Not in the library


Confidence burning in his eyes,taehyung looks at the boy who's studying quietly (and feels a little guilty for ruining his quiet,studying time),and calls out to the boy in a voice loud enough to capture his attention,but not quite loud enough to get him kicked out of the library, "Hey,are you an angel?"

Snorting,seokjin looks at taehyung and shakes his head "No,but i can get you to meet the angels above really quickly if you don't shut your mouth up while I'm studying"



Hello! a fic that i wrote like idk on nov 2018.Its a fic that i posted on ao3 lmao so if u found it there,,,yeah.thats me too.

im kinda more active on ao3 now so like ?? feel free to go there if u wanna read my other stories that are uh not posted here ??

im posting this while writing for a 5+1 fic au so like,there's that ...? m not sure when its gonna finish tho bcs im a lazy and yeah,its a jin centric

uh just.enjoy the story!


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Chapter 1: Love this! ^^
hyun5saeng 392 streak #2
Hahaha... With the foreword I thought Jin might end up being a haughty and rude .. I was in for a surprise...
Loved it..<3