Smile Flower


Oh Sehun, the renowned Sergeant Major of the army, now has a reason to look forward to going home; his wife.

Kim Sarang, the shy girl who had just gotten married some days ago, now has another reason to wake up every morning; her husband's letters.


Dear Sehun,

 Good morning! You always ask me to reply to your letters so I'm writing for you.

We miss you back at home. Come back.

Dear Sehun,

I'm watching the sunset. Alone.

Can you hear me?

Dear Sehun,

 I now know what it feels to not receive a reply.
Omoni is not doing well. I wish you'll come back to me; to us.
I'm always waiting for your letter, just so you know.

Dear Sehun,

Are you alright there? Is it too cold? Did you take your sweater with you?

Mimi got lost in the woods today and I couldn't find her.

Mira still asks about you. Only if I could tell her.

Dear Sehun,

 Don't you miss your Sarang? Why don't you reply?

Jinhye Unnie brought me a book today. I'm halfway done with it.

I'll tell you the story when you come back just like you promised.

Keep your promise, Sehun. Come back.

Dear Sehun,

This isn't fair anymore. It's not at all fair.

You said you love me. Why don't you come back then? Was it all a lie?

You're always smiling in my dreams, but where are you really? Are you even smiling? not there anymore. I'm all alone in our house. She passed away waiting for you. She wanted to get a glimpse of her son before closing her eyes. Come back now. Please.

I'm scared, Sehun.

-Love, Sarang.

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