loving him was red

loving him was red
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tentative orange

it was a perfect day. it always was. it was bright and warm like how it always starts.

it was summer and sungyeol was lazing on the beach with his friends, out to enjoy his vacation to the fullest before university started again. 

sand fights, beach volleyball and attempts at surfing during the day. pool parties, bar hopping and unrestrained clubbing to pass the night.

it was at one of those clubs that sungyeol first saw him.

he was young, though not much younger than sungyeol, and clearly there for the same reasons as sungyeol. 

he was also handsome. very handsome, with dark hair and piercing eyes, cheeks without a single blemish and lips in a perfect bow.

myungsoo was his name, as sungyeol was quick to uncover. 

and myungsoo was the name that was falling from sungyeol’s lips that night amidst the heat and the silky bed sheets.

touching him was like realizing all you ever wanted was right there in front of you


burning red

they thought it would be over as soon as it started. just a fleeting encounter, a nice memory to carry with them back to reality.

but what started as a summer fling soon turned into more. from strangers to friends to lovers, it was fast and consuming.

if you asked their friends they would’ve laughed and said blink and you’d have missed it. it was outrageous but indisputable.

myungsoo never thought it was possible to be so fond of someone, so quickly. myungsoo loved sungyeol’s cheeky grins when he was up to no good, his soft smiles as he danced around the room to a melody only he could hear in his head and his tiny smirks when he was satisfied with something. and most of all myungsoo loved sungyeol’s wide, carefree smile that showed off his gums, that paired with his large deer eyes, made him look so innocent when he was anything but. 

for sungyeol it was as if he met his true love from a previous lifetime. the way myungsoo stared at him when the other though

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