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Hello everyone,

Some of you maybe asking, 'what the hell is she doing? aphasia is not even done yet but she's making a new story!' well my friend, don't worry.

This story is going to be one-shot compilation/drabbles of nctpink, my main pairings are; jaerosé, jenyong, johnsoo and tenlisa, also, maybe when I feel like it, I'll write something about the friendship between the two groups. That's why I named it playlist. 

I will also share my fmv edits here so you guys can get inspired or maybe will write something out of it heheh

I'll try to write more... and better. hopefully.

cheers to nctpink ^^


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Deathgod10 #1
Chapter 4: Ahh my jenyong heart....
Chapter 3: ah no i cant seem to log into my wattpad, thats a shame, hope you update here as well! Jenyong used to be one of my ships idk why it isnt anymore but this is cute and so realistic~
Chapter 1: AHHH YAy you started another story. Im here for it. I needed this jaerose story tbh. I started a story with them as my main ship and then kinda stopped shipping them so i was conflicted but i think im back on the ship, maybe, lmao. also love the video on chapter 2, your editing is also impeccable! hope to see more!
Chapter 1: Ah this is so cute! I need more Jaerose in my life