Delusions of Freedom


(Baekhyun x OC x Chanyeol) She was torn between the underground hellhole with dark loyalty, cruel love and ruthless truths; and the outside world blooming with beautiful lies and masked corruption. 


Lara hated the moldy lights of the bare bulbs that lit the gray hallways of the Catacombs. She hated the nightmares that crept into her mind every night, bloody corpses and thorny walls. She hated the stench of blood engraved on her skin. But above all, she hated herself for not being able to change a thing.

She had been chosen to be confined in a dark holw, away from the light. Away from the colors and the Sun. She had been chosen to be trained as a killer, a hearless being who would not hesitate following the most macabre orders.

But she wasn't like that.

She still believed in humanity, in kindness. She believed she could get away from the constant fear and her blod stained memories. The only thing she ever desired was a colorful life with the person she valued the most, the one who had been there to support her in her worst times: Baekhyun. She craved a life where she woke up wrapped in his warm embrace and his lips in the top of her head. 

But when she finally gets to escape she realizes life outside is not a colorful dream nor the warm caress of sunrays kissing her skin. The outside world is a corrupt place, a garden where lies bloom beautifully and decevers wear delicaely carved masks and fine dresses. The outside world is not life with Baekhyun, it is worse than the Catacombs.

Until one day, Lara is sent on an undercover mission regarding the powerful and charming Park Chanyeol. With him, it feels human kind hasn't lost all its human values. 

To survive the outside world she has to lie. To her own kind, to Park Chanyeol and to herself. She wants to be true to her feelings, but she doesn't know what her true feelings are enymore. And she is too afraid she might get someone fatally harmed just to find her own happiness.



Author's note:

Hey there!

This is my first time publicly uploading my stories, so I am really excited  :) I'm going to give my best on this fanfiction, though I can't promise I will update frequantly because I'm on my last year of school and it's killing me.. So I don't really have a lot of time. But still, I will give my best and pour my all onto it! I promise I'll try to update at least twice a month

Now, onto the story. Sorry, I know I at doing descriptions. I tried to do it vage because I can't say anything else without spoiling it. Delusions of Freedom is an angsty romance fanfiction, with friendship, danger and psychological conflicts. I wanted to make a dark (to experiment with my writing) mafia!au- kinda. So this is not a fluff story- though there might be fluffy moments because I really like those. 

The main characters are OC Jung Lara, Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol, Zhang Yixing and OC Lee Eunhee (Lara's female best friend). Other EXO memers will appear too but not as main characters. There is a love triangle between Baekhyun x Lara x Chanyeol.

This beautiful graphic is by The Red Light District Multishop. Many thanks!

Thank you for giving this story a chance. It would make me very happy if you let me know what you think about it in the comments, anything - the stoyline, my writing style, even any grammar or spelling mistake.

I hope you enjoy! 

- Chan



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bjonas84 #1
Chapter 13: I loved how he turned to her as the real him. And I liked how strong the bond between them cuz they were raised together and know each other the best, and how strong their pure love and connection. I feel really bad for baekhyun cuz he's in a position which he's forced into by his bad father. And Lara the poorest beauty ughhh ..... :( can't wait for next chapter!!! Update soon brilliant author ^^ thank you
bjonas84 #2
Chapter 13: I'm so sad for baekhyun :((( I love it!!!!!!!!! Seriously like sooo much!!!!

Can't wait for next chapter of this amazing fic

Thank you dear. You're an awesome writer ^^
nugabeorinchocolate #3
Chapter 10: i just finished reading the whole thing in one sitting and it that I found about it just now. but this is sooo good the plot is so captivating and this has so much potential to be a really really great one. you deserve to get a lot of comments about it.
bjonas84 #4
Chapter 10: Aigoooo what a mysterious baekhyun! I can't predict or guess lol anyway u always keep me on the edge! Can't wait for next week!dont get long on updating pls xoxo
bjonas84 #5
Chapter 8: Wow that's how it's done!!! In those kind of genre. Am so overwhelmed by your well writing plot. Keep going and am here to support you in this brilliant story. Update soon please ^^
Chanbaek641 #6
I love these kind of stories!!!