They Don't Understand


Jay and Jessica were the best thing around school. People said they were the cutest and the best couple ever! No one dared to say anything bad about them. Then there's the Taecyeon and Tiffany the couple That is best friends with Jay and Jessica.The 2 couples were like in the middle. not to popular not to lame. Until one day something happens between the couples. They begin to fall apart... 


Jay Park (17)

Nice guy and Really shy around girls until he met Jessica. The girl that was similar to him. They started off great and still are. But Jay feels something different about jessica.


The cool guy real cocky but is really nice. He loves Tiffany a lot but doesn't give her much attention. He is still young and wild


The girl who is smart and does all the homework! She really likes Jay and He likes her back. until she started to feel Jay getting farther and farther away from her.


The dorky girl. Likes to annoy people but always gets yelled at for it. Her life just never works. until she met Taecyeon. She felt like he was the one. But also felt like they weren't going to last long


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yulkris #1
joonataesic #2
Please make this jaysica and update soon :)
panda13 #3
update soon:)
ParkJaeyeong #4
your title is a bit misleading i thought jaysica werent gonna be together, so the end of chapter 2 made me happy :D it's that jay and sica run away together and taec and fany, but tbh it's kinda hard reading it all clumped up like that, hahas
but other than that
its quite interesting
mar5122 #5
Can't wait until you update!! I want to see how this story goes on xD