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By Lina
About Me
Est. 2018
I, LocaLina, am the sole owner of the shop, for any questions either comment down below or message me directly.
Call me Lina please.
|ONE| Subscribe for a graphic (Upvote required for a second request. Please only request for stories that either have more than one chapter or are already completed
|TWO| Posters must stay on AFF unless you have my explicit approval. I do not want to see my work on Wattpad or another site without my knowledge.
|THREE| Your profile must be on public when you request so I can message you for confirmation.
|FOUR| Pickup must be done within a week of completion. Any graphics not picked up within the timeframe (unless you have a valid excuse) will lead to it being posted as a free-for-all at my Adopt -a-Poster (coming soon).
|FIVE| Message me for redoes
|SIX| Make a public blogpost linking back to the shop once you have picked up.
|SEVEN| Credit the shop in your foreword with the link and BANNER.
|EIGHT| Follow the rules and be polite or you will be blacklisted.
|NINE| Use the graphic for at least a month.
|TEN| Password is WHIPLASH
Request List
ariariadne22 | The Looking Glass | Completed
MinaMiyouiii | Empty | Completed

galaxygerbil | lost in translation | Completed

eunjihoonnim | Tokki Club/Unrequited | Working
Rand0mAuth0r | Alpha | Working
WonHakWoon | Marriage with a Twist | Working
acupoftaeandcookie | HɅVEN | Working
Poster | 15kp
Banner | 10kp
Background | 5kp
Profile Picture | 5kp
Animated | +5kp
so sorry for being so slow on this batch but exams are a complete and utter pain and I consistently get my laptop and ipad taken away to focus on studying so I never get time to write nor finish requests. So sorry but I swear I'm working as much as I can on them!!!
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