Her Bully

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It was the usual chaotic night...

until Chaewon dared Sakura and Chaeyeon in a game.

"I dare you to play...

the Candy Kiss Challenge."




First KkuChaen story I wrote.

(Not sure if it's M-rated but I'll put it in that category just to be sure lol)

I removed the M-rated tag because you guys said it's actually fluff XD

There may be some typos or grammatical errors so I would like to apologize in advance.

Thank you Nafa for giving me the link of that certain video lol
Tell me your thoughts ^^


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sclocksmith #1
This story is underrated!
TyasIrmaYulianty #2
Chapter 1: Be forever my sweet bully one pweasee (ʃƪ^3^)(ʃƪ^3^)(ʃƪ^3^)(ʃƪ^3^)
Chapter 1: this is so cute!!!!
1703 streak #4
Chapter 1: Ommona!!!!! This is so cute!!!!! And I agree Leader Eunbi is coming, y’all better move your booty!!!
AlbertCiero #5
Chapter 1: Maaan it's supposed to be fluffy, not rated for sure haha but if you planning to make another chapter maybe it can be rated haha
Chapter 1: next chapter author-nim please ?