Love Me Right?

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When the Royals faces the Goddesses. Food fight happens.

Royals the Troublemakers & Goddesses the Provokers.



Kim Taeyeon

- oldest in 'Royals'

- likes to tease the mushroom

- code name 'KidLeader'

- doesn't want to remember the past


Tiffany Hwang

one of the 'Goddesses' -

hates the midget -

Loves boxing-

code name 'Eye smile Queen' -


Kwon Yuri

- one of the 'Royals'

- likes the Ice queen but loves to

- code name 'Black Pearl'

- the third oldest in the gang


Jessica Jung

the oldest in 'Goddesses'-

hates the black pearl-

code name 'Ice Queen'-

loves sleeping-


Choi Sooyoung

- one of the 'Royals'

- the second youngest of the gang

- code name 'Shikshin'

- loves teasing 'Bunny'


Lee Sunny

one of the  'Goddesses'-

code name 'Bunny'-

hates the shikshin-

known as the shortest in school with Taeyeon in 2nd-


Im Yoona

- one of the 'Royals'

- loves teasing others especially 'Seororo'

- code name 'Alligator Yoong'

- the youngest of the gang


Kim Seohyun

one of the 'Goddesses'-

code name 'Seororo'-

kinda hates alligator girl-

loves studying-


Kim Hyoyeon

- one of the 'Royals'

- the second oldest of the gang

- likes Tweety but loves to

- code name 'Dancing Machine'


Nicole Jung

one of the 'Goddesses' -

enjoy the company of the dancing machine -

code name 'Tweety' -

known as the second Eyesmile princess-


more characters to come! Enjoy!




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