Smile Flower


Oh Sehun, the renowned Sergeant Major of the army, now has a reason to look forward to going home; his wife.

Kim Sarang, the shy girl who had just gotten married some days ago, now has another reason to wake up every morning; her husband's letters.


Dear Sehun,

 Good morning! You always ask me to reply to your letters so I'm writing for you.

We miss you back at home. Come back.

Dear Sehun,

I'm watching the sunset. Alone.

Can you hear me?

Dear Sehun,

 I now know what it feels to not receive a reply.
Omoni is not doing well. I wish you'll come back to me; to us.
I'm always waiting for your letter, just so you know.

Dear Sehun,

Are you alright there? Is it too cold? Did you take your sweater with you?

Mimi got lost in the woods today and I couldn't find her.

Mira still asks about you. Only if I could tell her.

Dear Sehun,

 Don't you miss your Sarang? Why don't you reply?

Jinhye Unnie brought me a book today. I'm halfway done with it.

I'll tell you the story when you come back just like you promised.

Keep your promise, Sehun. Come back.

Dear Sehun,

This isn't fair anymore. It's not at all fair.

You said you love me. Why don't you come back then? Was it all a lie?

You're always smiling in my dreams, but where are you really? Are you even smiling? not there anymore. I'm all alone in our house. She passed away waiting for you. She wanted to get a glimpse of her son before closing her eyes. Come back now. Please.

I'm scared, Sehun.

-Love, Sarang.

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Bubbleblue1994 0 points #1
Chapter 6: I'm really sorry for Jaewook. He loved her that much.
But at least Sarang and Sehun reunited in the end.
Thankyou authornim. ♥
Bubbleblue1994 0 points #2
Chapter 2: Omg it's 3 am here and I can't stop smiling at this.
Chapter 6: i didn't expect that. mira became suddenly a character that i really didn't expect. i thought she would remain out of the story… something like jinnee but she appeared here at the last chapter with an explosion box. and wah, this chapter made me teary-eyed at the scene where jaewook decided to exchange situations with sehun. oh gosh, you didn't put if he's still alive. i'm cryinn huhu but oh well, was still happy that the ending wasn't a tragic one > o<

ps: i've also noticed that mira and maya gave the same lines haha. "i'll help you through this. i promise."
Chapter 3: Chapter 3: wah, that a full blast of emotions. from downright romantics to sudden things... like that. if you know what i mean haha.

now i'm loving the way you narrate things. in the first chapter, i found it simple but then you're slowly progressing in that field.
Chapter 1: it makes me to think deeply why sarang couldn't reply to his letters? the "shyness" is not only the reason and now this thing wouldn't leave inside my head until i've gotten to know it.
OwnitBabe #6
Chapter 6: OH MY GODDDDD I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH. I shed some tears really. I like your writing style :)
Its my favoriteee. I live for military au dk why lol.
You are a great author
unicornbby #7
Chapter 6: i thought there will be another chapter but it's not hahaha , btw i love this story sm :))
AinaSu #8
Chapter 6: I cant believe that this story ended. I thought maybe a few more chapters. But you did great. Thanks for writing such a nice story and share it here on AFF. Im glad that sehun and sarang have finally reunited.
Chapter 6: I dont know if I am overreacting but my heart beats are racing very fast since that minwoo guy caught sehun's secret.. goodness I am so sure I wouldn't have stopped crying if they did not meet at the end.. am I stupid to actually shed tears while reading story..?? Geez.. this is why I like your stories they are so full of emotions... (funny thing is, this is just second story on which I have ever cried and first one was also Sehun fic.. hehe)
Chapter 6: thanqu for letting them be rogether....
I really love jaewook now.... I can't really express myself... Sorry... But i love it....
Thanqu so much for not making ot a completely sad ending....