couldn’t stop Haseul from dating somebody, no matter how in love they were. Once Haseul first walked into their apartment both knew she was something else, neither of lasted long before releasing they felt the exact same way about her. Being as fairs as possible and trying to look after their friendship Sooyoung agreed that neither she nor Jinsoul would ask Haseul out boldly; instead they would give the shorter room to choose by herself without feeling any pressure. They guessed they really never considered a scenario where Haseul picked somebody else.
-Yeah… Go for it- Jinsoul smiled softly before standing up from the couch- Good to know at least one of us still has some luck with girls.
-Hey! it's not like i'm not quite popular between them- Sooyoung defended herself standing up as well, picking her plate and Jinsoul's knowing she wasn't going to keep eating after that.
-Sure, that's why you're still stuck with me- Jinsoul chuckled making Sooyoung gasp as she walked by Haseul with a smile.- I'll get going to bed, Congratulations for your date- Jinsoul's hand reached Haseul's shoulder to squeeze lightly for a second before making her way to Sooyoung washing their dishes- And Good night to you too brat.
Haseul looked in silence how Sooyoung leaned her head only for Jinsoul to kiss her cheek without hesitation, it was the first night in months Haseul didn't get a good night kiss as well.
-I'll go with you- Sooyoung hummed quickly drying her hands with her sweater- Only because you can have fever later.
Jinsoul chuckled knowing that it was mostly a lie, there was something about Jinsoul that made Sooyoung cling to her even more every time she felt affected by anything, thankfully for her the other girl was always more than happy to help her deal with it.
-Good night Haseul, don't forget to turn the lights off- Sooyoung remainded without even turning to meet the shorter still seating on the couch.
For a reason she wasn't willing to admit, Haseul felt empty that night as she lied on the cold mattress.
Haseul had the bitter feeling there were more lonely nights on her future after that talk.
Seating across the small table on the corner of the crowed coffeeshop Haseul could hear Jiwoo's voice talking to her yet the words didn't sound familiar to her, like hearing a foreing lenguage as she looked at the passing people across the window's glass. It wasn't like Haseul was ignoring her on prupose, yet the ideas running inside her head ever since she left the apartment that morning seemed to refuse to leave her brain no matter how hard she tried.
-Yah! Jo Haseul!- Jiwoo whined waving her hand in front of Haseul's face bringing her back to reality with the sudden movement.- What's going on with you?
-I'm just tired Jiwoo, don't worry about it- Haseul smiled softly as she pushed her hair back with a long exhalation, Jiwoo narrowed her eyes at her before leaning foward across the table.
-It's about your tall girlfriends, right?- Jiwoo whispered making Haseul chuckle at her as she shook her head- It is, I'm not dumb, it's the first time in months you get to class without any of them following your back like a puppy.
Haseul hummed suddenly feeling the need of crying at the remainder, Jinsoul and Sooyoung gave quite a turn when it came to be with her and Haseul was still learning how to manage the situation on her own. It'd been a week since her date with Kahei and it wasn't like Haseul regretted going, Kahei was more than wonderful and if she hadn't had her mind busy thinking about her housemates Haseul was sure it could had been a better date for both of them. Inmediatly after that day, the things she knew and loved on their shared apartment changed without giving Haseul a time to understand. Sooyoung didn't seem to care much about her anymore, she barely talked to her, or even looked in her direction before walking out of a room when Haseul walked in, all the lovings, the kisses and even the simpliest gesture seemed to be long forgotten.
Jinsoul seemed to be following Sooyoung's steps on her own way as well, nobody walked into her room just to check if she needed something anymore or invited her to their own rooms to watch the movies Haseul could hear them watching on the weekends. Haseul was trying her best to ignore the change, she had to fight the urge to cry more than a few times during that week, specially that morning after Jinsoul simply refused to take breakfast with her and instead followed Sooyoung to her room inmediatly after.
-I think they hate me- Haseul groaned with a frown making Jiwoo hum in pleasement at the statement, it was hard to get Haseul to tell what was actually going inside her.- They don't even look at me anymore, I even bought Jinsoul a new set of Legos and she didn't even open it- Jiwoo gasped at the news before taking a sip of her iced drink- And Sooyoung is behaving like I have a virus or something, she doesn't even touch my hair anymore.
-Sounds like you miss them a lot for somebody who's not dating any of them-Jiwoo teased with a grin making Haseul push her shoulder softly.- How about last night? Didn't they take you to those famous sunday dates of theirs?
Haseul huffed as she dropped her head for her forehead to rest over the table at the memory, for the first time since she moved in neither of them seemed to be more unintrested on spending time with her. Haseul felt like a fool when she forced herself to knock Sooyoung's door quickly interrupting the laughs inside the place, only a second after Jinsoul appeared behind the door with a soft smile on her lips, god Haseul missed her so much.
-Is it about the noise? We're sorry it's just you know how Sooyoung gets when she drinks too much coffee- Jinsoul chuckled turning back only to see the girl walk towards her with a smile, a moment after Sooyoung's long arms wrapped her waist pulling her against her front.
-Are you going somewhere?- Sooyoung hummed noticing the pair of jeans on Haseul who looked at them with a light frown.- Perhabs another date?
-It's sunday...- Haseul remembered feeling once again her chest getting heavy under the pair of eyes, were they mocking her?, were they going to laugh at her as soon as that door closed?
-Ah yeah about that...-Sooyoung started with calm voice, her lips kissed Jinsoul's shoulder for a second before continuing, her arms still holding the girl still against her- We ordered some Thai food for dinner, we don't really feel like going out tonight.
Jiwoo almost panicked when she spotted the clear pout on Haseul's lips when she sat straight once again, Haseul had no idea of what she could had done for them to cut her out like that but she never felt more sorry about something on her tender age.
-I don't know how to talk to them anymore-Haseul whispered almost ashamed of admiting it as she hugged her backpack to her torso tightly.
-Well you better figure that out right now because Sooyoung is coming and she doesn't look too happy- Jiwoo informed looking behind Haseul's back with wide eyes.
Haseul had no time to put herself together before feeling the familiar hand reach her shoulder softly as soon as Sooyoung was close enough to do it, her breathing allowed the girls that were seating to know how much rush she had to reach that place. Jiwoo handed her the iced drink with a soft smile and Sooyoung took a sip without hesitation before turning to meet Haseul, her frown growing when she noticed the sad expression on the girl's features. Sooyoung didn't know from where she took the strenght not pinch her cheeks that exact second as Haseul looked up at her almost like she was waiting for Sooyoung to desappear in front of her.
-Minji called me twenty minutes ago, Jinsoul is sick or something she didn't give me much details but soul didn't sound right- Sooyoung informed standing straight, moving her hand away from Haseul's shoulder like she just remembered it shouldn't had to be there to being with.- Minji took her home, I just felt like you should know as well.
-What? What do you mean she's sick? She was prefectly fine this morning- Haseul blinked jumping from her seat as she quickly took her phone and notebook from the table.
-She's being dizzy lately actually, she felt quite warm last night but we didn't consider it a fever- Sooyoung said picking Haseul's backpack for her, before turning to wave at Jiwoo who returned the gesture with a wide smile.
-Why the didn't you tell me?- Haseul hissed suddenly feeling a wave of anger crash against her as they rushed out the coffeshop.
-Calm the down, it's not like you cared anyway- Sooyoung spitted making her steps wider and leaving Haseul for a moment, the shorter girl stood frozen on the sidewalk for a second- It's not like i didn't took care of her it's just...- Sooyoung turned to meet the girl behind her, the distance keeping them apart was easily a few meters- Move Haseul, I'll leave your here if you don't walk, I'm not in the mood for you to act the up.
If she hadn't been so angry at her that moment Haseul knew she would have probably cried at the words, almost jogging to reach Sooyoung she harshly pulled her backpack from the athlec's shoulders before starting to walk in front of her. It was the first time Sooyoung was rude to her, the first time her tone was filled with anger instead of the usual warm feeling she used to give Haseul, the shorter excused her thinking that maybe it was the stress of the situation. Neither of them would know how to react if something happened to Jinsoul, they might be all the same age but there was something about her that made both Haseul and Sooyoung feel the need to constantly keep her in their pockets.
Nobody talked in the car on the rushed way home, Sooyoung thanked god there was no traffic as her heart raced inside her chest, if Minji felt the need to call then it had to be serious, Jinsoul was not much of a fan of making shows without a need. Haseul was the first one to jump out of the car only a second after the car was parcked, suddenly the idea of being alone with Sooyoung made her chest burn sending and intching sensation directly to .
-What if we have to take her to the Hospital?- Sooyoung wondered biting her nails anxiously, Haseul didn't even look at her as she pressed their floor on the elevator's bottoms- What if it's something really bad?
Haseul didn't even answer, instead she held her backpack tighter against her chest trying to fight once again the tears she could feel forming on her eyes. Nothing bad could happen to Jinsoul, not while they were there with her. The first thing they found when they rushed inside the apartment was Minji seating on their couch, the girl stand up softly making a silent gesture by pressing her finger against her lips softly making Sooyoung frown when she noticed Jinsoul was nowhere to be found on the living room.
-She's on your room- Minji said knowingly looking at Sooyoung who simply nodded at her- I gave her some water and i pill for the headache but nothing more.
-Thank you so much for calling Minji- Haseul said with a soft smile looking how Sooyoung walked towards the hallway without taking a second to thank the girl in front of them.
Sooyoung felt like her heart was being squeezed inside her when she spotted Jinsoul laying on her bed, the girl was clearly pale as she curled over herself under the blanket, Sooyoung felt like she could cry at how weak Jinsoul looked that afternoon. The sick girl opened her eyes to meet Sooyoung standing on the doorframe, a moment after Haseul's figure appeared right behind the first making Jinsoul smile softly her eyes closing as she did.
-What's wrong Boo?- Sooyoung said softly walking towards the bed only to take a seat beside Jinsoul- Was it another headache? Didn't you eat you breakfast today?- Haseul didn't even know who to react when Sooyoung simply leaned to capture Jinsoul's lip between hers for a few seconds.- You almost killed me- Jinsoul giggled at the words whispered against her lips before Sooyoung sat properly again.
-I got a little too dizzy that's all-Jinsoul hummed seating in the middle of the bed, reaching for Sooyoung's hand with a smile.- Don't look at me like that Seul, I'm fine- the girl turned to meet Haseul with a smile as she streched her free hand towards her, Haseul could swear she saw Sooyoung tense up when she walked closer to hold Jinsoul's hand for the first time in days.- I'm okay- Jinsoul assured again knowing how often Haseul would overthink those kind of situations, with a soft pull on her hand Haseul took the free seat beside Jinsoul only for her to lean and kiss her head tenderly.
Jinsoul knew there was something more going between the two girls seating on each of her sides than the simple distance Sooyoung has been keeping ever since Haseul's date, the taller was tense as she caressed Jinsoul's hair softly with her fingertips running on her sclap to calm herself down by feeling her close. Haseul felt out of place seating beside them when Jinsoul dropped her hand only to wrap her arms around Sooyoung under the blanket, the movie on the screen filled the silence floating on the room but just like it happened with Jiwoo earlier, Haseul couldn't really understand a word.
"It's not like you cared anyways"
Sooyoung's words echoed inside her like her head was empty as Haseul bited her nails nervously, Why wouldn't she care?, Did they really think she didn't care about them?, Haseul felt the familiar hardness to breath whe tried to take a deep breath throught her lips as quietly as possible, her hands clinged to the pillow resting on her lap. Did they got fed up with her?, Was it something that she made?, Haseul bited her lip harshly trying to prevent any sound from disturbing the distracted girls right beside her on the room, knowing that if things hand't changed at all they would be all over her to prevent her crying by then, Haseul wouldn't even have to talk before they knew something was wrong. Were they going to ask her to leave the apartment?
-Wow! did you se...- Jinsoul's words died on when she turned to meet the tiny brunette, she squeezed Sooyoung's hand to make her follow her gaze- Haseul- Jinsoul called softly leaning to place her hand over Haseul's knee.
A sob broke the peace on the room making Jinsoul rush to seat straighter on the bed unsure if she should hold Haseul or give her a moment to talk, Sooyoung stood up from her side to seat on the empty space in front of the shorter whose eyes were still focused on the pillow she was holding tightly. Were they going to be angry at her for crying?, Haseul took a shaky breath trying to hold herself despite the thick tears rolling down her cheeks.
-I'll go... I'll go to my room now- Haseul whined yet before she could even move from her spot she felt Jinsoul's arm wrap around her waist to keep her in place.
-What? No- Jinsoul refused quickly holding Haseul's shaky hand between hers, the shorter was awfully cold- What's wrong baby? Are you getting sick too?- Haseul chuckled as she shook her head, her lungs felt like somebody just set them on fire as she tried to breath throught her nose.
-I'm sorry- Haseul whispered right before a loud sob interrupted her words, her curved foward making herself even smaller between the two housemates, she didn't even fight when Jinsoul held her against her chest despite the clear confusion on their faces.
-Why would you be sorry about baby?- Sooyoung wondered reaching for Haseul's free hand to caress her knuckles slowly with her thumb.
-You're confusing me-Haseul whined moving away from Jinsoul's warm embrace, her eyebrows furrowed as she barely lifted her eyes to meet their gazes for no more than a few seconds each- I'm sorry for whatever i had done to make you so mad that me this days, i promise i didn't mean to...- Haseul mumbled sniffing making Sooyoung's heart ache at the clear sadness on her voice- And you're not talking to me, or even looking at me, and you made me feel like and idiot last night because i really hoped we could just go out together but you simply closed the door on my face like i was trying to sell you something- the words coming out of practically crashed against each other mixing with her cryings.
Jinsoul left out a shaky breath as her shoulders arched making her lower her head on the process, ashame of her own actions, Sooyoung wasn't much different. They didn't want to hurt Haseul with their actions yet they couldn't ignore the fact that the shorter didn't seem to be on the same train than them, It didn't took much longer for the tears to start rolling down Sooyoung's cheeks as well making her look up trying to find Jinsoul's gaze with a pout. The way Haseul was apologizing for their mistakes like she thought it was all because of her made Sooyoung feel disgusting, she had lost her manners that morning and she was sure that didn't help much with Haseul's feelings netiher.
Jinsoul and Sooyoung just needed space for a few days, if Haseul expected to go out with other people they needed to be sure they could control the constant urge of touching the girl or even just be with her as long as they could and in order to reach that, Sooyoung and Jinsoul had to create a line. Despite Jinsoul was not crying like them didn't mean she felt any better than Sooyoung who was quietly sniffing without saying a word in front of Haseul, they did miss her like they didn't get to see her every morning but Jinsoul knew it still wasn't the same the shorter felt, she still had Sooyoung to distract her over the past week, Haseul was left alone.
-Listen... I know i can be a handful all the time and that you feel like you must look after me all the time and that's annoying but...- Haseul started gripping the blanket on her sides without looking up to meet Sooyoung's crying her.
-Stop Haseul, please just...-Sooyoung sobbed standing up slowly, her shaky hands lifted for a second to brush her hair back away of her face as she took a deep breath- Come here please- The taller asked softly offering her hand to Haseul making her stand up, only a second after she was trapped on Sooyoung's warm embrace as she hugged her tightly- Nothing it's you fault Angel, we're the ones who are so sorry for hurting you.
Haseul sniffed against Sooyoung's chest feeling how the girl's fingers caressed her hair softly on a desperate attempt to calm her down, a moment after she felt Jinsoul's arms wrap around her waist from behing leaving Haseul right between the two bodies. Allowing herself to lower her guard the shorter closed her eyes as she took a deep breath of the two perfumes mixing around her, then when they finally had to chance to hold her again after not doing it in days Sooyoung and Jinsoul realized they had missed Haseul even more than what they admitted before.
-We left you by your own because we thought you didn't want us anymore- Jinsoul explained softly resting her head on top of Haseul's as her thumbs sneaked under Haseul's shirt to create slow small circles against her belly- You had that stupid date and neither of them really knew how to deal with that... we decided to give you your space so you could explore things with Kahei if that's what you wanted.
-It by the way, we really missed you, I think two days more and it would have gotten out of hand-Sooyoung admitted with a chuckle making Haseul laugh between them.- What we're trying to say here Angel...- the athele started softly leaning backwards to make sure Haseul could see her face, her hand reached the wet cheek to caress it with her knuckles clearing the trace of her tears- is that from now own when you date we'll behave better, no matter how much we're in love with you.
-What?- Haseul blinked suddenly moving a little to get out of their embrace, she gave an step back with wide eyes.
Haseul never really thought they could actually feel something for her to begin with, maybe between each other but the idea of both of them being in love with her never really crossed her mind before. That explained why they seemed so unhappy about her date and their actions on the last few days, It wasn't like Sooyoung and Jinsoul hated her out of the blue, they were jealous. Jinsoul giggled when she noticed the blush growing on the girl's face as the red tone reached the tip of her ears.
-Don't tell us you didn't know, even Jiwoo noticed- Jinsoul chuckled leaning to pat Haseul's hair with a chuckle- We literally look ready to kiss you all the time.
-Yeah but i... Well i mean i thought you were just...-Haseul mumbled moving her hands with a frown.
-What? Extremely Friendly?- Sooyoung chuckled as well, her arm finding it's place on Jinsoul's waist to pull her closer.- We didn't want you overwhelm you making you think you had to decide between us but we didn't really considered you could choose somebody else, but it's okay you don't own us anything.
Haseul looked up at them with her eyes wide open trying to find the proper way to deal with the sudden confession, The whole situation seemed to be taken out of one of those dreams Haseul never dared to tell.
-There's no pressure Seul, If you want to date other people...-Jinsoul started getting nervous at the girl's silence.
-I don't want to- Haseul simply said blinking at the suggestion, who could choose somebody else over that pair? even with their hairs messy because of the pillows and Jinsoul's pajamas, they still looked taken out of a magazine.- I... Well I would like to be with you too.
Haseul saw with a smile how their faces lighted at the confession, Jinsoul laughed out of pure happiness as Sooyoung pulled her closer to them by holding her hand, two pairs of lips reached her face, one on her cheek and the other on her temple making her giggle because of the sudden wave of affection.
-I want to kiss her first-Jinsoul almost whined pushing Sooyoung a side lighting, it was useless anyways since Sooyoung didn't move and inch.
-Well you'll have to...- Sooyoung started with a grin.
Haseul was distracted by the soccer placer when she felt Jinsoul's hand reach her chin softly making her turn to meet her with a quick move, the following second her lips were trapped between Jinsoul's soft ones. Haseul felt the air leave her lungs as her waist was pulled by the girl in front of her, holding her as close as possible as she slowly kissed her.
-Well... Jiwoo is going to be happy to know you oficially have two tall girlfriends-Sooyoung chuckled before leaning to kiss Haseul's temple.
Smiling against Sooyoung's lips, Haseul knew there was not better place for her to be than between their arms.

She found home.


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