You were serious. But Jonghyun thought it was a game. You had to explain it to your dumb husband so he could understand.


You let your fingers slide on your belly nervously as you waited for your call. You tapped your foot to the ground continuously in nervous excitement. You noticed the woman next to you chuckle at your nervousness and stopped tapping your foot.

"I am sorry. I didn't mean to disturb you. I am just so..." You stopped, gulping.

"Nervous? Tense? Scared? Excited? Happy? All at the same time maybe?" The woman answered for you, a gentle smile on her face.

You smiled sheepishly and nodded your head in agreement.

"Definitely all at the same time." You said, making her laugh.

"First time?" She asked.

"Yes. First." You said, another jolt passing through your tummy.

"I... Don't even know when this happened! We have been careful. Clearly not careful enough. If we were... I wouldn't be here waiting for my turn." You added.

The woman frowned.

"Is this an unwanted child?" She asked and before she could even breathe, you interrupted her.

"NO! NO! This baby inside me... I don't even know for sure if there really is a baby inside me or not, but its not unwanted. We weren't really planning on having kids. This is a surprise. Thats what I meant." You said.

She smiled as she took your hand into hers. 

"Calm down Miss. All that nervous tension is not good for your baby." She said.

"Mrs. I am married. Its Mrs. Kim..." You said, blushing.

She chuckled as she squeezed your hand. You were starting to like this lady. She was so kind, nice and very warm.

"Alright Mrs. Kim." She said.

"Actually, please just call me Y/N. Its so weird. You seem like you are older than me. So.." You said, letting out a nervous chuckle.

"Whatever makes you feel better Y/N. But you need to calm down. I was being serious about that." She said, a hint of strictness in her voice.

You nodded, but your body wasn't cooperating.

"Just breathe in. Long breath in. Hold for 5 seconds and let it out long and slow. Do it for a couple of times. You'll feel better." she said.

You followed her instructions and slowly felt your heart rate go back to normal. You smiled wide and thanked her. 

"How did you know that would work?" You asked in amazement.

She chuckled and placed a hand on her belly, her touch loving and gentle.

"Because its my fourth time." She said.

"FOURTH!?" You exclaimed, your eyes becoming wide.

"Yes. Fourth. Two sons. A daughter. I am hoping for this one to be a girl as well. Need some female dominance in my male dominant house." She said, rolling her eyes fondly.

You giggled in amusement. You were still amazed. The lady looked to be in perfect health after three pregnancies and she looked quite young too. You couldn't help your curiosity anymore.

"I am so sorry. Its none of my business. I know that very well. But..." You paused, thinking she might get offended.

"Four times!?" The lady answered for you, a twinkle in her eyes. You giggled again, turning pink. You nodded and she laughed. 

"I married my childhood sweetheart. My husband and I have known each other since we were 7. We got married when we were just 21. Our families didn't have any objections because by that point, we weren't just neighbors. We were one family. After 12 years of marriage, here I am again, with another baby growing inside me. Fun fact... We never planned for our kids. They are all happy surprises. My husband and I do not regret anything in our relationship of a lifetime." She explained, a fond smile on her face.

You smiled wide.

"You are indeed a very lucky woman. May I know your name?" You asked.

"Nari. Choi Nari. Nice to meet you Kim Y/N-ssi." She said, shaking your hand.

You were about to say who you really were when you heard the doctor's door opening. The two of you looked up to see the head nurse smiling at you.

"Mrs. Kim. Your reports are ready. The doctor says you can come in now." She said, making you gulp. 

You felt Nari grab your hand and looked at her. She gave a reassuring smile and you returned it. With one last gentle squeeze of hand, you were out of the waiting room and into the doctor's room.

"Good luck!" You heard Nari's voice fade away as the door closed.


You walked out of the clinic, a happy skip in your steps. You paused at the entrance and looked at the calm, peaceful street where your doctor's clinic was. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, inhaling the fresh flowery scent of cherry blossom. You smiled wide happily. 


You wanted to squeal, but you controlled yourself from doing so. You were about to walk down the front steps when your phone started ringing. You checked the caller id and your smile widened.

"JJONGIEEEE!!!" You squealed as soon as you answered.

Your husband chuckled at your tone.

"Aigoo! Aigoo! Someone is excited and happy!" He said, his voice like honey.

"Yes!" You squealed again.

"Is it because of the same reason I am happy?" He asked.

"You're happy too!? Why are you happy jagi?" You asked.

"Pabo! Because I am done with the recording and I am going to start for home in 10 minutes. We planned to go out for lunch. You forgot?" He reminded you.

You cursed yourself internally for forgetting your lunch date. You couldn't reach home before he did. You silently apologized to your lovely husband, before proceeding to lie.

"Oh! Right! I am not home Jonghyun. Shin-Ji came over from Busan and I am out shopping with her. It was a last minute thing. I am so sorry jagiya. We can't have the lunch date." You said.

There was silence for a few seconds before he whined into the phone. You smiled at him whining like a kid.

"But baaaabbyyyyyyy! We don't get much time to spend with each other these days and you promised too!" He whined.

"I know. I know I promised. I didn't know she was coming here baby. I am so sorry. How about this? I am going to cook all your favorite dishes for dinner and we can have a dinner date on the rooftop tonight. Will you forgive me then?" You asked, crossing your fingers.

"Will I get to have you for dessert?" He teased, his voice becoming low, sending shivers down your spine.

"Shut up! I am in public Kim Jonghyun." You exclaimed, blushing.

"Yes or no?" He asked.

"Fine. You can have your dessert. Just get home for dinner." You said.

"That's more like it. I will be home by 8 mostly. Wait for me. Aaraseo?" He said, chuckling.

"I will be waiting for you Jonghyun." You said.

"Me too." He said.

"I love you so much Kim Jonghyun. You have no idea how happy you make me. I am the luckiest woman in this whole universe." You said, becoming emotional.

"The second I saw you, I knew you were going to become very special to me Y/N. I am just so blessed and happy that you have taken the role of my wife, my care taker, my muse, my love and a big part of my small everything. I love you to the moon and back. I love you to the highest towers of heaven to the deepest pits of the purgatory. I love you with every inch of my being Kim Y/N. I am sorry I do not say these words a lot. I don't say them as often as I should. But WOW! Is everything alright Y/N!? You sounded... Emotional back then" He said.

"I am great. Never been better. I just... I miss you now. How could you say all that to me and be so far away where I can't even kiss you!?" You said, pouting.

"Ahh! You are making this so difficult for me. I miss you too! Love you so much and I love you the most Kim Y/N!" He said.

"I know. Come home soon. OK?" You said.

"I will. Take care Y/N. I have to go. Annyeong!" He said, hanging up.

You smiled as you made your way to your car.
You fell on your bed, sighing. You had just finished cooking. Everything was ready. You checked your watch.


OK. You could've waited a little while and started cooking. But you could hardly keep all the excited energy to yourself and you let the energy take over and cook. You had ample time to get ready. You decided to text Jonghyun.

# Jagiya! Are you done with your work yet? Bogoshipooooooooooo I cannot wait for our date ;) <3

You received a text almost immediately.
# Mianhae jagi. It seems I am going to be a little late. Remember I said 8? I think its going to be 9 or 9.30 by the time I reach :(

Your smile dropped as soon as you read the text. 

# Its alright. Work is important. I understand Jonghyun. Focus on your work. I will be waiting for you. As always~

Your phone dinged again

# *sigh* I really am very sorry jagi. I have to go now. See you soon.

You set your phone aside and sighed. You always supported him and told him it was fine whenever he had to work for late hours. You made sure to tell him you would always be waiting for him when he came back home. As much as you loved waiting for him, it still hurt a lot. You caressed your belly.

"We are going to be mad at him for 10 whole minutes when Appa gets back home Aegi. Let's go take a bath now." You said, smiling wide.

You walked out of the shower and got dressed in some comfy pajamas and an oversized t-shirt of Jonghyun. You were drying your hair with a towel, when you suddenly noticed Jonghyun's favorite pillow lying innocently on the bed. 

You smiled wide and grabbed the pillow. You knew it was very silly. You felt a little dumb doing it too. But you couldn't help it. You lift your shirt up and placed the pillow on your belly gently pushing it into your pants and pulling the shirt back down.

You ran to the mirror to look at yourself. You smiled wide, covering your mouth, as you looked at your big belly. This was how you would look. You couldn't help but caress your belly softly. You heard the sound of someone clearing their throat suddenly and jumped at the sound. 

You looked at Jonghyun leaning against the door and your eyes became wider. You gulped as he raised his eyebrow, clearly looking amused. You unconsciously took a step back as he moved.

"Aigooooo! My aegi! Appa is so sorry. Appa is late isn't he? Appa ga mianhae my aegi!" Jonghyun cooed as he walked to you.

You didn't understand what he was doing until he dropped to his knees in front of you and placed his hand on your belly. Your eyes teared up as he unknowingly did exactly what you wanted and imagined him to do when you were pregnant.

"Appa is so sorry aegi. Forgive Appa. I know I promised to be home early but I got busy at work and I couldn't keep my promise. Did you eat anything?" He was talking, a gentle smile on his face, making you choke back a sob.

He looked up at you, shocked at you sobbing.

"Y/N!? What happened!??" He stood up, holding your arms.

You hugged him tightly, sobbing into his chest. His arms wrapped around you, as he tried to calm you down.

"Baby... What happened!? Why are you crying? Are you in pain? Are you hurt somewhere? Please tell me." he said, caressing your hair.

You shook your head, slowly calming down.

"Is it because I played along with that stupid pregnant game you were playing? I am sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you..." He said, making you laugh.

He pulled back and looked at you with a confused look on his face.

"Y/N... You're scaring me." he said.

You pulled him into a kiss and his lips pressed against yours, warm and loving. You smiled at the warmth and pulled back, looking into his eyes.

"It wasn't a game Jonghyun." You said.

"Huh!?" He said, looking lost.

"I mean... The pillow... What I was doing... It wasn't some game. It... It is real." You said, becoming pink.

"You are making zero sense to me right now." He said.

You pushed him away, groaning.

"What!? I am sorry I am dumb alright? You don't have to be mean!" He said, pouting.

You giggled at his cuteness.

"I hope our baby gets your cuteness." You said, smiling.

He rolled his eyes, smiling.

"Of course our baby will get my cuteness. Why won't she? Why are we talking about some random day in the future? Why are we not talking about right now?" He said, walking closer.

You closed the gap between the two of you and wrapped your arms around his neck. He smiled teasingly as he wrapped his arms around your waist.

"Maybe you just want to make one and you're acting like this to get my attention. Is that it baby girl?" He teased.

"I never had to do such things Kim Jonghyun. You are almost always ready to be all over me." You teased back, making him scoff.

"You don't get to do that to me. Only I get to tease you." He said.

"I am Kim Y/N. I do what I want Jonghyun!" You said, making him giggle.

"Alright Ms. Loki. What are you saying then?" He said.

"I am saying we don't have to make a baby." you said.

He frowned.

"Oh yeah?" He said.

You leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to his cheek and whispered into his ear.

"Yeah. Be we already made one and the cutest cupcake in the world is currently baking." 

You heard him gasp and pulled back, to look at his shook face.

"What!?" he whispered.

"I am pregnant Jonghyun." You said, smiling.

It took a whole 7 seconds for him to process the information before his eyes lit up and became wet with tears.

Tears soon slipped out out of his eyes and you wiped them away.

"Jonghyun... Why..." He stopped you, by kissing you. You kissed him back, smiling.

"I love you so much!" He whispered, as he pulled back.

"I know... I love you more." You said.

"Shin-Ji never came here did she?" He asked.

You giggled, becoming red. You nodded, covering your face.

"I was at the doctor's clinic and I was praying to all Gods that you believe my fake story. And you did." You said.

"So mean! Show me the reports!" he said, his eyes lighting up with excitement.

You nodded and proceeded to pull out the pillow and throw it on the bed. Jonghyun's small scream stopped your actions.

"That is my baby. How dare you!?" he said making you giggle.

"You can hold your baby. Here." You said, handing him the pillow.

You went to your bag and got the reports. You handed them to him. He glanced through the reports smiling wide. He threw them to the side table and picked you up, making you squeal.

"Yahhhh! Don't drop me!!!" You said holding on to his arms tightly.

"Never." He said smiling.

He was gentle as he made you lie down on the bed and he laid down next to you. He caressed your cheek, smiling.

"I can't believe it! We... We are really going to enter this phase so soon!" He said.

"That is rich coming from the man who told me wanted five kids from me the day we got married." You teased, making him giggle.

"I still want five kids. But Y/N... What if its twins?" He said, before squealing.

You giggled at his excitement.

"Double the joy." You said, hugging him.

"I love you Kim Y/N." He said, kissing the top of your head.

"Now... I know you are feeling lazy, but you have to eat. So get up now." He said, getting off the bed.

You raised your arms, pouting. He smiled, picking you up in his arms. He walked out and you looked at his profile, smiling.

"Thank you Jjongie." you said.

He paused to look at you, before gently leaning in and rubbing his nose to yours, making you giggle.

" I should be saying that." He said, before walking into the kitchen

You smiled, feeling content. You knew he would be the best father to your kids. You couldn't wait to start this new chapter with him.

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