Miserably in Love

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In which Par Chanyeol, broke and homeless, falls in love with just the right short haired girl. 

A Chanyeol AU! 

Word count: Surely over 10 000 

Fourth one shot on the kokopop series : " On this nice night, i want you, i know it's okay, let's start now" 


This is a contemporary romance where Park Chanyeol falls in love although he can't afford to, he is desperate for warmth and someone to lean on when things get hard, and he found that in Mina, his knight in shining armor. 



" I’d feel bad if something happened to you” these  particular words made his heart melt even more



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Chapter 1: This was a good story.
kpopkoreaforever #2
Chapter 1: Omg i nearly had a heart attack at the end ! I thought the baby died :(
It's such a sweet one shot, they are so cute together <3
I enjoyed reading it :D
I love slice of life