That was the plan: to rid herself of her inexperience in dating, seem cool to one of the most popular girls on campus, and get herself a dog, which she always wanted. 

That was the ing plan.

But alas, Siyeon’s heart had trouble following the logic of her brain.

Suayeon Fake Dating AU!


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Chapter 1: I have read this before but read it again lol
Still awed by this. Thanks! Happy Holidays!!!
Chapter 1: Awh my heart. That was so sweet uwu I’m so glad they end up happy *throws shade at the angsty fake dating au’s* BUT RLY. I thought it was going to end up one-sided especially with our soft Siyeonie but Bora has proven me wrong, of which I am glad. It was honestly such a great read. I really hope this gets more attention because it’s just so beautiful.
frenzymenzy #3
This story just entered my personal favourite list!!!I love it so much!It was beautifully writen,and detailed..It was cute to think they hated each other but then,Siyeon fell in love for real..and then Bora fell for her too..It was just too cute! At first i was reluctant to finish the story after I read the part wher Sua attended Siyeon's show cause i thought Minji would want her back..Unfortunately she didnt tho XD