To Transcend Life And Death


Reapers are meant only to the dead to their afterlife. Anything else is punishable by something worse than death. So when reaper Siyeon is tasked to take the spirit if a lively woman named Bora, can she bring herself to extinguish such light?


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WonderWoman799 #1
Chapter 1: This story is really different and cool I hope you can update soon :)
frenzymenzy #2
Awww could you pls update this story?*cries* i really want to read more about Siyeon and Sua
PanConPonies #3
Chapter 1: This is freaking good, please keep it going, its awesome!!
Chapter 1: THIS IS REALLY GOOD!!!! Keep going authornim ^^~
KittenThief #5
Wow! This is really good! The concept of reapers and how they can change "fate" or the curse of life is really interesting, I wonder what the punishment is though!
frenzymenzy #6
Chapter 1: I love your writing!!It's so beautiful!I like how you play with words I rarely find or hear :D And,im already excited for future chapters!Cant wait to see how Bora would mess with Siyeon and her job as a reaper XD
Chapter 1: Great beginning chapter aw Siyeon l’s fallen in love with Bora any first site...and gasp she’s supposed to take her soul, but Siyeon ‘saved’ her, uwu this is gem DEFINITELY in the making your writing is paced terrifically l, YES YES YESSSSS CANNOT WAIT FOR MORE, but yes, SuaYeon! <3!!