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You are a paediatric orthopaedist in a public clinic. One day a young father comes to you with his little daughter who got a leg injury. He is pretty odd yet it doesn’t change the fact the little girl needs to get a proper help. What the guy is hiding and what will you get from your little extra help?
Warning: mentions of family abuse

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          You came to your work in quite a good mood. It was Thursday, actually the last day of work for you since, as a successful experienced paediatric orthopaedist, 4 days of work in 2 clinics were enough for you to make really good money. On Thursdays you worked in a public clinic where the kids were always calmer and more cheerful than spoiled ones, who you worked with in a private clinic on other days, so you liked Thursdays the most.
          After a whole day of examining little limbs, it was finally the time for the last patient. An young boy with visibly worn black sneakers, black jeans ripped here and there, black basic tee and black shabby cardigan came into your office with a little girl in blue flowery dress and blue clean sneakers.
- So… is it you who’s going to be examined or your little sister? - you asked, a little bit confused.
- Oh… N-no no, I’m fine, it’s my daughter who needs treatment – the boy explained awkwardly, his voice a bit silent, really low, yet soothing.
- Oh… I’m really sorry, I didn’t want to offend you, you just look really young – you smiled at him, trying your best not to show your embarrassment.
- It’s alright, it’s not a big deal, it happens quite often – he smiled back softly, sitting on a chair in front of you – Anyway, my daughter fell down on a playground in her kindergarden yesterday and at first she said it was not a big deal and she’d be alright but when I woke her up today, she was in so much pain she cried, I thought she could broke her leg or something like that but when I came to hospital this morning, they told me they couldn’t help me since the accident happened yesterday and I should’ve came right after it had happened, so… Yeah, please help me – he ended with low, serious tone, looking down on a little girl, who rested her cheek on his father’s chest, her eyes puffy from crying earlier that day.
- I see… Well, I’ll do whatever I can to help such a beautiful little lady – you answered with a light voice, trying to catch the child’s attention. You stood up from your chair and crouched next to the little patient and her dad – Sweetie, what’s your name? My name is _____ - you said softly, extending your hand to the girl.
- I’m Jiyeon. Im Jiyeon – the girl said, sitting up straight on her father’s lap, and she shook her little hand with yours.
- Nice to meet you, Jiyeon. Your name is really pretty, just like your dress – you complimented her, making her giggle a little – So my pretty Jiyeon, can you tell me exactly what happened?
- I played on a climbing flame and my leg got betheen the thpoketh and… and I tlied to get out of it, I tlied leally hald and… and I jutht fell… - she explained as well as she could, lisping a lot.
- I see. Good job, you finally freed your leg – you patted her head a bit – My pretty Jiyeon, can you walk from here to the exam table over there? - you asked politely and she nodded, but when her father let her stand on the ground, she immediately started limping and biting her lip not to let out any hiss.
          The man followed her closely, his face stiff and worried, and helped her climb on the examination table.
- Good job sweetie. Can I touch your leg a little bit? I need to check where exactly it hurts and if your leg is soft or hard, is that okay? - you asked, sitting on the edge of the table Jiyeon was lying on. When she agreed, you started touching and moving her little leg slowly and softly. When you started examining ankle area, Jiyeon tried her best not to whine but you could definitely say she was in a lot of pain – You’re really brave, darling – you congratulated her sweetily – We need to take a picture of your leg. But not a normal picture, it’s a picture of your bones. There’s a magic camera next door where a really nice guy will take a picture of your bones, is that alright? - you asked politely again, and when the child agreed, you smiled widely at her and gave her a sticker with an elephant for being so brave.
- So… is that something serious? - the father asked worriedly.
- Her ankle is probably twisted but it’s better to take a X-ray to make sure it’s what I think it is – you answered, preparing a refferal – there’s a X-ray room right next to my office, door number 15, when you leave my office, it’s on the left, there’s a x-ray technician, he’ll give you results on a CD, just come back here when you’re done, I’ll be waiting here for you so don’t worry– you explained with a smile, giving him a piece of paper.
          The father thanked you, bowed, took his daughter in his arms and left. They came back after 10 minutes with the CD you needed. When you looked at the X-ray pics on your computer, you were sure your first diagnosis was right:
- As I thought, your daughter twisted her ankle. It doesn’t look that serious so if she wears a cast for two weeks and eats healthily, she should be perfectly fine – you ended with a smile, hoping it’d comfort the father but he looked far from that.
- So… She needs to stay at home for two weeks, am I right? - he asked and when you nodded, he let out a deep sigh, but didn’t say anything.
          You raised your eyebrow, but didn’t ask any further:
- Um, so yeah… Can you lay your daughter on the exam table? I’ll prepare the materials to make a cast – you stood up and took a few things from the cabinets in your room, prepared all the ingredients and started making a cast.
- Tho… It meanth you’ll thtay at home with me, daddy? - the little girl asked her father silently, looking at him with serious eyes.
- It looks like so… I won’t go to work and you won’t go to kindergarden and we’ll spend all 2 weeks together, do you like it? - the father asked, crouching next to his daughter, holding her hand softly.
          Jiyeon shook his head:
- Daddy, I-I’m tholly… I-I know you w-wolk a lot… I k-know you need to go to wolk… I-I’m tholly, I leally tlied n-not to cly t-today… B-but it h-hult tho m-mucth… - tiny little tears started rolling down her tiny little cheeks.
- Baby… Yes, I need to go to work so you can wear your pretty blue dresses and eat your favourite chicken nuggets but I need to take care of you even more because I love you the most, I love you more than you love your favourite plushie and puppies and chocolate ice cream – he said softly, wiping away her tears with his cardigan’s sleeve – Don’t hide anything like this from me ever again, okay?
- B-but if you don’t go to wolk, we have nothing to eat and we-
- Shhhh, it’s alright – the guy cut his daughter’s words a little bit too quickly. You raised your eyes at them with a mix of worry, curiosity and suspiciousness. When your and the guy’s eyes met, you both quickly turned your heads the other ways – Don’t worry about it, okay? I promised you something long time ago, remember?
- That you’ll make me happy no mattel what?
- That’s right. So don’t worry about anything, okay? Daddy will take care of everything. And don’t hide any injury from me ever again, alright? Daddy wants to know such things, so I can take care of you well and make you happier, alright? - the guy asked and when his daughter stopped crying and nodded, he just smiled and kissed the top of her head.
- Done – you interrupted them shortly after – So now, my pretty Jiyeon: can you be a good girl and eat a lot of cottage cheese and yogurts and chicken and eggs and vegetables for next two weeks? Your body needs looooooots of healthy food so you can be healthy again really quickly and you can come back to your friends in kindergarden as soon as possible, understood? - you asked and the girl just nodded, smiling a bit – Good girl. Let’s see in 2 weeks so I can take your cast off – you gave her a highfive and gave her another sticker with a cute dog, much to her delight.
          The guy wrapped his arms around his daughter and took her in his arms, standing up:
- Thank you, thank you so much – he said, looking into your eyes. His voice was really low, maybe even a bit scary, but you knew he really meant it.
- It’s my pleasure, really. Hope she’ll be alright soon – you smiled at him and he automatically returned a smile, which made him look much more pure and innocent, just like… like a teen boy who hasn’t experienced any bad things in his life yet.
          You looked at each other for a moment, maybe a little bit longer than you should.
- Um… yeah, thank you anyway, we need to go – the guy broke an eye contact and walked to the door to leave
- Yeah, sure… Oh, Mr. Im, one moment! - you took a step forward and the guy turned around – I’m not a pronounciation specialist, but… I think you might go with Jiyeon to speech pathologist just to check if she grows up correctly, her lisping is quite worrying, she might need some speech exercises – you said politely.
- I see… I’ll go with her to one as soon as possible, thank you for your advice – the guy’s face became gloomy again, but he bowed politely and left with his daughter in his arms.
          You looked at him when he was closing the door to your office. His old sneakers literally had holes in them, it didn’t look like some fashion trend.


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