ENThrall Entertainment // 19+ idol au [Closed Temporarily! See You in Summer ~]


one: please subscribe to the story to be accepted! upvoting is optional but highly appreciated.

two: we are a closed agency, meaning that interactions with anyone outside enthrall are prohibited.

three: Furthermore, this is an au rp, we welcome both semi lit and non lit, but it is important to stay in character. we are a 19+ rp to allow for darker topics to be explored, meaning that both admin and fc must be 19 or over. however this does not mean we are a nsfw rp - please keep the devil's tango in dm's!

four: keep ooc content to a minimum and remember to utilise brackets when necessary. remember to stay in character as much as possible, you might still have the same occupation as your fc here but you portray someone else!

five: ic drama is very encouraged! as long as both parties agree to it. if there are any issues, don’t hesitate to message base for help. we also encourage plotting and to create a carrd, doc, padlet or any form of biography for people to read!
six: we only allow asian faceclaims within the korean, chinese and japanese entertainment industry. 
seven:  you may cc and tcc. tcc's last for up to 48 hours.  you may cc or tcc 24 hours after your previous cc/tcc. 
eight: all ualities and kinds of relationships are accepted here! move in couples are welcomed and there is no dating ban. however, unfortunately idols often still have to keep their relationship a secret - so be mindful of how open you are about it or you might just become the latest headline!
nine: hiatuses last for one week maxium - please dm base when asking for a hiatus!
ten: newcomers must reach a tc of 25 within 24 hours of arriving to stay inside the agency. inactivity for 2 days will result in a kick out. you're always welcome to audition again!
eleven: curious what the password is? check our carrd!
#how to join
one. make sure to subscribe to the aff and comment with the format mentioned below.
two. enthrall has a  variety of careers to choose from. it is important that you read through our carrd to  help you decide the career path that would best suit you as well as the mechanics of this roleplay.
three. your reservation will last for 24 hours once you have been approved by an admin. 
four. your username should be @nameent or @entname. eg. @entmarklee all in lowercase. can be your name or initials, either is fine as long as it is any variation of your fc's name.
five. follow base and all members to be verified! we ask you to reach 50 tweets within the first 24 hours of being verified.
faceclaim name
admin & fc age
at enthrall you can be anything you want to be such as: Trainee, Idol, band member, actor/actress, model, Manager, backup dancer,  producer, stylist, makeup artist, paparazzi and even a fansite owner!

welcome to enthrall, asia’s largest entertainment agency. we have ever-changing concepts and endless potential for you to thrive within the show business industry! we offer careers in every aspect of show business. 

rp type
semi-lit, show biz au
feb, 2o22
aespa: winter, ningning,
Ateez: seonghwa.
blackpink: rose, jennie.
exid: hani.
exo: baekhyun, kai.
itzy: ryujin.
loona: gowon. hyunjin.

nct: jaemin, jisung, jeno, haechan, renjun, mark.
seventeen: minghao, seokmin, mingyu09.
stray kids: hyunjin.
tbz: juyeon, sunwoo, eric, chanhee.
treasure: asahi.
twice: chaeyoung.
txt: yeonjun.
soloist:  Jo yuri.
25 members
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