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who knew heartbreak could be so real?

(minor mention of eric nam) (slight blood tw)


wow i love myself. this was so angsty, i'm genuinely so happy haha. i love how it came out. i didn't explicitly state moonbyul's name but it's pretty obvious. anyway i hope you guys enjoyed this, until next time~!

(also how hilarious is it that i posted this work on wheein's birthday like wow what a present lmao, i hope she has a wonderful time today, i love her)

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cjmoo_ 476 streak #1
Chapter 1: I really like your style of writing. I like the slow build-up here. The way you started this story piqued my interest and kept me wanting to read more to find out what's happening. That last line really packs a punch. It is a good kind of abrupt ending because it made me think through the whole story. Thanks for this!
yukifanfic #2
Chapter 1: More angst please.. Can yongsun know.. Then kill ByulE...
Chapter 1: Short but the emotions tho-
I'm loving this, author-nim. Bonus chapter, maybe?
Lunar-Moonstar #4
Chapter 1: That was deeply poetic and painful. Great story.
Chapter 1: Oh wow interesting.
yukifanfic #6
Chapter 1: I love it. Would it be a bother to add few more chapters.
Chapter 1: At the beginning i thought it was related to hanahaki disease. I was waiting for a bunch of flower leaves. I liked this story. Can you write a few chapters too? Please