Dawn Is Coming (but I want you to stay)


Time is cruel to many, and as Han Jisung spies the sunrise in the distance, all he can think of is the dark-haired beauty holding him tight. Dawn is coming, but how do I tell you that I want you to stay?


Wassup readers?

Great to know that somebody's reading my melodramatic trash for my ship Minsung. The words get a bit big and yeah obviously I know (dude that's the point) but the more you know, right? Personally, I like reading stories and when I see a word I don't know the exact definition of I'm like well damn, I thought I knew most words. So, that's the .

As you can already tell, the story contains swearing. But other than that it's still pretty relaxed.

Except about depression, alcoholic, PTSD, and other dark themes. But other than that...

Yeah the only thing worse about the things I listed above is the three letter word thing that would truly make it mature. Oh and my sense of humor. That's another worse thing.

But yeah, you can call me out in the comments and tell me your honest opinion about the story, and if there's constructive criticism I'll probably read it and tell you an explanation of wrote I did what I wrote or just say "oops, thanks for pointing that out" (or something along those lines).

Thank you for reading the story, and I hope you enjoy.

You can call me Author-ssi if you want to assign yours truly a name.

Author-ssi, out.

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