the detective and the church boy


Jungkook has to solve a new murder case.

Taehyung is the victim's older, and very much Catholic, brother. 

Cue a lot of tension, some ty humour and a whole bunch of repressed emotions. 


Jungkook watches him for a moment before tilting his head to the side. 

“Tell me, Taehyung,” he says, “are your parents happy about your choices?”

“My degree?” 

Jungkook hums, reaching for his cup. “Among other things.”

Taehyung stares at Jungkook for a moment as realization slowly hits him. Last night, Jungkook thought his theory had been a blind shot in the dark, but right now, as he watches Taehyung’s reaction to his words, Jungkook thinks that maybe he isn’t quite out of his element after all. 

Taehyung’s jaw clenches and he looks away. There is an underlying message to Jungkook’s words. Jungkook just needs a confirmation, but Taehyung doesn’t seem like he’ll comply any time soon.

His cheeks are flushed, jaw locked in a scowl and Jungkook tries not to smirk in triumph.


“They are as supportive as they can get,” Taehyung finally says. “My family has always supported me and my choices.” 

Jungkook nods, backing off. He’ll take this for now.


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kazuikazami #1
Chapter 15: You are so talented its looks natural and damni hope i get more taekook romance ???
Shallowdeed #2
Chapter 15: . This book is amazing and you've done a great ing job at writing this masterpiece. Really. Your words seem to effortlessly make the plot even more alluring and attractive. Loved it.
Divyakr_ #3
Chapter 15: So sad it really ends....
But can we hope for a part 2 ???
heater1 #4
kulitlang08 #5
Chapter 15: aaaaawwwweeeeeeee...this is so beautiful...full of love...they are all adorable...lovely...and those snide comments and teasing...

I am so happy that all of them are happy and safe...even taetae's mom is living the life she wants as well...
kulitlang08 #6
Chapter 14: good that his father is now behind bars...together with that priest and his nephew...

tae finally outed himself to his mom and revealed his and look's relationship...I'm happy tae's mom is okay with it...

taekook official...waiting for yoonmin and namjin though... hoseok...who will it be?
Divyakr_ #7
Chapter 14: Oh my god..... Perfect
kulitlang08 #8
Chapter 13: taetae's father is crazy!!!

poor taetae and jiyeon...he isn't even remorseful...his daughter was !!! she wasn't seducing anyone!!! he'd believe other people rather than his own family!!!

stay strong tae...kook be strong for tae too...

namjoon and jackson...good thing you went in there as well...because I think kook would've lost his bec tae is angry and crying and all other mix of emotions...

looking forward for the next update
kulitlang08 #9
Chapter 12: my hunch is right??? that Mr. Kim killed his own daughter??? OMG!!!

or will there be an accomplice and plot twist???

jaebum and father both deserve to rot in jail!!!

taekook...blooming relationship... <3

looking forward for the next update
Divyakr_ #10
Chapter 11: This story is something we can relate to the current scenario . .
I really love your story... Of course taekook they are couple's