as the night falls


Shuhua does not know where to go.

All her life, she lived in safety. Her father work as one of Crescent Kingdom's guards. Her mother treats patients at the largest treatment facility. Having both parents serving the kingdom gave her the privilege to live in a nice home within the capital--where the tastiest food are served, where the nicest cloths are sold, and where she spends her time sewing dresses in their balcony while listening to the musicians playing somewhere around the street.

She fears nothing but the darkness beyond the kingdom, as everyone does.

So when an unexpected danger found their home, taking away her family, she had no choice but to follow her mother's words--leave the kingdom. She had to run away from people far more dangerous than the darkness slowly eating up their world. She was afraid but she had nowhere else to go.

She faced her fear. She ran towards the darkness, towards the unknown.

And she found herself not being able to stop.




Twilight by ONEUS

Time by ONEUS

Half Moon by DEAN

Eclipse by Kim Lip (LOONA)






Hello. Thank you for checking out this story. I wanted to write something for ONEUS to support them in Road to Kingdom. And since they call their fans (us) to moons, I had the idea to write a fantasy story about the moon. The other characters are also some artists I support. I will update the playlist constantly and I plan on creating a spotify playlist for it. Leave comments if you wish to! I will gladly read them :)

Updates: Mondays, Wednesdays and/or Fridays :) I tried to update it every MWF but I can’t write that fast.
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