What if your dreams are telling you the truth...and the 'future'?

Jimin wished he could 'awake' soon from his 'nightmares'.
You wished for the nightmares to stop.

You will do anything.
Jimin will do anything.

To [S U R V I V E ]


[contains of torture, humiliation, mention of ....and things will be announced later on]

Probably will change the rating into mature as the story progress.
The story's kind of slow pace, so you won't see any interaction between Jimin and Reader on the first few chapters, but there'll be a lot of interaction with another BTS members.

Aaand there are lots to be updated once the story progress, like adding another pairing maybe wwww

And english isn't my main language.
Lemme know if there are grammar errors :'D

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