the other pair

the art Of eye Contact
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Baekhyun suddenly feels his heart stop for a moment. The paint smudge on the mirror of his bathroom’s glass looked like as if it was his eyes that had that color. He shakes his head as he wipes the mirror with the stained wet rag, dirtying the reflective glass even more.


Times like this makes Baekhyun feel like an idiot. An idiot who’s heart still skips a beat thinking about the other half of his eyes.


His soulmate.


But he has stopped caring at some point he feels. The desperation, want, hurt he had in his heart have now morphed into a longing, a feeling that often makes its way out of his chest as a heavy sigh. Or as times when he looks at himself through the mirror and wonders how he would look with both of his eyes looking the same.


He has a weird combination of color. Right one is a copper like golden, the other is a striking contrast of ashy blue.


Coming out of the bathroom, Baekhyun stares at the portrait he just finished for a few seconds. It is a portrait of a woman, a very beautiful woman who’s both eyes is tinkling in a warm green. The client, her soul mate has especially requested him to make this drawing for their “finding the other pair” anniversary. Youngsters these days!


Baekhyun shakes his head and strides out from his working studio.


Yifan looks at the doorway of the bar and his lips break into a small smile seeing the person entering.


“Tenshi-sama has decided to finally pay a visit to my shrine! I can already see customers flooding in!” A trip to Japan for Yifan has turned out to be very weird. Baekhyun shakes his head and takes a seat in one of the front stools.


“I am an old Tenshi who have no blessing left for you or your broken shrine.” The artist replies and the bar owner let out a hearty laugh.


“What do you want to drink?”Yifan asks.


“Give me that warm sake I had last time.” Baekhyun answers without thinking for a moment.


“The sweet one?” The owner asks.


“The sweet one.”


Yifan puts a bottle and a glass in front of the smaller and the small bells attached to the front door jingles. The shop welcomes a group of seven. The owner gives Baekhyun a knowing look before approaching the group.


Baekhyun looks at the corner of the table top. A picture of Yifan and his soul mate was resting. If not paying a lot of attention, no one can even spot the photo frame there. Kyungsoo had eyes so big and expressive! Still his smile had his eyes almost shut with two beautiful crescent. Yifan had his arms wrapped around the smaller male from the back, a mischievous smile tugging at his lips. And Baekhyun knows underneath the lids of a smiling Kyungsoo were eyes ashy blue, identical as Yifan. Also the same as his own left eye.


But he remembers how warm those eyes were despite having such a cold color. Maybe it is true all along. Your eyes reflect your heart. And Baekhyun knows that, the person in the picture has nothing but a heart full of love.


Now that Baekhyun finishes his first glass of sake, he remembers Yifan is not wearing his lenses and glasses today.


“Tenshi-sama, since you are here today, please sing a song or two for the customers.” Yifan says at his ears and Baekhyun startles.


Baekhyun wanted to say “What about your regular singer?”


But now looking at that pair of ashy silver eyes of his friend, the artist refrains himself from doing so.


“Then you are not taking money for this bottle of sake tonight.”


“What! Why!” Yifan asks just as a formality.


“You are going to take money from the Tenshi-sama that blessed you with all those customers?” The once almost empty bar was now filled with people. A soft buzz of people talking was in the air.


Baekhyun takes his seat on the stool with guitar in hand, strumming a few cords Baekhyun brings attention of the people toward him.


“I am a new singer for today, forgive me for my mistakes. I will start with my favorite song, please tell me if you have any preferences.” Baekhyun starts picking on the strings, slowly bringing the instrument to life.


“This is a song for my penguin.”


Yifan’s hand stops for a moment. He should have known when Baekhyun was going to start with this song when he had asked him to sign for this night. His eyes linger on the photo frame for a few seconds before a customer calls out for him.


What are you thinking of?
I'm thinking of you
My world is filled with you
Can you remember? How we were so excited this time of year, babe!



Nasty siren of the alarm clock blares throughout the empty penthouse. The sound seemed to be getting louder and louder as it bounced back and forth between those empty walls and space. Chanyeol angrily slams his palm over the clock, successfully shutting it down. Each morning he wonders why the hell he hasn’t gotten rid of this sick clock yet. It does another thing other than waking him up. Ruining his whole morning.


He heads for the kitchen and quickly puts some fruits in almond milk and starts the mixer. Twisting the tap of kitchen sink, Chanyeol splashes water on his face. To any normal people living in a house like this would never do this. Washing his face in the kitchen sink instead of the fancy basin in the bathroom, that too, . But who was there to say anything to him anyway?


Pouring the drink in a jar Chanyeol quickly makes his way back to his bedroom. Taking a sip from the drink he pulls out his gym clothes, quickly putting them on his form. Chanyeol looks at the clock sitting at the bed side table, sees it reading the time thirty past six in the morning. After some moment a soft click of the door shutting resonated throughout the empty house.


This time when Chanyeol left the house, the ugly clock read fifteen past eight in the morning. Now sitting in the driver’s seat of his car, Chanyeol’s eyes meet with his reflection. The colors still were different. He kind of felt stupid. Still checking on his eyes every morning, lest it might turn ashy silver. He looks into his reflection for one last time before fixing the mirror in place. The car engine ignites and runs towards its destination.


“Team manager Park, good morning.”Yeri greets from her desk.


“Good morning.” Greeting back Chanyeol walks toward his office. Chanyeol halt for a moment at the sight of piles of files on his desk. Letting out a dejected sigh, the team manager makes his way the desk. This is going to be a long day.


“Manager Park, you should have come along with us to drink last night. The bar was so nice!” Jaehyun suddenly says during the lunch.


“Yeah, then I would have dumped the files in each of your tables because I could not review them for my hangover.” Chanyeol says calmly and the rest of the team burst into laughter.


“Oh you noticed, the bar owner’s eyes were ashy silver.” Sooyoung suddenly says and Chanyeol’s hand seems to halt for a moment.



“I know right? I saw his soul mate’s photo on the countertop when I was paying last night.” The table falls into a sorry silence. As is everyone was grieving for the person who was no longer there in the world breathing in the same air as them.



“You people should not be talking about such matters when each of you has your soul mate alive and with you.” Chanyeol says and gets up from his chair with the empty dishes.


“And don’t sit here chit chatting, lunch break ends in ten minutes.” Leaving, Chanyeol could hear his team mates groaning in frustration.


“You guys should watch your mouth around Manager Park.” Jaehyun suddenly says.


“Huh, talk for yourself, you started the topic of that bar.” Joohyun spits back.


“Okay okay! Please stop! Let’s hurry back. Manager Park already has given us a warning.” Yeri says as she gets up from her chair.


“Ashy silver, huh?” Chanyeol thinks to himself. There are so many pains one can go through. One can lose their soul mate and feel nothing. But then one might not ever find their soul mate and lose them. The team manager shook his head, throwing away all the bad thoughts away.


Afternoon at the management floor was awfully quite. The members kept glancing at the door of their manager’s room. He had not come out of his room ever since lunch break.


Chanyeol couldn’t concentrate in his work. Outside of his office was way too quiet. He shouldn’t have talked like that during the lunch break. The clock was striking six in the evening. Feeling dejected Chanyeol decides to order pizza and fried chicken to lighten up the mood.


“Delivery for Mr. Park?”Everyone looks at the looks at the source of voice, confused at what their manager could have ordered.


“Ah.. Yes. It’s me.” Chanyeol comes out of his office with his wallet in hand.


The others watch silently as Chanyeol pays for the delivery and puts the received goods in one

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