No Smoke Without Fire

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In the times where dragons are typically feared, a princess asks to be abducted by one. Everything should go smooth sailing, if not for a confusing dragon, a secretive prince and a power-hungry king.


Stuffing the map hastily into her satchel, she cupped her hands around . “Sir Loey, I, Princess Soojin of the Daegu Kingdom, have come with a humble request.”


There was no response. The dragon was probably confused as to why there was a princess standing outside his door when she was supposed to be terrified. Princesses were typically abducted by dragons, so it made no sense for her to be requesting something from him.


She took a deep breath and continued. “I hope this is not too much to ask from you, but please kidnap me.”


This is something new from me as it's my first time writing for Chanyeol, and in a medieval era no doubt! He was the only one I could picture as a dragon tbh hahahah I wanted this to be a oneshot but then I ended up writing too much yikes- It'll be around 5 chapters I think? Enjoy :)


Disclaimer: This story is not accurate to Korean and English times!! It is kind of a mix of both? Also, OC falls in love with a person, and not a dragon so it's not a hybrid!au. Chanyeol is fully human!!




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