To serve


Mina is the myoui's princess, their beloved daughter and heir to the throne. Everyones precious queen that will soon rule over the renowned monarchy that took control of Japan eversince it was building up in the early ages of 1834. When Mina was to turn 16, she was given the optional choice to grant herself a superficial wish made by their bloodlines sacred immunity of gods. Mina, being the girl that was awfully lonely, wished upon her fathers condonlence for her own, personal, royal guard. Girls around her age, Three little buttons that was bound to be scarfed down alive with her ravenous, darker alter ego. 


Everyone sees her as innocent - a fresh daisy, a blooming lotus flower, one that should be refrained and deprived of touch. The simplest of touches, that shed skin to light and spread bloomy overcast from sun. 


What the onlookers couldn't catch from their one-sided peripheral view, is the seething desire and bubbling curiosity rustling at the schemes.


She wanted more, she wanted to know more, she wanted to feel more - and when she finally got it, she didn't plan on letting it go. To let it waste away, when its burned and cremated to ash. She wouldn't let the opporitunity get out of her hands - and what she was, really was, deep down, buried inside - stood to become the splitting image of a polar opposite.


When all three were submitted to be the royal guards, nameless with a vague memory of being pulled and born out of eternal darkness - 1, 2, and 3, were all designed and tailored to be complete replaces of earthly humans. Mimic of behaviour, feelings of emotion, taste of flesh and blood.


Their own, flesh and blood, burning to a fine crisp.


Oh, poor, clueless kitties lost and confused - fed lies when they were immortal, made to feel pain when they were actually numb.


Mina loved it, cause there was no possible escape. They were made by an unbreakable link - a chain, sired to her. Just her. Only her. And she had the free will and total power to do whatever she felt or pleased - now, doesn't that just sound like fun? she might as well enjoy it, it was her birthday gift, after all.


To serve, her faithful, sweetly cute, naive demon slaves. 



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