Dalliance      —    Opened.


A semi-lit, non-au rp opened on the 8th of December at 2pm kst. Been bored and searching for a place to join? Or just finding new people to make friends with? Come join us on this adventure and let us make some new memories together.
i. subscribing and upvotes are not mandatory but will be loved. ii. this is a semi-lit closed agency, thus keep the use of emojis and memes to a minimum and please do not follow others outside of the agency. also, aff reservations only. iii. be welcoming to everyone, facechasing and selective replies are strictly not allowed. iiii. do keep restricted and rated content away from timeline. insensitive or triggering topics and words are strongly discouraged. milk or cereal first? v. no cc ban! temporary ccs last for 24 hours and you have to change back if the character is reserved. vi. no dating ban but do inform base if you are dating or are a move-in couple. vii. dm base if you are going on hiatus or leaving. 
i. check the masterlist for available characters and comment below with your desired muse along with the password and your timezone. ii. make your account only after you have been accepted, you will be given 24 hours to do so! iii. username format is dnc(name) or (name)dnc, with everything in lapslock and no underscores or initials allowed.  iv. put 'dalliance' somewhere in your profile and follow all the members before mentioning the base for verification. you're free to interact with others if you have not been verified within 10 mins.  v. reach 50 tweets within 24 hours after being verified to be considered active. vi. inactiveness within 48 hours will result in a kickout. tweeting only a few tweets (below 5) a day is not counted as being active. 
taken. reserved00. admin.
ASTRO eunwoo11.
Bts  jeongguk. jimintaehyung12.
FROMIS9 nakyung11.
Got7 jaebum.
Loona  sooyoung. heejinolivia11.
nct  yukhei. jaehyun. doyoung. taeyong. ten. Johnny. MARK. SICHENGjungwoo11.
red  velvet  yerim. joohyun11.
Svt  wonwoo. mingyu. jeonghan. hoshi.
twice  jihyo. chaeyoung.
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