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Student council president Wendy only knew rules and order till cheerleading captain Sooyoung comes into her life and challenges every philosophy she was committed to.


New au :)) idk it suddenly popped in my mind one day as i was travelling back to the city.

Something bout Sooyoung just not knowing how to properly express herself piqued my interest and hence this new story!


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lebfangow #1
Chapter 3: rereading the nth time and this is still my fav wenjoy fic :( tysm author-nim
soshivelvetM #2
Chapter 3: This is cute! Wenjoy 🥰
Chapter 3: Aigoo. So cute
Chapter 3: Sooyoung is sweet... They both are cute.... ^^
LoonPrincess #5
Chapter 3: Nooooo whyyyyyy? It's too short, there must be somwhere you wrote the continuation here. Where........
Chapter 3: deym~ :3
Frozenwandy #7
Chapter 3: Really really cute ❤️❤️ love this so much
Chapter 3: This is so cutee!! Wenjoy highschool au always makes me so soft! Definitely one of my favourite, sadly there isn’t much of it yet, thankyou so much for this author!! Hehehe and i did squint for Seulrene and I’m loving it!!
cutey111 147 streak #9
Chapter 3: OK I take back my words! She did it park sooyoung way! With sudden confession and all! But it was cute seeing them out of character!
cutey111 147 streak #10
Chapter 2: After helping joy with her English lit, joy should borrow some of her overthinking ability to her so that she would be less oblivious!