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They thought they knew what they were doing, they were just following what they desire. But, how cruel fate was to them. Those happy moments are now dusts, replaced by painful memories that will ve present fron the day on. 

Greed over Love.

Career over Love.


It was everything over their strong love that had weakened and broke after everything they did. It was their consequence.

They started with a “Hello!
paused with a “See you later!”

but ended everything with a..



Night time came. Time; 8 pm in Seoul, a young woman came in the high class bar. Her Black hair caught the attention of the costumers, her beauty was breath taking. Her look in the eyes can almost look through the soul of a person. 

“Miss Hirai.” A young man said, he was the bartender for tonight. Momo Hirai smiled and sat down at the stool infront of the counter, she placed her purse infront of her while the bartender is preparing her usual drink.

She checked her phone for her company updates, which ever comes first. The stocks are going well, it seems she could get a day off. Momo closed it off then faced the person who just sat down beside her, looking through again with those eyes that she missed after ten years of disappearance.

“I'm free starting tomorrow, where do you wanna go?” She asked in simplicity after the bartender served a nice margarita for Momo who took a sip without breaking eye contact.

The person laughed and looked at the bartender,“Sir, Can I have your finest drink?” she asked softly, Momo shaked her head and placed her drink down.

“Anywhere. As long as I am with you.” 


“Kidding, but anywhere is fine. I want to catch up with your life.” Mina Myoui said as she adjust her clothes, and having her hair don into a simple ponytail.“I want to know what happened after our Goodbye's.”


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