Movie Time

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Jihyo is friendly, everybody knows that. But not everyone can help their jealousy.


Mina x Jihyo fanfic. My first time with this ship.

I hope you guys like it


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Chapter 1: so cute,like mina is a cuddling penguin and always need jihyo
brxwinters #2
Chapter 1: SOFT, i love it
Kurodad #3
Chapter 1: I'm so soft for Mihyo, hope u continue writing about this pair
1436 streak #4
Chapter 1: Sulking Mina is too cute, I love this pairing!
TwiceOnce35 #5
Wahh..this is good..hope you write more mihyo au.. a possessive and savage mina
Chapter 1: Hahahaha... I can literally imagined the last scenario. Hoping for a part 2 though B-)
Chapter 1: uwuwuwuwu I'd like to see more of this story. It was too short for the soul
Uground1 #8
Chapter 1: So cute~ hope you can write more about MiHyo