Time heals everything... Well, almost everything

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About two centuries ago, there was a being who brought peace unto the land and the many inhabitants. Though it was cliche, he ended all battles, wars and conflicts both by his mere presence, power and persuasion.

He became a legend.

Then once the storm calmed down to a stop, and the different peoples began building and rebuilding relationships with one another, putting all differences aside... He disappeared.

Many tried throughout the years to locate this legendary being. But it was a challenge when no one actually knew the identity of the being, nor did they know what he exactly was.

So, the many who tried eventually gave up, dwindling in numbers with each decade that passed by. And soon enough, he was just a legend, almost a myth...


Coming back to present day however, there are still plenty of believers of this legendary being and one of them happens to be a tall, lanky werewolf - who is the most clumsy werewolf anyone could meet.

With his ever strange luck - strange being a mix of good and bad - he loses his way whilst hiking a mountain. He had been tricked by some trolls as well on the way and had his supplies taken from him as well. But somehow, as all else seems lost, he is given shelter by a very mysterious man who speaks rather strangely...


Yes- I know- I'm sorry to all the readers of my other stories!! I am getting to them all, slowly. But this idea just got sparked in my brain tonight and I had to type up the description for it before I forgot it since it's a pretty good idea in my head! Hopefully it will turn out alright too

This plot is VERY LOOSELY inspired by a few parts of the film adaptation of Ender's Game and also some aspects of the anime Rurounin Kenshin and also one tiny thing from this one story on aff which I forgot the name of @.@ But it's good!! Will mention it in the author's note once I post something-

Also, I don't know how long this will ultimately be sooooo... stay tuned? XD


Credit to Blooming Days Graphics shop for the lovely poster~! Great work as always!

[29th May] Currently at about 3.5K... not close to finishing it though haha~ I think this will be a slightly longer one-shot~


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bobohu_baek #1
Chapter 1: Omg that’s it ?! I thought there was more like I wanted to know who the legendary person was cause damn I thought it was Baekhyun but then Baekhyun is actually something else and like why does he get those attacks and who are those friends I mean I know who his friends are but like where are they from idk
Chapter 1: This was very nice! this au was really intriging and I wished we get to know more about Baekhuyn, he was quite misterious. My favourite part is Chanyeol in his wolf form being petted, that was sooo cute uwu
Thank you for sharing!
Chapter 1: I demand a sequel! XDD OMG I can't believe I missed this while browsing for stuff to read.
Chapter 1: this was a nice story
thanks so much for writing <3