13 Shocking!

"I♥U", it's not a lie!
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Carinv #1
Chapter 16: Ohhh that was unfortunate.
Anyway,I enjoyed reading your story .
Thanks a lot!
Gm2008 #2
Chapter 16: Did they just accept the cruel Eh I mean the reality? Reality is cruel by the way. So.. Brothers? For real? Ughhhhhhhhhh
I need time to absorb everything! Nah I lied! I absolutely absorbed everything.. The whole thing! Still I didn't expect they are brothers. It's heart wrecking! Waiting for more explanation about the family root or so whatsoever! Maybe you can enlighten me grandmaaaa lol
Thanks for the updated authornim, stay healthy and safe! Keep entertaining me with your story okay ;)
Gm2008 #3
Chapter 15: First, poor Yuan-er! Lemme give you big hug baby!
Second, what tf actually was that? From the same root? Great Great Great uncle? What what what??? Hahahahaha interesting! I'll be waiting for explanation about family tree or root or whatsoever.. Blood related? ? Unbelievable!! This is sooooo lit af! Still.. I can't believe this! Waiting for plot twist, authornim.. Love you
kyuwon1013 #4
Chapter 7: I was enjoying to read this story of yours
kyuwon1013 #5
Chapter 1: You made the right choice to change the characters.When I first saw the on the untamed ,i'll got fallen for them and became YiZhan shippers?.
Chapter 15: omg..this has me in tears
Div501 #7
Chapter 14: I hope his sister will trust him and not break her own heart. His friend is an eye witness, he can use that, but family bonding should be stronger than anything.

Is Zhan Zhan getting jealous right there, well it is hard to forgive a liar even though he still loves him, he can’t just forgive him like that, and now Yibo knows better to stay away until Zhan calms down, grandma came at the perfect time.

Yibo has to work hard to prove his love for Zhan without being obvious, help him pass through everything by being a professional and caring person. He has to stand by him when he needs someone to be there for him and protect him.
Becoming a better person for the people, he loves and cares about instead of Saving himself by lying all the time. I believe in him; he will change, it is the power of love.
Gm2008 #8
Chapter 14: Aaaaaaaargh! Grandmaaa! What the actually hell is going on??? Hahahahaha this is interesting, definitely! Tell me tell me tell me grandmaaaa! Why why why?
I can't wait but I need to wait.. Yeah, I'm waiting for your explanation elucidation and whatsoever about that! Yeah that, you know.. Lol
Gaaahhhh is it gonna be more more... Angsty?? Or there are some plot twist? I don't know! I don't know anything! Because I don't know! Lol
Thanks for the updated authornim!
Gm2008 #9
Chapter 13: Heck! You mess up yibo! Definitely lost zhan's trust! What will you do? Authornim help him please... But, yibo's misery is my cup of tea hahahaha I love drama! Thanks for the updated