Lee Sunhye always thought her constant fatigue, insomnia, and headaches were something she'd just have to live with. Besides, she's a broke twenty-something year old who can't afford doctor's visits and she's still alive so, really, what's the point? Then, she's diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia.

By a vampire who bit her in an alleyway behind a club. 

A vampire who also, then, decides he'll become her nutritionist-slash-affordable-healthcare-provider because he wants her blood to taste better.

She's pretty sure she should have called ghostbusters or the catholic church the minute he proposed such an idea, but she's just a tired twenty-something trying to survive and she's not exactly opposed to a rich eccentric vampire buying all their groceries. Her boyfriend certainly doesn't seem to mind.



“Please, don’t pass out on me again.” The handsome man—the vampire, oh my god—lifts both hands in the air, scooting away to give her space. “I seriously thought you ing died or something and, no offense, but I have a bet going with someone on how low we can keep our body counts and I have been winning these last few decades. I refuse to lose to ty ing Chanyeol and his ty ing—oh, you look like you need to puke.”


title: Deficient

pairings: baekhyun/oc (lee sunhye), yixing/oc (lee sunhye), baekhyun/yixing, baekhyun/yixing/oc (lee sunhye), more to be added later

rating: pg13, lots of bad jokes and hints of but no explicit , oneshot

genre: fluff, dumb jokes, angst because idk a life without it!, vampires! werewolves! faeries! demonic revenge spirits!

notes: you will probably need to log in to read this because every other sentence baekhyun says has a cuss word ksjdfnkj basically here's eccentric, potty-mouthed, vampire baekhyun and loves-mario-kart boyfriend yixing! this has been a stupid crack-y idea that's been floating around in my head and it's finally going to be a thing ksdfnsjkndkj heck yeah, warnings for mentions of iron deficiency anemia symptoms (that i am not expert in but i'm researching), bad vampire puns, a smidge of violence in part 3, pining, everyone's bad at feelings (and communication), nosy friends


trampoline - shaed

rainberry - zayn

gotta go - chungha

to build a home - the cinematic orchestra

21 - dean

gravity - exo

candy (so good) - the rose

[Deficient] 2/19: Soooooooo this is reaching nearly 40k lmfao, I'm going to make this a three part one shot that's spaced out by a couple days to allow for reading because it's so dang long. Part one should be out soon. Thanks everyone!!!!!! <3


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Chapter 3: oohh i love how all the tension just built up beautifully and how they resolved their conflict. kudos to their friends who trapped them in the bathroom lool. amazing writing thank you!
Chapter 3: I cried. Of course I cried! I was her so many times! Ugh! This was so good!!!! Now I need a nap. And something sweet maybe
Chapter 2: The between Yixing and Baekhyun is palpable and she’s in denial of her own tension and gosh I can just imagine the deep CONFUSION she’s experiencing being in the situation. Of what she thinks she’s supposed to have, and what she’s wanting and what is is right there is she’s just open just a little bit
Chapter 1: I am
Baek 😍😍😍
Chapter 3: I have never ever read a story like this !!!
My heartbeats are erratic right now !!
I ..I mean ..j-just how ?
So the trio was in love all this time.
I really really loved the ending author !!
I was really sad thinking that maybe Sunhye will leave Lay for Baek. But it all ended well. I mean I sort of thought that Baek and Lay liked eachother too but it was really a random guess. I never though that it would be true !
At some point, I even though that maybe Lay knows something about Baek that's why all that tension between them. Or that Lay is protective of Sunhye in front of Baek.
But, it all ended well !!
Amazing story.
Just loved it !!
Chapter 2: Okay, so if Baek and Sunhye had not kissed I was nearly convinced that something might be going on between Baek and Yixing. And Sunhye feels so bad for kissing Baek. She loves Yixing but she also loves Baek, more Baek I think. I don't know how's she gonna fix it when Yixing is so adorable and cute, will she break his heart ?
Chapter 1: <span class='smalltext text--lighter'>Comment on <a href='/story/view/1383055/1'>[1/3]</a></span>
I seriously never thought that someone could write something like this. I mean the whole plot is quite amusing. The moment I read discription of this book I was hooked.

Baek is soo amazing. But his character is also a but mysterious. Vampires are all my favourites and Baek as a vampire is sure hot stuff. Also, do he have feelings for Sunhye ? And Yixing, he's such a ball of sunshine. I can totally imagine him like that. He's the perfect boyfriend material.

And why do I have this feeling that Baek and Yixing are having feelings for eachother ?
Chapter 3: OMFG WHAT— ok so I wasn't expecting such a GOOD DAMN story like this one! I literally can't stop smiling wtf— I mean it's not my first time reading a plot like this, with supernatural beings and polyamory involved BUT DUDE your work here's honestly amazing *cries* The way u described their feelings and relationship's development's so smooth and well written I lowkey wanna hug u lmao I can't believe I found this story so late *whines* but I'm really happy I did! Thank u so much for it ♡♡

Btw GOD I noticed I actually upvoted two stories of yours before but never left a comment! I'm SO sorry about that *cringes hard* In fact I have salt skin bookmarked in chapter 32 for god's sake!! Istg I'm such an idiot and have the attention span of a goldfish lmao I surely will re-read that story tho, cuz I remember the plot was amazing but so complex I can't recall *cries* Till then :)
Macire #9
Chapter 3: Gosh this just made me have all the feels
faeriemythc #10
Chapter 3: Loved this! I was hoping for the three of them to be together. Great writing.