(AU inspired by the what is love MV)

In which : 

Hirai Momo is the school's nerd, also known as Nayeon's best friend,

Minatozaki Sana is the school's pretty face, whose father is the boss of a dangerous group of murderers 

and Im Nayeon just wants to finish the school year so she can finally travel to the US and attend her medical internship. 

But really, it won't be that easy.


"My parents would never let me" She answers once he's done explaining his surprisingly meticulous plan. Nayeon then turns to look at her best friend, and with a simple head titlt, the two of them get up, bag thrown over their shoulders, and head upstairs. Or at least, try to.

Nayeon's uncle follows them, blocking the way to the stairs. She knew he was desesperate from the begining, since he had to ask his (almost) 17 year old niece, and her best friend for help but the second her eyes met with his, she thought she might've underestimated his despair.

"They don't need to know about it!" He pleads.

Momo tries to move past him, but Chul moves further blocking her way once again and she gives him the most merciless of her glares. If looks could kill, he'd already be in his grave by now, burried two feet underground, but Chul really needed to make this plan work. It was their only and last hope.

"Please. You'll just have to get close enough to her to install the cameras around her house. That's all I ask of you." He stops to look back at his niece, and he can tell by the way she glances away for a mere second, that he's close to persuading her, " We need to catch that guy. We can't let him kill more people" 

And that's it. The last straw that made her crack. 

Nayeon wanted to save lives when she grew up. That's what her dream job consisted of, and Chul knew that. His words were carefully chosen and none of it was a coincidence.

"Fine!" She explodes, throwing her hands up in defeat, "I'll do it. Now can you please move? Momo becomes dangerous when she's hungry" 




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