all my ladies fic fest


kpop girl group fic fest


Allmyladies is a community hoping to encourage more girl group fics. A fic fest is where people leave fic prompts and ideas, and writers will then select a prompt that they are interested in, and write a fic based on it!

hosted on ao3: allmyladies summer '18 fic fest


1. Prompting - Leave as many prompts as you want.
2. Word Count - Fics must be a minimum of 1000 words. No maximum, so write as much as you want!
3. Claiming - You will only be allowed to claim one prompt. But if you are feeling ambitious enough and have completed your fic and turned it it, you may choose another unclaimed prompt.
4. Writing for - All fics must be centered around Korean girl groups/solo/artists!
5. Romance - Please keep it to f/f or gen
6. Anonymous - Prompting can be made anonymously or not. All writers must remain anonymous until reveal time.
7. Rating - G to E is allowed
8. Plagiarism - Definitely NOT allowed!
9. Consent - Non-con//dub-con will not be allowed.
10. Triggers - Please provide any warnings for possible triggers.
11. Boys - Any guy groups/solo can feature in your story, but keep them as side characters! We're all about the ladies here.


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I've seen these before on LJ but this is the first I'm seeing on AFF!