The Girl


Kyungsoo finds himself missing home when he's on the road


It's been awhile everyone, how are you all doing?

This is my first post of 2020 and it's not the best I won't lie

But thank you to my wifey for giving me a number of prompts when I asked for one again this year

Y'all may or may not remember but 'Sunday Morning' the fic I wrote for last year's Valentine's was a prompt from her!

I love her dearly and this is for my wifey <333 I hope you enjoy it even if it's not the best

I hope to write more this year, I'll try my best. I haven't forgotten my stories I promise.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! <3

P.S. This is very very inspired by 'The Girl' by City and Colour. Do give the song a listen if you can <3

- Airi

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