No Smoke Without Fire

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In the times where dragons are typically feared, a princess asks to be abducted by one. Everything should go smooth sailing, if not for a confusing dragon, a secretive prince and a power-hungry king.


Stuffing the map hastily into her satchel, she cupped her hands around . “Sir Loey, I, Princess Soojin of the Daegu Kingdom, have come with a humble request.”


There was no response. The dragon was probably confused as to why there was a princess standing outside his door when she was supposed to be terrified. Princesses were typically abducted by dragons, so it made no sense for her to be requesting something from him.


She took a deep breath and continued. “I hope this is not too much to ask from you, but please kidnap me.”


This is something new from me as it's my first time writing for Chanyeol, and in a medieval era no doubt! He was the only one I could picture as a dragon tbh hahahah I wanted this to be a oneshot but then I ended up writing too much yikes- It'll be around 5 chapters I think? Enjoy :)


Disclaimer: This story is not accurate to Korean and English times!! It is kind of a mix of both? Also, OC falls in love with a person, and not a dragon so it's not a hybrid!au.





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Chapter 3: there's def something brtween chanyeol and soojin asdfghjkl i'm liking their interactions and how natural they feel :') king oh tho... for a king he does seem to uh have poor manners? and to indirectly insult the king of the land he's currently at lmao i guess it takes someone of his personality (it disgusts me how he's so proud of his past tale as a dragon slayer) to be able to do something like that. and he wants the king of frickin busan to join as well omg!!!!!!!!!! it's either he knows something or he's rly just that vile
Chapter 2: ngl i feel kinda embarrassed bcs i got so many things wrong asdfghjkl to think that i even thought that baekbeom would do something like that... baekbeom BREATHED :') i honestly can see where chanyeol's coming from like he's been living peacefully for a few years but then soojin came and brought all this unnecessary attention. i'd have been pissed at her too tbh. for some reason kinda feel like kyungsoo is not really fond of soojin? idk i might be wrong again and i can also understand why soojin also got upset i mean she was basically accused of something that she didn't do :') but it's strange tho like her people know that she's safe at bucheon and that the dragon didn't harm her so why did they send soldiers to attack the dragon?
Chapter 1: soojin is really different compared to ber siblings and idk how and why she feels strongly about love (did she experience anything? :ooo) but it's obvious that being married to baekhyun won't make her happy. and seeing how open baekhyun is to having concubines (which kinda implies that he's probably gonna make his secret lover one) is also not helping. it's true that it's a norm for prince to have concubines, but it seems that that's not what soojin wants. maybe she's going to marry a certain prince from busan instead hahaha plus red looks good on her :') also, is there a possibility that baekhyun's actually not seeing someone else and all this is just a huge misunderstanding? perhaps, it's baekbeom instead who wrote that letter?
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Chapter 3: Woah what happen here? What did king oh planned? Why do i feel he planned something evil?
Chapter 3: OMG OMG OMG
yeol soojin moments awww :’D
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Chapter 2: Wow how did chanyeol turn into human? So suddenly? I hope when he wouldn't change to dragon unexpectedly
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Chapter 1: Oooh so exciting!!!! I like it tremendously :)
wow im so happy to see one of my favorite fics updated :’D

thank you for updating!!!!!!!!
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Chapter 2: I'm a bit ...confused like what is going on I'm just glad that they saw Chanyeol as a human.