Sanctum of Sacrifice.


Heechul has known for years he has telekenetic powers that most people don't.

Kyuhyun has always been the best son and student.

Both are loners.

When they meet, can Heechul learn to trust to others and can Kyuhyun do what's right to make himself truly happy?


Cowritten with HeatherHorrific on DA.

Hope you like it.

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Chapter 12: Loved it! KyuChul! <3
That was the most adorable story I have ever read! Kudos to you :D
I like this story very very very much
princess #4
awww i loved the ending!!! so cute and tender!!
Aki_Hikari #5
Beautiful end!! I want to cry...
hmm good job as usual im tired so im not gonna draw out my comment but it was good
loved it! :D but just wondering, is there a chapter missing? Q_Q i can't seem to find the one with Heechul's graduation ....
Cute ending!!
really love ur fanfic!!!
how about another kyuchul fanfic, puppy eyes B-)