Her Property (Saida Fic)


  "Darling,why would you stare at another woman's body?Am I not enough? Or should I just you till you cant feel those legs of yours?I guess ing you it is" 

  -Minatozaki Sana



   Dahyun is a broke college student who thought that getting an internship at  the world's largest clothing company would be a really good idea.

   What she once thought would be a huge help to her financial status in life became a living nightmare for she had met Minatozaki Sana,a manipulative,smart and y woman who knows exactly how to get what she wants.

   Dahyun on the other hand,was not amused to be the thing her CEO wants.


     "For s sake,let me sleep Sana!!!"




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Update please authornim
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Updateee pls
Fighting authornim:-)
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Update soon author nim
Eww this is gross.
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i loveeeeeeee yandere sana <3 hope you update soon author nim <3<3<3
This is interesting huhhhhh
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WOAAAH Looking forward to this!
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Delete this . You're gross for using Twice for your own sick fantasies. Have some respect, you weirdo